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Blown fuse when connecting hanging wire...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Abo Bob, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Like in my other thread :)D) I still have a Yamaha TDM850.

    I was having trouble starting it and pulled the seat off to look for something obvious. I saw a wire that was not connected and could see quite obviously where it went so I reconnected it.

    Now that turned out to be irrelevant to my non starting problem (had fouled the plugs) but I think it's the turn signal relay. The turn signals worked before fine without this plugged in but when I plugged it in and put the indicator on, it blew a fuse which made my tacho die and the indicators and a couple of other things.

    So I unplugged it and replaced the fuse. Back to normal.

    So the question is, what am I missing out on? I presume the relay is partially stuffed. If I replace it will some magical fairies pop out of the carbies or will it learn how to make toast or will the turn signals turn themselves off after I turn?

    The wire and the post on the relay must have done something positive at some time in the bikes history.

  2. It could be anything Bob. How about a better description of the relay, does it have numbers where the wires connect? What other (and colour) wires go to it and where?
    It may just be an extra that the previous owner threw in for something to do!
  3. more than likely you're causing a short by connecting that wire where you "think" it should go.

    what colour is the wire? look it up on the wiring diagram and find out where it comes from and where it's meant to go.