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blown by the wind...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abvc, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. I feel light whenever I travel > 70 ks... is it mostly because my bike is only about 135 kg?
    i weight 68 kg btw.

  2. that's because you are light. just like me hahahaha. i hate these little bones.
  3. If you get wind coming from the side, it can push even big bikes and big riders around, they are less aerodynamic than small bikes/riders, but a light bike will also suffer the wind.

    Steady winds are not really an issue, but very strong gusting winds make it unpredictable. On the putty Rd (in NSW) I have been blown to the other side of the road when riding upright and straight ahead.
  4. Grip tank with your legs and dont tense up arms or torso (or it will act like a sail).

    You will get used to it. I'm 78 and wind doesn't phase me unless its the hardcore valley variety.
  5. At 78 years of age, you are definately a hazard to yaself
    & everyone else on the same road as you. :shock:

    Give up the bike for the rocking chair old man. [​IMG]
  6. err, I think he meant kilograms, not age, MG :LOL: :p.
  7. shhhh :-# let him think hes right again :bolt:
  8. if ya got a faired bike, get behind the screen as much as you can and hold on with your knees, will help you feel more solid :D
  9. Hey, a familiar face! You are getting around mate...... :LOL:

    The worst I have had was riding across to Wagga Wagga from Vic. I spent about 60 minutes with the bike leaning at a 15deg angle into the wind just to go straight. I got cramps in my neck from pushing against the severe cross wind. When trucks were going past it was jarring my teeth in the helmet with the wind blast! :shock:

    With a bike and rider combo as light as yours ABVC, you will be sure to push around a bit by the wind - even when there isn't any. You will get used to it I am sure.
  10. G'day Mate :grin:

    Never knew Netrider existed until last weekend. Nice to see a familiar face. I have seen Marlon, and MJT here too!
  11. it turnned out that my buttoned jacket caused the effect. Changed to a zipped jacket and everything seem to be better. :grin:
  12. I know the feeling with the wind factor!! My bike too is about 135 kg being a CB 250 but Im only 50kg bodyweight with bike gear on. When the wind hits me I can feel the bike lean straight away. Because I ride to work daily Im starting to get used to it but what I find the surprises me is when you get a blast outa nowhere that catches you off guard. I find that being relaxed in the upper body helps me deal with it and to feel what the bike is actually doing at any given point. Gripping on solidly with legs around the tank helps too. When it gets really bad I tend to slow down a little about 10k's or so. I must say that the first couple of times this happened to me I nearly ended up in someone elses lane!!! a learning experience Im glad I had.
  13. i found that using the jacket armor help heaps too
  14. some good advice there on how to help handle the wind. I too am light at only 66kg. currenctly riding a light bike (aprilia rs 125), so can def feel the wind. only really ever get nervous wen u get that gust of wind that comes out of nowhere. iv also found that grippin the tank with my legs helps and also crouching as low as possible helps.
    had a stack on my old GPX 250 wen i was on my way home. road was wet. slowing down to a stop light wen a gust of wind came out of nowhere n blew across the bike. the bike just went under me and i was over the handlebars before i knew what was goin on. my most terrifying bike experience.
  15. Have you been taught how to conciously countersteer against the wind blast or even just for normal riding?
    plenty of good articles on it look it up if you need
  16. I'm pretty light too.. 53kg. I only started riding in November, and this year I've been riding almost daily over the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne... which can get a bit hairy in the afternoon wind. The first few times I rode over in strong wind, I was terrified... however now I barely notice it... dealing with the wind and gusts has become just part of myy usual riding, such as checking my blindspots and stuff like that... so I think the best advice I can give from my recent learning experiences is that practise practise practise in the wind... Go out especially when it's windy!
  17. Sometimes dialing up an extra 10 - 15 kph can help steady things, if you can risk a fine.
  18. yeah sometimes i sped up to 100 k on the open space windy big road on my way home...