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Blown Away

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Plummet, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. Hi Guys.........Anybody out in the wind on Sunday.......Was heading East on Mickleham Rd. out near donnybrook and a gust of wind shifted the ST about 3 feet sideways......Major panic........Slowed right down after than one..............Anybody else had the blown away feeling......Plum

  2. I've had the beast leaning at a 45 degree angle on ring road coming home from work , that was a damn windy night. Not the most pleasent thing to happen .
  3. It was pretty windy today, babyblade got a bit skittish on the ride.
  4. What wind? :shock:
    I rode over to Mount Gambier (was raining when I left.. :? Then it turned to beautiful sunshine once I was out the other side of Portland)... Not a breath of wind! :D
    It was hot enough in the Mount to strip off almost everything (on top) & take the liner out of my Dri-Rider! :LOL: :LOL:
    On the way home (came home the back way) the wind got up a bit this side of Heywood... it wasn't a strong wind (not enough to move the bike around too much), and then it disappeared again. :)
  5. hmm, 1st ride in big gusty winds coming up the beach road home, all kinds of fun, esp on my tiny 250. On the brighter side, had my first ride up Arthurs seat this morning (fantastic stuff), then back down to rosebud for coffee then back through the windys (mt martha...had to loop back and do them at least a couple of times!)
    good day all round! :D
  6. Years ago I was going over the Westgate bridge and was in the middle lane and was blown clear over to the next lane :shock: . Did I shit bricks, all I can say, thank god there was no traffic to the side of me.
  7. Felt the wind a bit, especially going over the bolte bridge. Lucky I had a bottom heavy beemer so it didn't feel as bad. If I was riding on my across, I'd be a little more apprehensive to riding across the bridges ever since I got blown across to the next lane a few times and I wasn't even on the bridge. But with heavier bikes, I don't feel it as much.
  8. Comin back from Benella one afternoon, had the bike leabibg right over & nearly lost the magnetic tank bag 3 times after the wind tried to blow it off.

    Had to almost sit on it so it wouldn't blow off.