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blown away by a merc!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, May 10, 2008.

  1. Have you ever been blown away on a twisties run by a car before???? Yesterday................WOW!!!!

    Yesterday, I left the mobile at home so it was a great excuse to ride haome and back to work.
    I was going to return to work and decided a McCarrs creek blast would be fun mid morning.
    I was on the hornet and quickly came upon a hotted up ute and he decided to give me a show through the urban twisties from Church point. He couldn't lose me on the Hornet and pulled over at the bus turning circle and fell in behind me and the last I saw of him, he was a spot in my mirrors as I entered the bottom bushland bends.

    I had a great run up to the creek and about two turns after the creek I quickly came upon a big black Mercedes coupe something or other with massive rear tyres and the driver caught a glimpse of me.

    Now I know I am not the fastest rider around, nor have ever professed to be, but I do know my way through these roads at a reasonably quick pace.

    Well, I was gobsmacked and all I could do was repeatedly yell WOW!!! in my helmet. This Merc driver hit the pedal and I kept up with him for two bends and then he pulled away from me faster than any vehicle in the twisties has ever done before (including great bike riders) and this driver REALLY knew how to drive. I was hitting the gas really hard and going around 35k'ers at 80 +kliks and he left me for dead!!!! This big black beast of a coupe stuck to the bitumen like it was on rails with NO body roll or traction loss. This is the way these cars are meant to be driven and it was a privelege to witness it!!

    Really impressed, and I wanted to catch him to give him a thumbs up, and almost did until the typical white Camry pulled out between us nearing Terry Hills and I had to slam the brakes on. He went through the lights and I didn't.

    I wonder if the driver was a bodyguard and saw the rapidly aproaching old guy on the Hornet as a threat and took of??? Probably part of the plot to Underbelly's next series called "fatbelly" :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyone else been really impressed by hoon cage drivers????
  2. It depends on the track, but there are examples of bikes being beaten by cars and vice-versa...

    I know I'm magnitudes quicker in corners in my Mazda than on the bike.

    And I do think the argument changes on public roads.
    It is a lot easier to brake later, upset a vehicle's balance bordering on drift, and change direction just as quick on a gravel-strewn, potholed POS road; with 4 wheels, rather than 2.

    When I last caged it to the Island, through the national park south of Great Alpine Way a couple of SV1000's and a ZX9R caught up with me, so I decided not to hold them up and wound up losing them in the corners :p

    -I wouldn't have been able to keep up with me either [on a bike], though...
  3. im no brocky, but i routinely whip the motorbikes up the clyde in the hilux :twisted:
  4. When I was on my L's, I repeatedly road the same very tight piece of road on my zzr250. I Usually caught cars quickly unless I waited for a long gap between cars at the start of the run.

    One day, a guy in a Subaru wrx sti did my trick, waited for a big gap between cars, and then took off, but he did it in front of me :) . I quickly decided that I would try to keep up and then overtake him somewhere. Well, I could only just keep up with him through the corners and he really pulled away on the few straights (obviously lol).

    At the end of it he got caught at a red light and I pulled up and talked to him. I asked how much boost he was running and was he trying through the corners? He was very friendly and said "stock boost" (7 psi or something) when I was hoping he'd say >14 psi but atleast he said he was reallly trying and was suprised i kept on the 2 fiddy.

    I'm not that good a rider though, and other people on bikes sometimes over take me on the spur. I try to not hold people up if they are faster

    I was probably faster on that road in my 1986 commodore vl turbo than the zzr250, but it had 14 psi to make for the really crap handelling. (and I did keep try to the left lane only, didn't want to hit a poor motorcyclist).
  5. Routinely impressed by my mate's driving...or is it just impressed by his cars :LOL: ....

    ...but then again, in his (sizeable) collection, he has this and this and knows how to drive them properly :shock:
  6. It all depends on how determined both individuals are. I've never once come across a car on a public road that was clearly "pushing it" that I couldn't leave behind reasonably quickly once I got past. There have been cars that have made it difficult to get past, most notably one that considered using the inside of the oncoming lane to apex as fair game, but once finally past, they disappear reasonably quickly.

    I've seen videos on certain sections of public roads where some guy in a car is clearly giving it the berries, tyres sliding, etc, etc. Visited the same section on the bike and while not exactly taking it easy, but also not really trying hard, it was easy enough to get from point A to point B more quickly than the car. The differences aren't huge though, and anyone who thinks that they could blow away any car is a bit deluded.
  7. One of my favourite vids is the one of the guy driving a stockish Porshe RUF yellowbird with road tyres around the Nurburgring in less than 8 mins or so. No helmet or roll cage etc and it looks like he has only socks on . There is no way you could go there on a bike that fast unless you where genuinly suicidal. I have huge respect for that guy.
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    7:35s on a GSXR1000
  9. Wow. Thanks for the link. I agree that guy is not suicidal, but just really good. Can't belive the times some people have done the ring on bikes even with the other traffic slowing them down. I cant even get close to that in tourest trophy
  10. More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordschleife_fastest_lap_times

    Cars are faster than bikes, but the main difference is that to make a car that's faster than a bike takes an awful lot of money and extremely sticky tyres and lots of downforce. None of the cars setting lap times faster than the bikes are, by any stretch of the imagination, as "cheap" as a litre bike.

    On a MotoGP bike, you could conceivably imagine that a lap time under 7 minutes is possible.
  11. I find it therapeutic rounding up bikes on the Black Spur in my turbo diesel Golf...I move over before I get to the spur proper expecting them to leave me for dead...then you catch em and they wave you though...fun times :LOL:
  12. LP640? \:D/
  13. You mean this peasant only owns a mere TWO Lamborghini's?

    Please tap pipe-ash on his shoes and sniff loudly in his presence, on my behalf, next you see him, will you?

    There's a good chap.
  14. If it was a 500 series or above they have computer controled shocks which pretty much takes body roll out so theres your answer :grin:
  15. :rofl:
  16. As Loz has pointed out on a couple of occasions recently, we have around the contact patch of a credit card at each end while he would have had around 16 times that. Add a good power-to-weight ratio and a driver who knows how to drive, and you have a pretty formidable combination.

    Just to put the 7:35 lap into some sort of perspective, Fangio did 9:17 on skinny tyres in 1957.
  17. did it have 4 tailpipes & or an AMG badge ?

    If so, those things are disgustingly quick so I wouldn't be too ashamed. Look on the bright side he had too buy a $200k+ car to show up a bike :)
  18. only bloke i was "impressed" by was a guy in an WRX STi (and it looked as if it had been worked) up the old road one sunday arvo. he made a difficult proposition to overtake down brooklyn. once i finally got around him, i didnt have a great deal of trouble loosing him. fact is most car drivers (even like da fully sic ones mate) dont drive their cars even remotely close to their capabilities, and i sometimes get a suprise when i see a cage being driven properly.
  19. So here's a question then; since we are all such great riders, how would a bike fare with someone ELSE on it if the roles as Jeff described, were reversed??? hmmm?????
  20. a good car driver in a good car will be quicker than a good rider on a good bike through twisties due to traction & downforce - they stick better cause they have 4 wheels to stick with.


    90% of the time, we as riders come across average drivers in crap cars in twisties - hence why we're usually quicker on the road.

    but watch videos of cars vs bikes on tracks - yeah we pass em on the straight due to power to weight, but through corners they have an edge.