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"Blow into this sir"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. So do you think its standard practice to wave bikes through booze buses now?

    I think I mentioned this earlier sometime when I went through one and got waved through, but its happened a few more times now, in total I have been waved through four large setups where the big bus is there with multiple pursuit cars and a couple more where two pursuit cars had the road sectioned off, all waved me through but then pulled in the car behind me.

    So if there was room to test me but they didn't then why?

    Maybe they think if I'm drunk I would be coming towards them sideways with sparks flying.
  2. a guy i knew once used this to his advantage, used to get totally smashed then ride to the next suburb home, worked for years till he finally got pulled over and done... HARD
  3. probably 'cause of riders like me, who make it an effort to turn off the bike, take off my gloves, my helmet, etc... then blow in the breatho thingo, then take just as long putting my gear on, to then ride off. usually causes a bank up and they have to wave 3-4 cars thru in the time i take.

  4. Brilliant.
  5. Nice 1 Sheppo, I've got a flip face so I can't pull that one!
  6. +1 to that....though they do pull bikes over, but agree it's more common to get waived through, that that it really bothers me, i don't drink and ride anyway, motorcycles are deadly enough :)
  7. its not just you champ, thats what you should do cause if you dont and the copper is having a bad day, they can book you for sitting on your bike with key in ignition and helmet off
  8. sooooooooo, your saying if we all do this and take our sweet arse time we can....................

    last one i had i knew the local copper, and asked if i could try it with my helmet on... its really hard to twist your helmet down while a cop jams something in your gob... (as to apposed with the speed camera's its up your a$$, and large)
  9. I've been breathalyzed once on a bike and the cop told me to leave my helmet on, just poked it through the gap. It was awkward but not so much that I couldn't give a big enough breath.
  10. I never get that choice - but if i did i would!!!!
    I have always been pulled in and always asked to take off my helmet! (embarrassingly the helmet hair is the bit that annoys me the most :oops: !)
  11. You forgot 'take your earplugs out' (well officer, I need to be able to hear what you say). I'd also get off my bike to do this, no way I'd be balancing my helmet, gloves, glasses and earplugs on my tank. So if they ever attempt to breath test me, they're going to really regret it. :twisted:

    Especially when the reading will be 0.0. :LOL:

  12. Exactly.

    I do the same. Take the gloves, lid, neck warmer, balaclava, ear plugs, blow into the RBT machine, give them the 0.0 reading, then proceed with ear plugs, balaclava, neck sock, helmet, gloves, ride off :grin:

    It annoys them but I'm a law abiding citizen :p
  13. Then have trouble starting it and realise that you have the kill switch off.
  14. i take my gloves and helmet and everything off, and last time when i went to the female police officer cracked it at me telling me to leave it on that i didn need to, she could get it through! than proceeded to jam it down my throat.
  15. You guys make it sound like you have a problem with the booze buses. They are their for our safety as much as other road users. Yes it is an embuggerance but I don't think making out that you're "sticking it to the man" is really the point or relevant. I bet they are happy with a break and the only people pissed with the wait are the other road users. :LOL:

    If they seem pissed of it is probably because they have just had 100 people slide past stating that they don't drink and why should they be forced to blow would probably do it. Not someone in a helmet refusing to acknowledge the "good evening" that was just offered to them.

    So keep taking your time and doing everything right, that is the way it should be. Don't rush as that is when accidents happen, but the booze buses are a necessary evil that makes some people think twice before hoping in a car after drinking - not all- some. And that means a few less drunken idiots on the road putting us at risk.

    I hope that makes sense.
  16. Never got pulled over by the booze bus, always waved me by.....
    toll booth operators on the other hand used to get really pissed off with me cos i would sit there for 10 mins whilst i took off my gloves, helmet, neck warmer, jacket etc etc just to get to my wallet.... and then do the reverse.... :p
  17. 10 points for usage of embuggarance :)
  18. Didn't think that this bothered the cops in the slightest. They're stuck there doing boring breathos, so why shouldn't the rest of us?

    We've read about the festivial in Tassie where it's claimed they breatho'ed everyone leaving the event. And of tales of the Monash being totally blocked while every driver on it going home from work is breatho'ed as well.

    That's the price of democracy, I s'pose.
  19. No copper is going to shove a plastic pipe through my helmet to try and get it in my mouth.

    My mouth sits pretty close to the chin bar and I have a breath guard on my helmet. In order to safely provide them with an RBT, I need to remove my gear in order to facilitate their requests.

    I am 105% behind the booze bus ideal. They are a part of life because some oxygen thieves still drink & drive/ride. They are not an evil and are not seen in that fashion.

    They can RBT me at every street on the way to my destination and back if they so desire. They will just need to be patient. As another poster said, I'm not prepared to balance all that stuff on my tank for their amusement when it falls off.

    If they can't take the "pressure" of a simple RBT delay then they really need to get another job.
  20. supposedly they wave you through cause they have such a low strike rate with motorcyclist's. cars will return 1 in 50/70/100 depending on where and when, but motorcyclist's supposedly are more like 1 in 5000 so police don't bother too much.
    the only good thing about the booze bus's is sometimes there is a few glamours working, and i've always had a thing for women with handcuffs. :cool: