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Bloody wind!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Milos, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. It's very windy out there today. I'm glad i'm not on a 250 any more. It was a struggle getting the bike to lean over slightly to get in position for a hook turn in the city.

    And just now driving up William St in the city between Collins and Flinders I saw a Black VTR Firestorm had been knocked over with a bit of it sticking out on the road.

    So guys, if you're in the city you might want to check the position of your bike if it's not in a very stable spot.


  2. It does make a compelling case for bikes that have a centrestand, doesn't it?

    Of course, that's no help if you're RIDING!!! :LOL:
  3. Ouch! Did you stop and pick it up?
    My bike (220kg VFR) got blown off the centre stand on the kerb out the front of the office last year ... the tunnel effect from some buildings make's it worse.
  4. Blown off the centrestand???
    Wow, that musta been some wind. I'd better be a bit more careful how I park, then.
  5. Yeah, and I specifically put it on the centre stand that morning thinking that would make it a little safer. Oh well. Somebody picked it up for me though, which was nice.
  6. Crap, that must have been some gale to blow a bike over. I'll be wary of this in future (no centre stand could be a problem!)
  7. i keep hearing noises outside thinking its my bike :(

  8. hmm seems to me like a centre stand would raise the bike and thus the centre of gravity and bring the pivot point closer to the CofG thereby making the bike far less stable.

    wouldn't mind some proper evidence of which is actually more stable (not just anecdotal opinion :roll: )

    Yeh I didn't ride today just because of the wind... horrible to sit there all day wondering if your bike is about to stack. *shudders*
  9. Could be. I'd think that wind pushing a bike from the left side, as soon as it's strong enough to lift it off the side stand, over she goes. At leats with a side stand, that same wind strength is pushing against the right foot of the centre stand. Some real evidence/assertion of which is stronger would indeed be interesting.
  10. I thought about it, but I figured I'd just add more scratches to the bike if I tried lifting up a 200kg bike myself, and I'm not sure if it'd be the right thing to do, in case the owner needs to take pictures for insurance etc.
  11. how to pcik up a dropped bike http://www.pinkribbonrides.com/dropped.html

    not a bad idea to leave a note for the owner explaining what you saw and did just in case there is damage that could affect the bikes ride-ability
  12. If it's really windy, I wouldn't put my bike on the center stand. I'd rather have it on the side stand leaning in the same direction as the wind. Hopefully, the larger footprint of the bike being on the side stand would keep it from falling over...and the wind pushing it onto the side stand would also help keep it from falling over. And hopefully the wind does not change direction.
  13. Hard to say. I remember stopping on the side of the road at Christmastime to take a photo of the Grampians and the wind was so strong I had to stand on the sidestand side of the bike and rest my leg against it cos I was afraid the wind was going to blow it over while it was on the sidestand. The whole bike was moving around while I was standing next to it.

    Damn you have some strong winds down there.
  14. Thanks for that link, I never would have thought of trying it that way. It's only a 10 minutes walk so I'll see if it's still down. Probably best to make sure no parts are on the road, peak hour will be starting shorty.
  15. Yeah windy days and 250's dont go good together. I remember coming home on the highway almost scrapping peg and I was going straight. When we got home my husband Chris got off his bike and hugged me.. He thought I was going to get blown away LOL

  16. Actually you're MORE likely to get blown over with a centrestand thanif you park the bike on the sidestand so that the prevailing wind is blowing from the right hand side. :LOL:

  17. I had better go and check mine. :/
  18. I had a few spicy moments out there before on my little 2fiddy, not a nice feeling when your leaning into a corner and there's no wind and then a massive gust comes and nearly knocks you off. :shock:
  19. I didn't commute on the bike today (although the wind wasn't a reason). But I work on the 33rd floor of a CBD building, and the windows have been gently creaking as the place flexes. The rate at which the clouds are moving is pretty impressive too.

    Has anyone ridden over the Westgate bridge today? That'd have to be an interesting minute or 2!
  20. I didn't commute today either (mostly because I haven't replaced the battery yet). I look over Treasury Gardens and I keep expecting to see trees falling over. The light towers at the MCG sway very impressively too.

    The Westgate would be a bit unnerving if you had to stop near the top. :?
    I think you'd be feeling a bit seasick...