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Bloody warnings labels on new bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by F800gsaRider, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. One of my pet hates on new bikes these days is the amount of warning labels plastered all over them, call me fussy, which i am, but some manurfactures seem to have almost half the manual and warnings stuck on their machinery. Brands like harley davidson are probly a bit more savvy to this as attention to detail is one of their mottos, but not entirely sure i havent had a good close up look on their product for a while. I recently aquired a honda vt750s off a family member whom no longer wanted it and have quite enjoyed riding the little jap budget cruiser. But the warning labels all over it have done my head in! Do this dont do that read this before that check check and do more checks just to be sure its in 3 other languages that many many warnings im almost afraid to ride all together it looks dangerous. Manurfacturers can you just make a bike and let people appreciate it for what it is and put all the necessary dangers warnings instructions etc etc etc etc in the bloody manual?! Or are you all under legal obligations rules and regs to cover your arses from litigation by completely covering tanks frames sub frames and anything else with a shiny surface from being sued from misuse?!

  2. The last sentence has it covered pretty much.
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  3. Would you seek a massive payout just for being stupid enough to injure yourself (even slightly) on an inanimate object under your own control?
    Most people would.
  4. Remove them.
  5. Doesn't even have to be most people, even a few percent of the population could make for significant expense.
  6. Warning labels are why we have so many stupid people still alive and breeding...
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  7. Capture2.JPG
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  8. Not hard to get them off, the earlier you do it the easier it is to do. My bike only had the 95 Ron sticker, came off day 1. I can actually remember that without the sticker.

    I hate stickers and pull them off any vehicle I have with the exception of the SMIDYS sticker which I actually put on the car.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. I removed them alright. Went one step further and repainted the bike
  10. warning labels always amuse me on anything; because the people that really need to take notice are not the ones that read them
  11. My favourite is the warning label on a hair curler that says

    " not to be used internally"
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  12. They must have someone at the hair curler maker factory testing these products in inapropriate ways to come up with these warning labels
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  13. "Umm ... guys ... that new model hair curler? Maybe we should put a warning not to use it internally."
    "What? Why would anyone even-"
    "... look, just trust me on this one, okay?"
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  14. I didn't get labels with mine and it was new, should I ask for a discount ?
  15. You're clearly suffering from extreme disappointment. You should sue.
  16. I can't help but wonder if this is some peoples deliberate way of going overboard in protest to the stupid regulations out there or to prove a point. They're in charge of plackards and warning labels - so they do it as a bit of a joke.

    I'm sure many of these people think the same way we do - but they're trapped because without warning labels they open themselves up to litigation. If you can't beat them - join them and go overboard.

    Just be thankful that you don't get checked for the warning labels and they're not compulsory to keep on. (Unlike ASA Stickers). - In aircraft ramp checks they check for them - and if you're missing just one warning placard you can expect a hefty fine.



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  17. My bike has this warning label on it:
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