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VIC Bloody VIC Rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by proxemic, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Ok

    I'm getting pretty pissed with the cost of registration in Victoria. Like a big bicycle cause the damage or insurance concerns of cars. I have lived in both the ACT and NSW with a registered motorcycle and the costs we're far less.

    My question is do we all have to sit back and take it up the a$$ like with petrol prices or can we actually do something like sign a petition or speak to a member of parliment?

    I'm paying the same as my car! My mate told me that about 5 years ago victorians we're paying less and then they hiked it with VicRoads saying it was for safety campaigns...

    Bloody pissed :censored:
  2. Most of the cost of rego in Victoria is the TAC premium. If people stopped crashing, or took appropriate measures to reduce injury in the event of a crash, we'd all be paying less (in theory).

    What annoys me is having to pay the TAC premium for my car and bike. I can only use one at a time so why can't the one payment cover both of them. I'd also like to know why small bikes get a discount on rego, yet there's no such system for cars. Even more ridiculous is the fact my Brother's 4wd Hilux Ute is cheaper to rego than my 4-cylinder car, simply because his ute is classed as commercial. :?

    But I guess you can't expect common sense in Government policy.
  3. NSW is $130 for bike rego & pink slip... not sure what else is needed.

    TAS is $543.55 for a bike with an engine capacity of 125 CC or more (no inspect & no plates).

    ACT is $549.60 for a bike with an engine capacity of 301 CC or more.

    VIC is $551.10 for a bike with an engine capacity of 500 CC or more.

    That's all that I could quickly find... not sure if there are any addition costs to the prices listed, etc.. but it seems to me that VIC is on par with most others for bike fees.

    EDIT: Also, the TAC Premium is only for medical/psychological treatment. It doesn't cover damage to any property. Reason is because medical bills are HIGH. So really, if medical/psychological treatment wasn't so high we'd all be paying less ;)
    You have to pay for this one way or another... if they get rid of it your car/bike insurance will go up to cover this (I'd imagine) or you'd have to get a different insurance for bodily harm or something :S
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  5. If you've got a friend/relative in NSW then transfer your registration/license to their address. There are a few people I know of who have done this. If a cop pulls you over and questions it - you visit family in Victoria on regular occasions. (y)

    If there was someone in NSW I knew well enough I'd be doing the same thing.
  6. So, what happens if you lend your car to someone? Or if you need to drop it in for servicing and the mechanic has to test drive it?

  7. Probably compulsory third party insurance...

    CTP in NSW is considerably dearer than what it is here in Victoria. And it offers far less coverage, particularly for injured riders in single vehicle crashes.
  8. That's no different to the current situation of cyclists getting full TAC cover depsite in some cases never paying a TAC premium.

    The TAC premium IMO should be on your licence fee - that way any licenced person is fully covered no matter what they're driving/riding (even if they borrow a vehicle they didn't realise was unregistered). If the TAC then didn't have to pay out on unlicenced/suspended motorists (or at least minmise payment to only essential medical treatment) then it should mean a discount for the rest of us.
  9. NSW Rego + http://prices.maa.nsw.gov.au/index.html

    Might be $350, might be $650. A whole range of irrelevant detail required and varies dramatically subject to who wants to price themselves out of the market this month..

    A years rego inc CTP in QLD currently $400.20 for big bikes.

    All motorcyclist lobby groups are running with a levy agenda for all states at the moment. Will enable them to get some badly needed funding for their badly run groups. Snout, meet trough..
  10. And if TAC stopped losing money on it's high risk investment strategies, and stopped this relatively new practice of paying VicGov a yearly dividend, we'd be paying much less again.
  11. Actually they aren't - the agenda is coming from government - read the NRSS proposals. The various groups are trying to make sure some of the money gets back to riders. In Victoria nothing gets back to any lobby groups.

    And TAC coverage in Victoria gives you an awful lot more (even with a levy) - try pricing injury coverage to the level that Victoria has and adding that to your CTP in NSW. CTP in NSW is also dependent on your history - that doesn't apply in Victoria. If you have a bad history in NSW then you'll pay a lot more than you will here.

    I answered the questions as closely approximating to where I live in Vic as I could.

    It was about $20 less in NSW for one bike and $40 more for the other.
    (That's because there's no levy on more than one bike here).
  12. Since when has it been a "new practice"?

    I was under the impression that this has always been the case.
  14. "A separate motorcycle licence is therefore recommended. This licence will be granted after the necessary graduated licence progression as outlined in this position paper. "

    So by this I take it to mean that after 35 years riding, racing and the last few years coaching, I am going to have to sit through a variety of graduations in order to get where I am today...because some idiot pencil pushing public servant wanker thinks its a good idea.......

  15. Still wishing I could opt out of TAC coverage.
  16. Be thankful. That means the funding comes from all registrations equally, or near enough. One of the (punitive?) funding models I saw a couple of years ago had motorcyclists paying much much higher fees, to better reflect their apparent risk profile. How that was generated I have no idea.

    As I have had a want to say over the years on NR, "People, STOP CRASHING." If we do that, fees will stabilise or go down.
  17. I doubt that those who already have a full license would be affected. Those planning on obtaining a motorcycle license for the first time though may have to deal with it.

    If they made all current and full license holders undergo these same graduations/test/what have you, there would be uproar and total chaos. I doubt it will happen.
  18. Stop your bitching, TonyE has shown previously that car drivers subsidise bike riders when it comes to injuries under TAC and that there are a heck of a lot more rider at fault than car at fault collisions plus rider injuries are a lot worse than a driver in an equivelent collision.

    Be careful what you wish for cos it might just end up costing riders a hell of a lot more for TAC if you're not careful.
  19. I've got a truck licence too but dont own one, so why not sting truck drivers as well, seeing as the heavy vehicle crash?/injury?/fatality? rate went up 50% in the last few years.
    pencil pushing wankers.
  20. Yeah the fatality rate went up but it started from a lower base than motorcycles, so the fatality rate sis still lower, although both figures are low and there isn't much in it. And while I don't know I suspect there are more trucks than motorcycles registered. Can anyone who can be more bothered than me in looking it up confirm?