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NSW Bloody terrorgraph!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smileedude, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. http://m.dailytelegraph.com.au/news...ls-risk-disaster/story-fni0cx12-1226766423881

    EVERY weekend - sometimes in the dead of night - groups of motorcycle riders meet secretly to organise "time trials'' that they film and post on websites, pushing themselves, their speedometers and the road toll to the limit.

    Police are aware of the groups, which have closed websites, and believe they are an increasing problem - and a factor behind a rise in NSW motorcycle deaths this year.

    "We take very seriously reports of riders purposely exceeding the speed limit on organised rides, and recording this behaviour on cameras attached to their helmets. They run a great risk not only to themselves but also other road users,'' NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said.

    "Even more worrying, we are seeing cases where groups are posting this footage on social media - sometimes on our own Facebook site - in an attempt to popularise their behaviour.

    "Police will continue to review and investigate such poor riding behaviour, including the footage we're seeing online, and do everything in our power to prosecute those involved. Many group rides are undertaken in an organised, orderly and law-abiding fashion, but we're well aware of those who choose to break the law."

    There have been 64 motorcyclists killed this year on NSW roads, 10 more than last year.

    Earlier this month a 19-year-old man filmed his own death while wearing a Go-Pro camera on his helmet when he crashed in the Royal National Park.

    The Park is referred to as the "nasho'' run and is popular ride south of Sydney. The old Pacific Highway in the north and Wiseman's Ferry and Putty Rd in the west are also popular for organised weekend rides - and the sites of many fatal bike accidents.

    Some biker groups have regular "meet-ups'' in and around the city during the week. One group, called the Sydney Riders, congregates on Thursday nights and ride in a pack of anywhere from 20 to 50 all over the city.

    The Bike Club, SydneyMotorcyclists is another group and does regular night rides.

    NSW Motor Cycle Council spokesman Chris Burns condemned the behaviour of some groups, saying they did not represent the majority.
  2. Oh no, they congregate and ride around the city? That's bloody awful and must be stopped.
  3. I wonder whether they will run a similar story about riders recording their trips using helmet cams, something along the lines of...

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  4. I was just reading that story and the comments on it before. Pretty crap article, lacking proper facts, lacking research and an hysterical headline/banner.
  5. So ... absolutely consistent with everything else in the paper then.
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  6. Ha :) I'm not familiar with the paper, I'd seen it mentioned on Facebook by AMC.
  7. It's just click bait now that they can't biatch about the Govt.
  8. Seems the implication now is heading towards that if you have a helmet cam you are going to hoon and post it up on YouTube. doh!
  9. The Putty Road is the scene many fatalities? In proportion to the number of people who ride it, I would say that it's rating would be below Parramatta Road!

  10. This ^

    the kid who died in the Nasho about a month back was one of probably several hundred or more that passed through that day, and one of probably thousands that had passed through that week, not to mention the tens of thousands that had passed through in the past month.

    I will say this about the cameras though, if your new to riding forget the cameras concentrate on your riding.
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  11. Click bait, stop giving what they want
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  12. I have not, nor will I, not will I encourage anyone else to click on a terragraph link.
  13. [​IMG]

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  14. It must be true. It's in the Tele.
  15. meeting secretly in the dead of night..... what the fcuk is this? the makings of a tea party??.... if so, where do i sign up, viva la revolution
  16. Every single fool that thinks that because he has a camera and just bought a motorbike, he should share his opinions with the world while riding, needs to read this.
  17. Fixed it for you....
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  18. The terror pitches to a reading age of 10.
    Everything is dummed down, bigged up, dramatic and shiny

    Was working for a public broadcaster but did a brief holiday stint monitoring police transmissions for the terror back in about 2000

    There was a paragliding tragedy hereabouts and what I was asked to do made me physically ill...my first and last death knock and all for the mawkish entertainment of terror readers

    No respect whatsoever for what comes out of that paper
  19. Ironic
  20. Isn't it. If only the terror error had been deliberate. I can only hide behind lack of coffee and not thinking

    How embarrassing ... I was a radio journo ;)
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