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Bloody Telstra! Check your bill

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by V2, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Going thru our Telstra landline bill and I noticed about ten charges (78c a time) from our landline to the wife's mobile phone (non Telstra mobile). We never call from our home landline to the mobile because we know its an extra charge. The wife misplaces her phone a lot so often calls it from the landline - hears where it is ringing from then hangs up before it answers.

    The pricks at Telstra have charged us 78c each time she has done this. Called Telstra and they said it was an error and have deducted the charges. Checks some previous bills and its the same. Will now call them again (and be on hold for ages) to sort this out as well.

    I cant believe these slimy turds! There is no way this is an error. I'm sure they do it because they get away with it 99% if the time. If your with Telstra make sure you check you're not being charged for this!
  2. Wow your wife loses her phone a lot.
  3. Its all relative. Compared to misplacing her car keys, see hardly ever misplaces her phone!
  4. Maybe your wife should not lose her phone so much and you wouldn't have to pay 78c every time she does?
  5. I've actually found Telstra great and I can't believe I'm saying that as they were always shit when I was younger. I moved recently and yet again iinet was TERRIBLE with their relocation service (they have been the last few moves I've done) so I said fcuk that and started looking around for a new provider. Telstra deal was really good (I only looked at them as some other places didn't have ports) and they got our account set up before we even moved in and it took me about eight minutes to configure it. Also discounting my mobile and we get free calls between some selected mobiles and between our mobiles + home phone.

    iinet was over six hours to set up last time on the phone to tech support due to various issues (and no, not because of Telstra line issues) and right now I have an open case with the TIO due to problems getting my old house cancelled as they're still billing me despite assuring me this absolutely would not happen.

    A few times with Telstra, I've gone over my mobile data allowance too and they've refunded me the money. If they fcuk up they seem pretty good at resolving it, unlike other companies I have dealt with.
  6. They're not supposed to charge you from when a phone starts ringing - only once someone picks up the phone and the call connects. In all cases - the phone was not answered and did not go to message. Telstra admitted they charged for this when they were not supposed too.

    My gripe is they knew full well they're charging you from when the phone starts ringing. If they are doing this to everyone, there making a few extra million in billing every month!
  7. Telstra has improved dramatically ever since Sol has gone. The stuff I saw Telstra do under his reign was pretty poor - but credit where credit is due - Telstra have definitely improved their service since. I have wondered about things like this though (unanswered calls) as to whether how many of them are charged or not. Definitely worth checking out...
  8. Telstra is still a rip off merchant, that doesn't surprise me that they tried to slide that past you (probably have done it too hundreds of thousands of accounts).

    I wanted a phone line - Telstra, yes sure, but you need too pay for 3 months line rental regardless of if you are with another provider.

    Screw that!

    I went with naked DSL with iinet, connected with no hassle, cost less than telstra where going to charge, and I get free calls to any line in Australia, mobiles included.
  9. Ι pay 78 a month for line rental and bigpond cable 200 gig and speeds of 100mb
    Only thing I pay extra are phone calls and they are few and far between with skype and facetime making up the bulk of my calls.
    Best to do some shopping as there are some good deals to be made.

  10. Check your Phone Plan Terms and Conditions carefully. This 78c charge is known as a flag-fall fee, and is applied at the moment the connection is established, i.e. the moment you hear the phone starts ringing. Only way to escape this fee is to change to a different plan and/or provider.

    Good luck,