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Bloody Taxis - Thought i was gone..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bdzy88, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Okay usually,

    Im the first person not to post a rant, but what happened to me tonight about an hour ago, really scared the **** out of me and the first time ive really panicked and thought i was in a whole heap of trouble and was going to get knocked off...
    Heading back from the nepean highway towards the city, pull up at the lights turning right near fitzroy street heading to punt road.
    Light goes green, great i move off and we get going, and i notice a taxi sitting a little while back fair enough...
    Now for those of you who know that road, 4 lanes merge in to 2.
    I was in the second left lane, the one that continues.

    When the @%*@*% taxi moves out from behind me floors it up the inside of me, and mind you the lane next to me is 10metres away from ending ...
    *$%@*!%!!!!!!!!! slam on the brakes so hard it almost locks up, taxi merges right on top of me.
    I let him go, get to the red light pull up next to him and tell him to put his window down, he does...
    I was pissed but not overly aggressive, i said you idiot!!! did you not @*%*% see me! you almost ran me over!! you %*%@*@ idiot!!!!

    He proceeded to tell me to shut my mouth or hed get out yada yada yada, i went to give him another burst and seriously seriously wanted to injure this idiot, but when i saw he had a cab full of passengers who were as shocked as i was and the light went green i thought ehhh you moron and i moved off pretty quickly..
    The taxi proceeds to boot the hell out of it, cuts off a fourwheel drive i went past, and sits 30cm from my rear tyre, he then comes up besides me and LUNGES the whole taxi at me,

    Im thinking $%*!%*!*!!!! so i swerve, and he keeps pushing i slam on the brakes and by this time we are in oncoming traffic... I stop not knowing what the hell to do, when oh thank god the landcruiser the taxi cut off comes flying up next to him blasting his horn and going off his nut at the taxi driver swerving at him and almost hit him multiple times before forcing the taxi to a stop.... (If you read this mr 2000 model silver landcruiser, i owe you all my worldly posessions and if you need anything ever just pm, ring hell ill give you a beeper and ill be at you bec and call 24/7)

    At this point im stopped watching this all unfold thinking god what do i do now!!

    I overhear the passengers screeeeaming at the driver, and the cruiser driver at the taxi driver... they seperate and i ride off.. as the taxi driver lets out the angry passengers and continues to chase me in a threatening mannor all the way to victoria parade.. im ****ting myself, lane splitting to get away and thankgod there was traffic and he trying to get as close to me as possible, and as i was going on the freeway i was really starting to worry...
    After victoria parade he backed off the aggressiveness but continued to follow me all the way to the heidelberg cop shop!! when i pulled up he just casually kept driving...

    Naturally i couldnt remember the bloody number plate as i was so shaken up...

    reported it to the cops, however with no rego its absoloutely useless...

    Rang the company taxi and they didnt even want to know me, conversation lasted 10 seconds before they said goodbye NOT FKN HAPPY JAN..
    *that wasnt the womans name but just the saying*

    Jesus, i've never felt so vulnerable ever... and the pissy 250 couldnt outrun a ****ing corolla... this has almost made me sell the 250 and get a 600 even on bloody restrictions!!!!

    I needed to vent... god damn..

    Be safe... bloody hell be safe...


  2. Hopefully the passengers got his name off his licence and report this prick. I'm glad your okay. Why can't wankers like this be charged with attempted murder?
  3. ...he sounds like a bloody psycho!!.. Its damn scary knowing that people like that are on the roads :eek:hno:
  4. Ah, this is a situation I could see myself getting into, too.

    In the preprovisional course here, they talk about how good riders internalise incidents, and try to work out what they could have done better to avoid the situation completely, rather than externalising it. From that, you can then learn some things that might help your survivability.

    After all, what good is it to you if you're in the right, if you're smeared over the road after being pasted by a taxi?

    What can you take away from this? Maybe some of the following (throwing it out there):

    1. Be more aware of the other vehicles around you. Practice your roadcraft. "I can see, it might, I will". Be vigilant. Buffer. Anticipate idiocy.

    2. If someone does something like try to race you, slow down, buffer, let them go.

    3. If someone does end up nearly causing you to die, don't confront them. Chances are they're already raging over something, and you might push them over the edge. Try to memorise the vehicle details, license plate number, etc. Stop the bike, write it immediately down.

    4. A faster bike can give you an extra "out", but I've found after going from a 250 to a 650 that it's also tempting to just respond to every threat with a flick of the wrist. Sometimes going faster is the opposite to what you want. I'm mindful of this and try to use the power of the bike as just another tool in the toolbox for getting me home to my wife.

    5. Keep road raging fools in front of you. That means, don't filter past them, don't speed away from them at the lights. Just let them go. If you're really worked up, stop by the side of the road, and take a 5 minute breather. Don't let some other bastard ruin your day.

    I commute daily, and I give Taxis and Tradies a wide berth. It's probably because both are usually tired and overworked, working long hours. Just add them to your mental radar picture as flashing red dots and give them space.

    Not saying you were in the wrong at any point here, just trying to think about ways this kind of situation can be avoided completely. Glad you got out of it unharmed.
  5. Yeah i know guys,

    Usually i buffer, and i was buffering it just pissed me off so much he came out from behind me up the inside lane when he could see the lane was ending and proceeded to merge back on top of me when there was a free right lane!!! Oh well..

    I seriously wanted to injure this idiot but kind of glad i decided to just ride off and let it go...
  6. Damn man, glad to hear you are ok, that would have not been a nice situation to be in.

    Useless f*^#$*g taxi drivers though, doesnt surprise me, they never seem to give a stuff what they do.
  7. Wow, what a lunatic. What I've have done differently is explain to him more politely that he nearly killed you, and to drive more responsibly - whilst keeping the tone civil. People tend to respond to aggression with aggression, so an abusive tone will turn off any reasonable part of their brain and turn into defensive mode. As for him following, if you can't power away, service stations are your friend (cameras). If he followed you there I'd pull out the old mobile camera and get it all on film, as well as the license plate. Next time try to keep calm and importantly remember the plate :)

    You went to St Ives HART didn't you =D
  8. oh well i hope he lost his fare.


    Theres still part of me that wishes he had of got out of the taxi and belted him too a pulp.. then theres part of me thats glad i let it go.. but it almost cost me dearly..

    Yet, if i had of belted him i probably would of been locked up and had my licence taken away from me.. go figure.. bloody taxis...

    Generally there alright to me.. just this idiot was full of bravado.. I'd never have a go at motorcyclist they would severely hurt you in full gear...

    Maybe it was the L plate that made him arch up and thought i was a little 18 year old??

    Glad its over, and i hope to god he tries to be a smart ass and reports me to the hoon hotline or something stupid so they can trace it back to who he is...

    Taxi company didnt want to know me, lasted 10 seconds..


    Just called yellowcabs complaints, they were much better about it.

    Now they reckon theres a chance of finding this idiot, because his passengers jumped out so he would have to report why there was a loss of fare...

    Hope to hell they get him, made me feel a little better when the copper said hed have his licence revoked.. *If he even has one*

    .......... Idiot
  9. Good to hear that this bloke could be getting his just desserts.

    Its a bloody shame having drivers on the road who are so willing to cause injury or death. Often times its better not to have a go at them.

    The 250 is also very bad at gassing it out of there. The best plan of attack really is not arguing. Unless you are pulled over and you can swing a hit you are the more vulnerable person in the confrontation. This needs to factor into your mind when yelling at people in big metal boxes.
  10. Well the whole thing was about to escalate i was next to him at the red light with his window down and my head almost in the taxi...

    Thought it was all over and let it go and rode off.. i could of belted him and thats why i said part of me is sorry i didnt, and part of me is greatful that i let it go... although its a sad thought when i think i would of actually had to beat him to a pulp so he didnt try to kill me with the taxi... i dont know shitty situation lol... Then he started throwing 2 tonnes of metal box at me..

    Taxi complaint line was less than impressed and apologised profusely and asked where it was reported and will liase with the cops.. so this may or may not happen, still good to hear someone besides police who genuinely care or pretend to care at least..
  11. LOL, no, Clyde Stay Upright. :) I'm sure they use the same material everywhere.

    But, its actually good advice. Hopefully some of it will stick and keep my skin on.
  12. Hey guys, I am not defending taxis by any stretch but this has happened to me on a few occassion and on one of those occassions I would have had trouble reporting it to the cops. IT WAS A COP.

    There are moron road users everywhere and yes that includes 2 wheel versions. In fact my worst incident was with another bike. Lane splitting at 100kph on the Monash.
  13. very good advice...or any drivers you need to keep an eye on, drunks, phone users, boy racers...keep them in your sights, not the other way around...because if you're in front of them, come the next red set of lights you''ll be stopped and they'll be comming up behind you.

    ...unfortunately taxi drivers sleep very little or not at all...i've caught cabs before with the driver nodding off at the wheel, apologising because he'd just worked 20 hours straight...

    ...sorry to hear about distressing trip btw...hopefully this pink octopus will cheer you up> :squid:
  14. Worked for me. :LOL:

    Folks, stick a small notepad and pen in your motorcycle jacket pocket. It should live there. One day you're going to need it. I have the regos of half a dozen fvcknuts, including one cop, and the phone number of a cute 20 y.o. that shunted my motorcycle.
  15. As hard as it may be, you found out why it is important to just let things go,.
    The original incident was stupid reckless and could have been deadly by the taxi, but would have ended then.
    It's important to remember you don't know who the person you are about to yell at is, i know it's hard not too, could be a quiet mum a normal bloke, or it could be the psychotic road rager from hell who's workmates and old school friends have always described as not quite right and bound to hurt someone one day.
    glad you got out of it unhurt and hopefully this lunatic can be caught, we all get angry when someone does something stupid but as often is said here , even if you feel 100% in the right, it doesn't matter in a car vs bike collision try and learn any little thing you can from the incident,
    pull over if you must and clear your head so you can ride focussed, then you can live to a age where you can write like a dad on here like me :LOL:
    happy riding & don't let the loons ruin it for you it's too good for that
  16. A friend of mine was out one night for her birthday a few months ago with friends, crossing the road (legally - green man), a taxi hit one of her friends (he had left turning arrow but obviously has to give way to people who are crossing). Cops came... sent the taxi on his way to his next job!?! Didn't get charged with anything, from what I was told anyway, despite the poor girl being carted off to hospital (think she had a broken rib and just a lot of bruising)

    Bloody hate taxis. When I am forced to use them I feel like asking the driver if he'd mind indicating, or at least pretending to headcheck. Pack of useless barstards, don't know how someone who spends so much time driving can be so awful at it.
  17. Glad you're ok mate and things didn't end tragically for you.
    It just amazes me how reckless, stupid or just plain loopy some people are.
  18. Not just that they're on the roads... That they're getting paid to be on the roads!

    Does anybody know if cabbies get audited regularly (if at all.) I know it's a different thing but places like McDonalds and KFC have secret audits where they pay housewives or people with no jobs or whatever to go in and order something and assess how that store works (from a customers point of view) and give them a score. If a store does shit they have to pick up their act or they lose funding etc.

    I think there should be something similar for cabbies. They're just as bad up here in Queensland.
  19. You mean like a mystery shopper type thing? That's a pretty good idea. I swear there wouldn't be many taxis scoring over 50%...
  20. :worthlesspics: