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Bloody Taxi Drivers!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jez79, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Geez, i know what kind of reputation they have but this morning settled it for me. Had a green arrow to go so I check i'm clear and start forward.. Out of nowhere cab flies through red light and nearly cleans me right up. Raining all night in Melb, so when I went for the brakes, bike slid to a grinding halt on its side.

    Anyone recommend any specific damage I should be checking for?

    Would have put a spanner in my holiday plans, off to Byron tonight..

    Moral: Even if you've got the go-ahead, look twice.
  2. +1

    What sort of bike are you on, and which side did you lay it down on?

    Glad your ok mate.

  3. Just my trusty little Honda Spada. Went down on the right side. Exhaust scratched up, and brake lever/handle bar scratched as well.
  4. :rofl: @ what i saw this morning

    Did anyone travel the eastern this morning and happen to look left where all the cops (1 highway pursuit, 1 undercover BMW Bike, 1 Std Patrol car) were sitting???

    I was wondering what this "accident" was, and i saw a taxi... OVER the cyclone fencing, UP into the trees on the left... that was unexpected! :shock:
  5. You gotta lookout for taxi drivers especially in Melbourne! My mate works in the CBD and nearly got taken out by a cab, dropped the bike. He didn't get injured and luckily only minimal damage to the bike which the insurance took care of. They really need to do something about the cab drivers there, half of them don't even have a real license!! I learned that from a few indian friends who know a few cab drivers. :evil:
  6. Glad you're okay, Jez79. Most taxi drivers creep me out, whether I'm on the bike, in the car, or actually a passenger. Did the driver even realize what he did to you?
  7. hate them hate them hate them...oops sorry did i say that more than once? :eek:
  8. I know it's not right but I cut them off at every opportunity.
  9. Some will say give the taxi guys a break ! And some will say that there are some good ones out there .
    From my experience both taxi drivers and courier vans are a danger to the health and safety to other road users by the way they drive ... There should be a law to give them triple de-merit points to clean up their act . That shouldn't bother the few good drivers out there . :evil:
  10. + 1000000000000000

    Fecking "professional drivers" suck b*lls. What I don't understand is how there can be sooo many taxi drivers doing the wrong thing and yet the police don't seem to "see" them.....

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    this video might answer the questions...

  12. I am one of those professional drivers, and my record is impeccable, 5 years and not once being pulled up, not one speeding fine. Yes wow I drive a Taxi...ohhh I must be a fcuking wanker driver......

    You guys can all get fcuked, im sick of your shit towards some of us, Yes I dont deny a good majority of Taxi drivers in melbourne are very bad and dangerous and should not be driving, but some of us are good drivers.

    Oh and of course I dont get cut off daily as well, by cars and bikes, and shit I dont see multiple CARS as well as bikes running red lights, not too mention trucks...
  13. Apologies for generalising, even though by your own admission, you're a minority in your own profession. I don't see taxi drivers petitioning for more rigid/strict licensing/registration requirements.
    EVERY DAY I have to use my horn just to get in and out of the Public Carpark at Riverside Quay because of illegally parked taxis blocking the driveway. Every Day, I get to see Taxis (and yes! Cars too!) flying across lanes without indicating to pick up fares, or doing u-turns in front of traffic without indicating.
    I'm sure, as sick as you are of hearing people gripe about taxis, it's half as sick as the rest of the public is about taxi drivers' driving and attitude.
    And as I stated in my previous post, irrespective of your driving history/record, once again, isn't it strange that so many are doing the wrong thing AND not getting pulled over?
    Honestly can't remember ever seeing a taxi getting pulled up for doing the wrong thing. In fact the last time I heard Taxi and Police mentioned together was in a recent thread here about one going bush off the Monash.....
  14. they don't become steriotypes without good reason

    it means the majority are causing the steriotype
  15. Hey Prime . I am glad to hear you have an impeccable 5 year record . I think in my original post I said "some will say there are good ones out there" I think we are generalising about the group as a whole and not picking on one individual. Many years ago I sold Real Estate and had to cop flack from the majority about that profession. I am pretty sure I copped it on the chin without telling people to get F@#%D
  16. Its ok.. relax there mate. I hate it when people rip into truckies so i support you on this.
    As long as you arent one of the many that sit in the right hand lane on the freeway doing 90kph, and hitting the brake pedal for whatever fcuking reason i dont know. :?
  17. Yeah sorry about the agro post....

    I for one would love it if the Government would make it harder to be a Taxi driver instead of letting anyone just drive, itss tupidly easy.

    The major problem with it is the pay, we only get half of whatever we earn, thats why most of the crap happens, cutting lanes to get fares etc, Its bad to do things like that and dangerous. And im sorry to say that as long as this way of pay happens bad shits gonna keep happening, same thing for a courier too i think, you wanna gfet your fare/parcel to the destination fast as poss so you can get your next one..

    Another Issue is where can we stop and pick up, there is virtually nowhere to do this safely most of the time, people want us to pick up/drop off anywhere really, your on chapel street at 2am looking for a cab, all the carparks are full, you want your cabbie to drive down 500metres before he can stop?? I dont think so, you dont wanna walk that far to get the cab and someone else will jump in before then...get my point?

    And we actually move to a Taxi zone and sure as anything someones parked in it.....

    There is no solution to dropping off or picking up.
  18. What about taxi passengers?

    I was almost taken off my bike by a driver letting a passenger out (in the middle lane) at a set of lights, and i was moving up the left lane to turn left, and a door just appears infront of me, as i'm alongside the taxi's rear door. Come screaming to a stop centimeters from said door, and get a "ah sorry mate" from the passenger.

    I'm not blaming the driver, it's not up to him for where the passenger chooses to get out. But at least have the brains on your shoulders to look before you swing the door open in traffic!
  19. FYI,

    Not being pulled over &/or getting a speeding ticket doesnt mean shit.
    Simply means you havent been busted yet.

    +1 Thats right! fing06.
  20. Geez! your lucky mate, i know i get the feeling about cabs, one ran near me too. So glad ur ok!!!Always double check before go!!