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Featured Bloody taxi drivers should know better!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Nitrox72, May 18, 2015.

  1. Heading home from a nice day of riding heading north over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In lane 2 position for the Falcon Street exit when I notice lane 1 (to Milsons Point) is backed up. A taxi driver decides he's sick of waiting so without looking goes from stopped in lane 1 to lane 2 - right in front of me. Got to test the mobility and braking of my two day old Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom which did a great job of pulling up and swerving around him at the same time.

    Closest call in a while and I would like to think "professional" drivers are more aware :-(
  2. I tend to treat the roof sign as a warning beacon. Beware of sudden movement.

    Well done to you for saving your beloved
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  3. Nitrox72Nitrox72 i have to say taxi drivers are the worst - I drive for a living and believe me I have seen some absolutely stupid and dangerous manoeuvres coming fro all sorts of drivers but those behind the wheel of a taxi are the worst!

    Glad to hear you saved the bike;)
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  4. Yep, treat taxis and their customers as if they are about to explode.
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  5. Use Uber. Kill taxi buisness. Problem solved.
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  6. Have to agree, never ride behind or to the side of a taxi in Melbourne. On my way home tonight, a darn taxi driver slams brakes on in the middle of an interesction to collect a pedestrian standing at the crossing. Full emergency brake, pulled up in time. A reminder to always maintain a safety margin around you......i must admit, i did hit the rear brake fairly hard, ABS kicked in...... Bloody driver was completely oblivious to the fact of what he just did. So, in Melbourne, not only must you expect to deal with cars running red lights but now you must expect cars to slam their brakes on at green lights too.....
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  7. Nitrox72Nitrox72 hope your heart rate has come back down!
    Glad you and your baby are okay but truly ruly always be very very wary of ANY taxi. Too often if empty they are focussed on a punter flagging them and will just chuck a uturn with gay abandon in just about any situation be it four lanes no probs, median strip no probs, biker no probs...
    And the bridge...like herding kittens on ice...handle with care :)
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  8. Good ol' Lane 2. I dislike the idiots who realise they don't need to go to North Sydney at the last minute and swerve into the Crows Nest lane (Lane 3) instead... :|
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  9. Whenever you have 2 lanes of traffic and one is stuck, the other moving, you should always slow and be prepared to stop/evade.
    Any one of the stationary cars (in Sydney) is likely to just print out into your lane.
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  10. Correct TWEETTWEET i'm normally well buffered to the right in that situation, just waiting for it to happen
  11. I know where you almost had your prang, I live near there, it's a notorious bit of road in peak hour as its 16 lanes and everyone changing and merging at the same time. It is always fun to watch.
    The start of my morning commute is on that road , it wakes me right up :)
    A lot of cabs are called "cockroaches of our roads" for a reason. You just never know where they will go next.
    As soon as I see a cab in front or to the side of me I double my following and buffering distance.
    Lately I have also been having to do that to large SUV's who struggle to stay within their lanes on multi lane roads especially when there is a bend in the road.
  12. Couldn't agree more and that's the only reason I didn't get hit!
  13. Hahahahaha, taxi drivers, professional... You are kidding yourself, they're diabolically bad drivers. As BjpittBjpitt said, treat them like they're going to explode.

    I've had a couple of close encounters with them, by far the closest was at Springvale Rd / Princess Hwy intersection near Centre Rd. A taxi driver ran a red light from Police Rd to Centre Rd, straight through the intersection, didn't blink, didn't even brake, just went through flat out expecting the world to move out of his way. I did an emergency stop on my CB900 and we missed each other by centremetres, happened so fast I didn't even manage to get the taxi number or plate to report the cnut!

    Partly my fault too, I was on my home form a long night shift and should have seem him sooner..
  14. Get the number plate. Identify the taxi. Try to identify the driver is another problem alltogether :(
  15. Sleep deprived, off their face on drugs, got their license in some bum-fcuk country and a self righteous attitude. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!
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  16. I had only posessed my learner's permit for 2 days in 1977. I stopped at a pedestrian crossing on George St The Rocks, and was rear-ended by a taxi (I still remember the rego T-747) :D

    I was pushed through the crossing about 10m. To this day I don't know how I stayed upright, and how I didn't collect anyone on the busy crossing.

    To this day I treat all cabs with contempt. I make sure I stay well clear of their danger zones whenever on the road.

    The standard of taxi driver behaviour and competence has declined significantly IMO since 1977.
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  17. Just because someone gets paid to do a job doesn't make them a professional...
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  18. I commuted the bridge going north and wattle st for almost 2 years, Sydney taxis are fcuking atrocious. Love the on ramp to the bridge when there's to traffic though, and the tunnel beforehand