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Bloody stupid cat!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Recieved a call from a neigbour,about "fluffy"(fluffy cannot be identified for legal reasons)

    Your dog (holly - the greatest golden retriever to ever walk the earth :angel:) has chased my cat (I prefer to call it numerous other things, I shall refrain) fluffy up the gum tree!

    "Impossible!" I thought, until I realised that I forgot to latch the rear sliding door and my genius of a dog has sussed out how to open the thing.

    This is a cat that has persistently tormented my dog my prancing across the top of the fence, sitting at the back door teasing holly through the glass door, chasing and killing native birds and crapping in my yard!
    Bare in mind my dog is nowhere remotely agressive, but loves to chase cats(she sees them as her next squeaky toy) and will just play with the cat(the cat however is a predjudice little turd and cannot see this) All I can hear in the background is holly woofing and howling at "fluffy" up the tree.

    The call progressed to "can you please come home and rescue my cat from up the tree?" BE BUGGERED[-( a) Fluffy got his furry ass all the way to the top of the tree, fluffy will get his sorry ass back to base of the tree and b) Im ****scared of heights..... :bolt:

    4 hours down the track...The cat is still up the bloody tree and holly is still waiting ever so paitently at the bottom(no amount of homemade nana biscuits from the neighbour can coax my dog away)...Think I better go home and rescue the cat](*,)
  2. HAH hahahahaha
    Nothing more to say, nothing at all X)
  3. What? you wanna go climb the tree??
  4. A bit like this, then -

  5. You have a golden retriever?? Wow...I love them. They are such intelligent (& beautiful) animals.

    How old is Holly? Let the cat stay up the tree, its not your fault and I dont like cats anyways (Sorry cat lover NetRiders, nothing personal).
  6. Way to intelligant for her own good, she is the one that "potential" boyfriends need to get past first....
  7. Shes 5 now, shes better company than many humans!
  8. Hehehe...

    Is that her in the pic? VERY cute. Have you trained her in pillion riding yet?
  9. haha. classic.
  10. Nope, too big, have to be a side car for this one lol that's her in the pic yup
  11. My family has had pomeranians ever since I was a kid. The first one we had was named Lucy and she was dazzling white. I'd always wanted Labradors (Golden Retrievers) but back home the purebreds were very rare to come across and if you did, they were were just too expensive to afford (as expensive as a new bike).

    At the moment we have a little brown mianiature pomeranian. About 12 years old and still going strong. :)
  12. We had Pomegranates. That surprised a few cats that thought they could hide up a tree.
  13. See, your problem is you don't have a german sheperd. My dog made pretty light work of a cat that came into our front yard when he was around 11 months old (no he didn't kill it, but none of the cats have come round our place ever since).

    None of this chasing up trees bs, just lay down the law like a boss.
  14. ha ha. There's no question in our house who's in charge. The cat prances along the bull nose verandah and drives the Kelpie X mad doing laps trying to figure out how to get to it. When the cat's on the ground the dog tries to herd it, and the cat's "yeah, whatever"
  15. Yay for dogs! Nay for cats... =D>

    Article. I don't particularly like these kind of studies. I don't mind sharing when their outcome suits me. Hahaha.
  16. It's probably a bit too late now, but sure I'd be more than willing to go climb the tree and rescue the cat for your neighbor.

    I've always had small dogs as a kid. We had a big dog once, can't remember it, got rid of it cause it jumped on one of us I think. All little dogs since then, had a small white dog, absolute shit of a dog, hated us kids and always chased the garbage truck until one day it got run over by it. Had to put her down.
    Then we got a maltese silky cross... lovely dog. Had it for 14 years. More recently my mum and step dad got a mini pincer and a mini pincer/fox terrier cross. Both lovely dogs. Had to put the maltese silky cross down earlier this year after she fell down the stairs for like the 5th time... she just wasn't really with it any more anymore
  17. that dog is way too fat to chase anything.

    you can burn the tree down, but it would be more enviromentally friendly just to shoot the cat out of it.
  18. OI! Easy tiger! My dog isnt fat! :D

    Far from fat thankyou!
  19. the head shot dose'nt fool me.
    in your previous avatar it was the fattest dog i ever seen.
  20. That was the bloody angle shes sitting on!!!!!!!!!!Shes on the leaner side for a retriever....FFS why am i even justifying this to you!!!! ;) shes healthy and happy, that is all!