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Bloody Robocops!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TarmacSamurai, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. So I got a nice letter in the post today from the Victoria Police.


    Apparently, on the 16th December, I was doing 109kmh on the Great Ocean Road "between 260 km post and 264 km post" whatever that means.

    They hit me up with 1 Demerit point and a $138 fine.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:

    So what the hell does "between 260 km post and 264 km post" mean? Do they have markers there that figure out your average speed over a given distance or something? Apparently I was detected at 109kmh but they "allege" a speed 3% less, so I actually got booked for 105kmh in a 100kmh zone. Presumably this is to allow for minor differences in speedos.

    I'm from NSW, so this is all a bit weird for me. I thought I'd got away with my jaunt through VIC, but apparently not.
  2. Put it in the Bin champ as they won't pursue you (interstate driver) as far as I know :grin:
    As long as you have no vehicles etc, listed in Vic.

    And have a nice day :wink:
  3. Everyone feel free to go over the top with abuse and such if I'm wrong, but it sounds as if they are highway distance markers... gives an idea of where the offence occured. Rather than just specifying great ocean road...which could be anywhere. Most highways have them as far as I know....
  4. My understanding is that it is inbetween those two markers in terms of distance from Melb. You know those little green information signs with a letter at the top. That way you get the approximate position on the road where you were booked.

    My understanding is that they will persue you for it. Part of the new cross boarder friendliness to get money. Lucky thing is we don't have double demerits here and only 1 point!!

    Try the Ask Hubie button as I am sure he would know more.

    Bit of a bummer though about the fine!!

  5. yeah they are markers/signs on the side of the road.. Emergency services use them and they are also handy for the touros
  6. The posts are a position marker along it usually from the city. It is a reference place so you can identify the streach of road.

    In Vic and other states they apply two levels of leeway in speeding fines. The first is that they subtract 6 km/h from the raw detected value and second, there is an accuracy factor applied (which is your 3%).

    So in reality you may have been doing up to 115 kph.
  7. Put them in the bin?? That’s taking a risk, you’ll certainly pay costs/penalty for ignoring the Summons, and Plod may selectively enforce the non-payers.

    Yeah, I reckon those are road distance markers, the cops probably need that as a form of identification of where the alleged offence was committed, can’t just say “Great Ocean Road†which stretches coupla hundred kms, that won’t stand up in a court of law.

    As for “markers that figure out speed†– not that I know of, but watch the Hume Hway, I hear they’re now using the cameras mounted on gantries originally intended to monitor truck drivers/traffic movement, to check speed ie. the time taken to cross 2 fixed cameras over several kms.
  8. 1 demerit point??? We get a min of 3 for speeding :mad:
  9. As Browny said, put it in the bin.
  10. I'm getting some mixed messages here. Are you guys telling me to bin it just fcuking with me!? :)

    To avoid the hassle, I'll just cop it. You know what's really annoying? I think I went too fast past that new camera at the Anzac Parade end of Cleveland Street today. You know the one, where they installed a camera and changed the limit from 60 to 50 at the same time, but only have roadside billboards and no actual speed limit signs yet?

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  11. You can always call the register and ask them for a photo ... if they cannot supply one, then they cannot book you.
    Also, for the 260km post and 264km post, means you were travelling away from melbourne.
    Pro-pilot ... please remember that the 6km/h leeway has been disregarded. The new laws state that it is only 3% leeway. So 109km minus 3% (3.27km/h) rounded up becomes 105km/h.
  12. Which means your speedo probably read more like 120kmh+.

    On the chin brutha. Pretty cheap anyway and only 1 point
  13. In this day and age they will pursue you except perhaps overseas but to be sure go to the "Ask Police" section on the side bar and ask there.

    As for the marker posts. If you look carefully you will notice a number attached to the white side marker posts every kilometre on the major roads in Victoria. On roads to/from Melbourne the distance is to/from Melbourne, if it's a highway or road between major towns then the distance is from wherever the road started.

    You will also see a triangular sign with a 1 or 2 letter combination for the next major town and the distance every 5km on major roads as well.

    In theory we should always try to keep track of aproximately what km post we are near in case of emergency, as an example you can say you are North bound on the Hume Freeway near the 205km post which puts you up near Winton, but that's easier said than done.

    Also as mentioned the Hume Freeway from the Northern ring road to Broadford fixed cameras measure the time you take between cameras as well as the speed you pass them at, this has been covered in other threads extensively.
  14. ^^^ Great reading, I was planning a trip to Victoria,

    seems like the group wanting to go to QLD now wasnt such a bad thing :grin:
  15. Why?
    When you look down at your speedo and it is in the region of 120kmh, in a 100kmh zone, and you get busted with $138 and only 1 point, I'd be jumping in the air. As the others have said, it would've been double points and more money in other states. :?
  16. I was busted in VIC for speeding but live in NSW, it was a few years ago but cause I paid the fine straight away I didn't get any points taken off (a good thing at the time, as i had few to spare) :oops:

    I have heard lately that the points are now transferable :evil: either way it's best to pay up and see how it goes. Once you find out whether points were transfered across tho, let us know. Am planning to go Sth in the next couple of months :)
  17. The big question -
    Was it a camera?
    Was it a parked car?
    Following car?
    Was it an Aerialy detected device?
  18. The markers only inform motorists of the distance they are from the town stated (M being Melbourne, G being Geelong -Go Cats!) and so on.

    This would have been used as suggested to identify the part of the road where the offence occurred as the GOR is a pretty darn long (and fun) road.


  19. I have no idea! Must have been a camera I didn't see. There's an option on the fine to get a copy of the photo, but they want $7.50 for it.
  20. Don't put it in the bin , shred it and use it as packing when you send stuff off in the mail. :grin: