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Bloody Reefton Gravel, We need all netriders!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Yes

  2. I'll let others do it

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  3. I might write one email and forward it on to both adresses

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  4. :S What is Reefton Spur??

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  5. I'd rather crash

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  1. All in Melbourne know by now that the Reefton Spur has had a 2km stretch of it COVERED in gravel for over 6 months now :oops: :? :evil:

    EDIT: It seems that the shire or yarra rangers has little concern for our safety, but let's keep pestering them :oops: Mark Maguire is a motorcyclist himself and as the Road Safety Manager for the Shire has responsibility links with VicRoads
    So let's try another also:
    Peter Batchelor is the State minister responsible for this road then I guess as the Ministre of the Department of Infrastructure - Transport
    Please forward your emails to Mr Batchelor also :)
    and forward this same email on to Mark Maguire (see below), and to Anna Naoum, who is the Member Contact for Gary Liddle (CEO of VicRoads)
    National Programs Officer Email: anna.naoum@roads.vic.gov.au

    There is a feedback form on the VicRoads site too: (put in Subject- Road_Conditions_and_Hazards) http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/VRNE...VicRoads-Contact Us-Feedback & Enquiries?open

    And on the arrive alive wedsite:

    Copy and past your concerns to each, the more people that hear the better. And be hopefull that this hits the desks of someone with a ethical conscience actually wanting to help

    :cool: I call on all of you Netrider.com folk to:

    :) Email the Shire of Yarra Ranges Road at <mail@yarraranges.vic.gov.au> subject: Att: Civil Development Services Department

    :grin: AND to email the Shire Road Safety Officer, Mark Maguire <markmcguire@yarraranges.vic.gov.au>, to get off his but and get rid of the gravel (softer coaxing and encouragement works best)

    :wink: And also I want each of you to go to:
    and fill out in the location of Required maintenance: Reefton Spur
    tick sealed roads
    and in the what maintenance is required write something like:

    You need to send a street sweeper up the road and collect all of the loose gravel that has been sitting there for over 6 months now, since the last roadworks. This is an extremely dangerous road at the moment as fellow motorist, especially motorcyclists, are having frightful accidents there. Please send a mechanical sweeper up immediately. Waiting for passing 4WD vehicles to sweep the road clean is an appalling act of road safety mismanagement which will most certainly lead to liability litigation

    This is a dangerous road now, but it used to be so much fun, lets all get together and encourage the right people to work towards getting this twisty stretch safe again :LOL:

    Thanks for giving some time :grin:

    The Goose :oops: :)
  2. Form completed.
  3. OK Now it's Political :evil: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. Form completed!
  5. +1

    will also email mark later.

    thx for taking the initiative. c x
  6. Re: you got to be kidding

    1st up, let me say that I wasn't the mod that moved this thread but i do see it as a Government issue.
    You are one of the lucky ones, there are some mods who on a bad day will simply delete the thread instead of moving it to the correct forum ;)
  7. Form submitted and emails sent...

    Hopefully they act on this and stop sitting on their asses
  8. Submitted and also informed other forum
  9. Done and dusted :grin:
  10. You've just posted requesting people contact a local government and complain, and in your pro forma you expressed a view that legal action may ensue from them not doing anything... I'd say it's in the right forum :wink:
  11. Form completed!
  12. This thread is the correct forum, no way this is General Discussion, good luck with getting them out there.
  13. Form and email completed. Mark is on leave till the 3rd Oct, I suspect his inbox will be overflowing by then. Please...
  14. Just got this reply from yarraranges.vic.gov.au in regards to my web form request. rEEzA

    "This is within Vic Roads jurisdiction. Thanks"
  15. Me too. Now to the Vic Roads.
  16. I'd have thought it was Vicroads, too, but in this case surely it's whoever actually did the resurfacing work and left the mess behind afterwards. Probably a contractor. If you can imply that this is substandard work, you might get them off their backsides to clean it up before they get hit with a negligence claim, maybe?
  17. Vicroads hazard reporting line: 131170
  18. Hmmm, how about all the sticks and bark all over it. (How did you even see the gravel?)

    Then there is a half metre thick tree that has been cut off some time ago after falling over the road, but sticks out right to the edge of the bitumen on the cliff side at one point. Then there is a huge tree stump right at the edge of the road at another point.

    But then, I navigated it safely last Tuesday, and enjoyed it despite the obstacles. Mind you, it would be very nice if it was as clean and predicable as the Black Spur road surface.

    Okay, I'll report the poor condition as well. Maybe someone will listen.
  19. Let's help each other out and maybe save a couple of lives!! :)

    I'll try to bump this regularly (once a week or so)