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Bloody professional riders..

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AnotherMacca, May 9, 2007.

  1. Ruben Xaus:


  2. Son of a biatch!
  3. All that man has to do is point at that photo and say: "That's me".

    You could hear the panties drop.
  4. Pfft, now if he was drifting the rear and doing a wheelie, while high fiving a rider next to him...then i'd be impressed.
  5. Is that the ducati hypermotard?

    Nice pic.....no sliders left :)
  6. Yep new Hyper Motard with after market exhaust on it.
  7. Very impressive bike control. It heavily reminds me of watching Anthony Gobert race his Kwaka 750 around PI in '96, where he was doing that through most every corner (minus the thumbs up).
  8. I think I'd still prefer a SuperDuke
  9. Awesome eh :cool:
  10. Correct
  11. that boy got some skills :shock:


  12. Shite - makes the bike look awesome for the commuter wars!
  13. Now the panties will drop so hard they will leave scorch marks.


  14. Oh you know that this is going to turn into photoshop and Captioning stupidity don't you?

    Good work :D