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Bloody pocketbikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kez Across, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Can someone tell me the legalities of pocketbikes on the road??


    They are a total pain in the ar$e around here now - there's about half a dozen of them at least that are zooming around the roads (in town).

    1. When you're backing out of the driveway (and there's cars parked along the side of a street), you can't see them because they're too low.

    2. They whizz up the left hand side of traffic, and cars that are slowing to wait for a car to back out of a car park can't see them because they're too low.

    3. Cars backing out of the angle car parks can't see them, because they're too low.

    4. Cars looking to change from the right lane to the left lane, can't see them, because they're too low.

    On top of that, the d!ckheads that are riding them aren't wearing helmets!! :evil:

    Surely there's a law somewhere to keep the bloody things off the road???

  2. Agreed, there are some kids in Weribee at the moment on pocket cruisers and they are just as bad. I've wondered on the law but I'm guessing they are less than 50cc and not subject to bike licensing. The chances of a kid following road rules and common sense are the real problem on the road when mixing it with 2 tonne, 100kmh vehicles.
  3. It looks like we have to do the usual before common sense will take hold:

    1. Kid gets killed (serious injury is probably not enough).

    2. Parents blame everyone except themselves for poor judgement / supervision

    3. Public Outcry. Today Tonight or ACA segment. Doctors deplore injuries from these. Oblique mention to us good folk in some negative way ("head injuries like we see from bike trauma" and "trying to emulate maverick spirit of real bike riders" etc.)

    4. Sanctimonious public statment by politicians. (Both parties blame each other).

    5. Draconian law as knee jerk response.

    6. Parents try to sue sellers of bikes for allowing them to purchase a dangerous device. No-one told them it was possible to have an injury using this.

    Another day in paradise, then.
  4. i reckon ur spot on there
  5. I'm almost certain that they're illegal on roads, for one thing they're often around 50cc which I assume would class them as being a scooter (requires a licence to ride) and yet they're very small, have no lights or indicators and nowhere to fix a number plate - basically just unroadworthy.
  6. There are illegal to ride on the road or footpath in all states and territories. To be legal to ride on footpath with no license they must be under 200 watts (0.2 kilowatt) in power. I think they are arond the 2-3 kilowatt mark. To be road registerable they need to have all the lighting etc and be complianced which they arent. It wont be long till the police crack down on their use, however in the mean time no doubt someone will die which will create plenty of trouble, and yet more statistics to use against us as per nil_orally's remarks.
  7. happened already, firefling and i were traveling along golf links road in south oakleigh on saturday arvo.

    on thes\ side of the road was a cop car and on the footpath infron was a pocket bike, the copper was talking to a young guy who didnt look very happy at all :LOL: .

    i am guessing he was getting booked, i couldnt see a helmet anywhere but who knows he might have had one.

    they are a bloody nusience in south oakliegh, them and paddock scooters (blade scooters with whipper snipper engines - like nsr150's but with more go :p ) i have almost hit the same guy twice now.

    hope the little bastards get all they deserve
  8. Adam1 from the forums bought one of these a few weeks back and the neighbours called the local (Narre Warren) police to complain that they were keeping their baby awake during the day. The sergeant came round and spoke to Adam and his mate and told them that (at present) there are no rules for pocket bikes because they are such a new fad and no laws have YET been put in place. Adam was told that he didn't need a helmet nor did he need a license BUT to enjoy it as there had been talks of new laws being introduced for pocket bikes.
  9. Had two kids on pocket bikes in the middle of heavy traffic in the centre of Ballarat last weekend....

    Tried to call the coppers only because if they are still alive they should count themselves lucky, but couldnt get through...
  10. Huh? 1st sentence you say they can be ridden on footpaths, 2nd sentence you say they can be :?:

    If they are under 200W in power, no specific rules apply (helmet, license, etc.) and can be ridden almost anywhere under ┬┤generic' rules for that environment (eg. they can be ridden on footpaths, but you can be a danger to other footpath users etc. they can be ridden on roads but you must follow generic road laws such as speed, red lights, etc.)

    If they are over 200W in power, then standard motorcycle rules apply.
  11. I was told if they are under 43cc then you dont need a licence but you must still wear a helmet same as if you were on a push bike most pocket bikes are 47cc so you need to be licenced and rego but you can not get the rego compliant
  12. I don't know about the laws, but Ashes and myself have probably had run-ins with the same couple. There's also another kid with a black full-fairings one who puts on what looks like a full-on racing suit and takes it out on the roads.

    They're a headache, because you can't see them, and the riders don't exactly make it easy for you to work around them.
  13. Whaaa? U been smoking the reefer again? In order for them to be legally ridden on the footpath they must be 200 watts or under. Next sentence I said they are about 2-3 killowats, or 2000-3000 watts. That would suggest I was demonstrating that they are not legal, or illegal, to ride on the footpath. Also being non-complianced they are not legal to be ridden on the road. Im confoosed :?:
  14. In QLD about a month ago a guy got fined $850.

    These were the reasons.

    Un-rego'd vehicle on the road.
    not wearing a helmet.
    un-safe vehicle, ie no lights etc, too low to the ground etc.

    and some other stuff, this had gone to a court and the 20 or 21 year old guy got busted big time.

    They do about 120klm/s easy apprently as a guy at my work has riden one and because they are generally higher than 50cc more like 80cc or 85cc and virtually no weight to hold back the engine they really fly up the road.

    The weight of the bike is around the 15 20kgs mark so the rider weighs more than the bike itself.
  15. Helmets are a leagal requirement in Victoria be it motorised scooter, push bike, motorbike and pocket bike. There are no laws (as yet, but soon to be) regarding poket bikes however the cops can book them for not wearing a helmet. Two kids copped a fine in Tooradin courtesy of my old man and his copper mate last W/E :)
  16. Basically nobody seems to know what laws apply, maybe the law-makers should get off their lazy butt's and make some new ones up.

    You get them in our estate all the time, sometimes with helmets sometimes without, both on the pavement and the road.....noisy little buggers.
  17. Can ya send 'em down here...
    just watched a looney on a yellow pocket bike
    passing moving cars..on the wrong (LH) side past here at work in Moorabbin
    doing about 70 I'd guess with no helmet.... :evil:
  18. Do you work anywhere near the corner of Wickham rd and Chesterville rd. There is a yellow pocket bike being used as a demo model for a shop down here. You think they would restrict it to the carpark out the back but it seems to be going anywhere and everywhere :shock:
  19. A guy I know who works at Vic Roads advised me that the State Government will introduce legsitlation shortly on Pocket Bikes and motorised Scooters.