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Bloody parking inspectors

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Peregrine, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. I got back from the J a couple of days ago, and as usual we hit up Canberra RSL... I park my bike out the front of it, on the 10m wide foot path, and guess what? I get hit with a parking ticket for "Stop on path/strip in built up area."

    Firstly, Canberra is NOT built up. Especially at 730 on a Friday night...
    Secondly, I'm cheap and can't afford to hand over $68

    So I'm gonna dispute it.

    I always park my bike there, and so does every other bike and car. It's a big foot path and you can fit 5-6 parked cars across it. It wasn't blocking anything...
    It was parked outside of the RSL, but I'm a club member and I'm allowed to park out the front of it. The staff park their bikes out their too and they've never had any problems. So does the Ulysses members when they have their meetings.

    It was the last Friday of the month and inspectors have to get their token ticket quotes...

    Anyway, I got back out field tomorrow for another week so I'll start writing up a letter when I get back. And if anyone was wondering, ticks were out in force at Jarvis Bay... One unlucky person got one on the head of his family jewel. Should have heard the scream when he tried to twist it off... :D

  2. is it part of the RSL?
    of so, it's private property.
    I once, got a parking ticket for parking in front of a shop.
    Talking to the shop owner, I found that I parked within
    the perimeters of where he was paying his council fees.
    I paid the fine and included a letter stating this fact.
    Got my money back with an apology.
    It might work.