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Bloody Parking Fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Had to ride into newtown to pick up some stuff from the art shop. Parked on brown st near the 7-11. In and out in 5 minutes. Coming out the parking nazi was giving me fine.

    Bugger knows why, I got straight on and rode off before he attached the ticket to the bike.

    Damn annoying. (Though with my current thing of not paying parking in the cage for meters, I'm not up in total).
  2. Oh yeah, the bugger knows why bit was why I didn't argue with him.

    I was parked illegally.

    Oh well, my fault, so can't whinge too much about it.
  3. I used to park out the front of my work, like all the other staff. Not my bike, my car by the way. I came out once to put cash in the meter, and he was just about to book me. So I told him I was just about to put cash in the meter and showed him the coins... he still decided to book me because it expired while I was bloody talknig to him.
  4. Anyone who's been in the Army knows the rules; when you're wrong, you're wrong. When THEY'RE wrong, YOU'RE still wrong!!! Same applies to brown bombers, worst luck!
  5. for sure,being in the reserves is the same just cop it on the chin
  6. It takes a certain type of person to be employed as a "parking officer".

    1.) Too stupid to do anything else.
    2.) No pride.
    3.) Severe inferiority complex.
    4.) Severe case of "little man" syndrome.

    Feel free to add as you see fit.
  7. or they have to be a student. I was going to be a parking officer. :(
  8. 5) Has a family of 4 and a mortgage to pay and this is teh highest paying job s/he can get
    6) Feels that someone has to do an unpopular role and since they enjoy the outdoors and not being stuck to a desk, it may as well be them.
    7) Appreciates that most of the populous doesn't have a closed minded attitude of them and appreciates that bastards who think they can park wherever they want or for as long as they want deserve to pay a penalty.

    And it takes a certain type of person to attack an industry or job type with such a generalisation for just doing there job. Sure in this case, this person appears to be highly zealous, but you get than in all job types and industry's. I wonder what you think of police :roll:
  9. 8.) Knocked backed by the police force..
  10. The parking officers in Stonnington Council (Prahran area) definately are not students.
    The buggers would go into the private Swinburne Uni car park and write tickets for the number plates in there (although not putting the ticket on the car)
    First you would know of it, you have a late notice from the perin court.
    Several of the girls i did nursing with got done like this. One even took her paid parking ticket (the uni has a machine in there, but as its private ONLY the uni can book you in there) showing that she was in the uni car park all day, and the council still wouldnt withdraw it, told her she had borrowed the ticket from a friend.

  11. Have to agree with Jason . Some-one has to do it . Like speeding , dont do it and you wont get fined.
  12. "Feeding the meter" after your time has expired is a pointless excercise. Once the meter expires you need to leave that parking strip (i.e the section between the signs) you know the [1P].................[1P]
    You can however park across the road in a different signed section between the signs as above. A bit hard to explain unfortunately. Time limits are there to give everyone a fair go. They arent there so you can keep topping them up.
  13. Yeah a rather silly post.
    I'd do that job again at the drop of the hat.
  14. It is a legitimate way of "fining" someone. They need to specify a code (method of issue) on the ticket. One of them is "M" for mailed.

    As for the Uni, it still must comply with State traffic regs. The place is usually scoped out by an engineering firm to ensure that it is adequatly sign posted to meet the regulations then they can fine you till the cows come home.

    As for the council stating that she may have borrowed it from a friend is crazy stuff. I would have taken it to court and asked the council to prove that the pass was borrowed, (if of course the pass was indeed mine and I was in the right).

    A lot of councils have signs that do not comply with the regs. If you know what to look out for it's fairly easy to get away with parking in certain spots. Works for me :)
  15. A favorite is a nice fellow student very kindly removes the tickets from under the wipers of the cars to ensure you got the reminder notice and extra fees in the mail, it happens all the time.

    As Vic said most large public car parks are registered so the time rules apply in them and the council contractors (I think Stonnington is privately run) can book overstayers.

    Many years ago when I was working in North Melbourne we had to move our cars at lunchtime (basically we all went out together and did a lap swapping with one of our other co-workers). Mind you the girls in the corner shop used to ring us and word us up when the ghosts were on the prowl.

    Imagine how bad it would be without the grey ghosts. People could park their cars anywhere, just like motorcyclists can :p
  16. Does anyone know if parking fines are tax deductible?
    I have never tried, because I assumed they weren't.
  17. Profiting from Crime????

    I don't think you can claim a criminal act at a tax deduction.

    Oh for the days of Z plated Telecom cars that couldn't be booked for illegal parking.
  18. You would have to show that they were necessary in earning your income.

    How creative are you?

    'Well deputy commissioner, I was, like, training in quality control for parking officer compliance'.
  19. Always from the NCO: "My mistake. You're fault!"