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Bloody P Platers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sparky1967, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys, just have to vent bit of frustration at the stupidity of the P platers in NSW.

    My wife recently gained her L plates for the motorcycle. After being passenger for a while, she decided to have ago. Unfortunately she is not the most confident of riders, only having her permit for 6 weeks.

    The family decided to go out for tea tonight, Liz wanted to rider her bike, so I decided to follow with the family in the tin top. We both pulled up at the same set of traffic lights, in seperate lanes, unfortunately a green P plater was directly behind her. After leaving the lights the P plater took off like a rat up a rafter and nearly ran into the rear of the missus. I though "dick head", but then he slowed down and gave her some room, then proceeded to roar up behinder her again, narrowly missing her again. This made my blood boil, but before I could get beside him to give him a mouth full, the dickhead did it again. It is obvious that this twit is trying to bork the motorcyclist on the L plates (whom happen to me my beloved).

    When I finally got beside this twit I really let it fly, then with a big grin he yelled back "whatda i do wrong?". He then backed right of (might have had something to do with 2 ton of Adventra lungeing towards him).

    With behavior like this, is it a wonder that we have such high rates of P plater road fatalities?.

    When we finally got home, my poor wife was a wreck, (the children did ask what the words were that I yelled at the other driver :). She did learn something out of this, DONT TRUST ANY OF DRIVERS, especially P platers in red Toyota Corolla's. :evil:

    O.K, now I have had my biatch, I can now relax in front of the idiot box.

  2. Being a P plater myself I can say I've never done anything this stupid, but I definetly agreee, even if it was a full licensed driver, tailgating makes me GO CRAZY. It's f***ing rude, dangerous and serves no point.

    I especially hate it when your in a single lane, and someone is right up your backside trying to get paste, it's like. "Ok buddy, go past, there is another car in 50 metres, you'll get there 20 seconds quicker though!!!"
  3. I think your experience confirms the widely-held suspicion that there is a sub-culture on the road that envies motorcyclists, and hates them as a consequence, and thinks we are fair game for this sort of treatment. Unfortunately if you report this sort of behaviour to the one group in society who could do something about it, the Police, they aren't at all interested, unless you've already been hurt :evil:.
  4. Fair enough the guys was a dick and in my book you would have had every right to give him a touch up.

    But... I am so sick of hearing about P platers! Sure theres alot that cant drive but theres just as many non p platers around that are just as bad, and worse.

    That guy was a wanker but thats got nothin to do with him bein on P's!

    Ok now ive had my biatch :p
  5. Unfortunately, too many motorists have their accelerator cable directly connected to their ego. The harder they push on that accelerator, the more inflated their ego gets. This bloke was obviously being a smart arse and backed down when confronted as most are want to do. P platers seem to be more ego driven than others.
  6. When FluffyDonkey was learning, I had my truck [see other thread for details of 'death machine' :grin:] and we were headed to the same place [Donkey on his ZX2F] when some guy in a Liberty was tail-gaiting him REEEEAL close.

    So I did what any good friend would do - I put two tonnes of metal between my friend and this moron... against his will :cool:

    That's the only time I have actually made another person choose between their brake and the gutter.

    Damn it felt good.
  7. It has nothing to do with the plates on his car, just the fact that he was a F#$k wit.
    Hopefully when he dies he doesn't take someone out with him
  8. Rant on I say.
    Its a shame when things like that happen.

    After the 1st 2 months, I took the L plate of & surprise surprise, less tailgating & being raced at the light.

    Big fine though so totally not a recomendation.

    & yeah, mainly by P platers. Who knows maybe too many people on big bikes hurting their little egos.
  9. He backed off? That makes a change. I almost got taken out by a f%^&wit green P plater yesterday because he was on his mobile phone so he got a full serve from me. His response was to tell me to f%^& off. Some more "conversation" ensued with me espousing the dangers of driving with a mobile phone(with a few expletives thrown in) and he responding with totally irrelevant abuse. He then followed me through traffic, barging some cars out of the way to have another go....and another. Then he came up beside me and told me to pull over. He wanted to fight! What a f^&*ing moron. This is why these idiots kill themselves because they won't take responsibility for their actions and they think no-one, not even the Police or government, has the right to tell them what to do. So I split away and left him for dead. Only way to avoid a cager who obviously has doing me some harm on his mind.
  10. That's the other problem gegvasco - they think having a fight somehow justifies their actions. Too many youngens think they can do whatever they please and the world just has to get outta their way.
  11. That's because their parents, and society, have continually told them they are allowed to do what they want and if they do end up being punished, it will be a pathetic slap on the wrist.
    It won't get better short term either, lots more of them filtering through the system.
    If you really want to scare them, just call their bluff and approach their cars when they stop...believe me, they really DON'T want to fight after all.
    It's funny how quickly that window gets wound up when an angry motorcyclist is standing next to them.
    I don't think it's a P plate mentality, certainly we didn't drive like that when I had my P's (we drove fast, but at night/ away from others etc), I think it's a reflection of the "pointless generation". That is, a generation who are going to be pretty much useless, have no skills, manners, or social graces and refuse to work for a living.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. I don't want to start a race thing, but he was about 19 and Lebanese. I grew up with guys just like this in Western Sydney and to this day I still don't know why these type of guys carried out a couple of unprovoked attacks on me. It was always the Lebanese kids who would blindside you out of the blue with a bag of marbles to the head. It seems violence is the only way they know how to resolve things and they think it is fun.
  13. haha
    Wow Typhoon, tell us what you really think :LOL: :LOL:

    people in sydney town carry bats, knifes, guns..in their cars.
    Umm...just in case a baseball /circus knife throwing/.... event breaks out whilst they drive up & down & up & down & up & down george st. :roll:
  14. That's why, regardless of being an angry motorcyclist, 110kg, with helmet and armoured knuckles on my gloves, I ain't pulling over to discuss this sort of thing with anyone. Not much use against a 19yr old, 75kg nutter in a T-shirt with a knife.

    It is getting like the USA. I spent three months in Texas and the first thing the guys already there said when I got there was "Don't road rage. Don't even stare someone down. Because everyone has a gun."
  15. The wife and I have now had time to calm down a bit, some Wild Turkey has helped to sooth the temp.

    As some of you have correctly stated, it is not only P platers who do stupid things like this. This applies to anyone on two, four or more wheels, of any age group.

    I have made the observation that P platers do generally stand out from the crowd as the ones being silly. I dont know what its like elsewhere, but here in Tamworth we have a Jap Car inport shop, selling turbo everthings to which attracts young drivers like a moth to flames.

    It truely amazes me how a P plater can afford a turbo "Nissan Silvier" or Skyline or other hi powered car. It doesnt really matter in the end what the horsepower of the car is, a small red standard Corolla can still kill inocent people.

    Why is it that some people think its fair game to harass L platers, is it a right of trandition or something. I actually find myself quietly congratulating L and P drivers for obeying the speed limits, even if it is holding some of the traffic up, (must be getting old :oops: ).
    This dill could have really hurt my wife is he or she had had a oops.

    Paul, you are quite right, Mr. Policeman wouldnt have cared less unit there was a actual physical incedant. It is quite common here in Tamworth to see red and green P platers driving souped up cars, (turbo 4 and sixes) but not many V8s. I wish the boys in blue would enforce the power limitations for p platers.

    The first car which I could afford to buy was a poor old 73 Ford Escort Mk2 at $600.00. This was in 1985.

    Anyway the Turkey is starting to really kick in now, feeling much better.
  16. +1, although I understand that it is also a sweeping generalisation - not all teens and young adults are brain-dead oxygen thieves, but the bad ones are everywhere! Sadly, the kiddies dont get any direction from skank mum and bogan dad, and get all the social airs and graces from shitty american sitcoms and Jackass.

    Plenty of their mums and dads have given me cause to want to apply some rolled-up newspaper therapy in the first instance, something a little more compelling in the second, so it's no wonder some of these kids are a menace to themselves and others on the road.

    Whats the remedy for this situation? Education? Driver training? Screen them at birth for social defects and cull the bad ones? National service? Rehabilitation resorts (apologies to Jello Biafra)?
  17. F^&%! Don't go there. I don't want to have to deal with these assholes all day at work AS WELL! :LOL:
  18. Threads like these only reinforce my plan of having a helmet cam ready to go before I get my Ls.

    Not only do I want to be able to record my rides for fun, but the idea that everything I look at is recorded gives me peace of mind.

    I used to run a shop that would often be frequented with some very troubled kids. The idea that they were being recorded (we had web cams that sometimes worked) kept most of them from misbehaving most of the time -

    I figure a similiar situation should apply when I point out to a road rage afflicted driver, that I have their car, number plate, face and behaviour recorded, there is a good chance they may just back off.
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