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Bloody P plate car drivers...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mon_4u2c, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Ok now with 1 month under my belt on my L's thought it was time to hit the hways (Newbridge rd - SW) yesterday afternoon due to the sun starting to settle down was a bit hard on the eyes looking into it but i managed... so i decided to stick to the middle lane (its a three laned rd) was going well riding at the limit of 65-70km's was about to change lanes and get into the left lane so i looked (twice), indicated, looked started to move... then out of no where a P plater decided to over take the car behind me and speed up the left lane i had just enough time to move back into my middle lane (thank god - otherwise i would of been dead!)...

    So my question is... for us learners should we no matter what stick to our far left lanes??? can we somehow report these P platers???

    Couldnt stop thinking about it last night but i am ok now...

    Safe riding guys... :oops:

  2. Welcome to motorcycle riding.
  3. you can report them, just call the local police station and ask to put a complaint against the driver.

    Being a learner you learn to keep your wits about you. You can't do anything about idiots doing what they do, usually they just don't see you because you're smaller than them!

    Its just a scare you had :) just get back on the bike and put it out of your mind!
  4. Back to it...

    Yep i will thanks

    Getting back on it this afternoon...
  5. good to hear :)

    You'll need a description of the car and the rego to lodge the complaint though!
  6. yep

    yep the lady behind me got that info...
  7. im an l plate rider and a p plate driver.

    guess im going to off myself pretty soon eh
  8. I'm a P plate rider and a red, soon to be green P plate driver. I don't hoon in my car, mainly because its unhoonable without imminent repair costs to follow (15 year old mazda626.. at least we've owned it since new). Anyway, I try to be very aware of motorcyclists. But most of my friends are very bike-unaware, despite my rantings.
  9. even though im generally a tool when driving, riding has taught me one thing, where motorcyclists can be, i used to check my blindspots, but wasnt really looking for anything, now, i always check for that single headlight or hint of handlebars.

    if only everyone paid that little extra attention
  10. Riding certainly makes you a better driver in my opinion. I am also a P plate driver and L plate rider. I wasnt there so i dont really know the exact details, but accelerating to pass a car is natural. I would be frustrated at the driver but when im on my bike on the freeway ill do 120-130 if need be to get past a car quickly. (no way in hell im going to be next to a car for longer than 1-2secs). In this case it was a car and i wouldn't call that hooning. To me its like a racing incident if you will.

    But i wasnt there so it might be worse than im thinking. At least you survived it. Enjoy the riding. :grin:
  11. I'm a red (soon green... when i can be bothered taking the test) P driver. Riding has slowed my driving down immensely. I don't take stupid risks or try to go impress my mates (i got up on two wheels once... proof i wanted a bike :p ). The way i was going i would have ended up one of those P platers splashed all over the papers.

    I've always looked out for motorcyclists, made sure that if i saw them coming up behind me, i'd keep an eye on them so i knew where they were, and moved in my lane to give them room to lanesplit or to overtake if i was going slowly.

    I must say there is something about a cage that just makes you less concerned and aware of your surroundings. Probably that sense of having a tonne of metal around you that can take the impact without thinking of the consequences. That and you have you're own climate (tempreature, radio, smell, etc) in your car, so in essence it's part of your bedroom and you relax in it.

    There's no such luxury on a bike, and its the better i believe. You're more aware of the surroundings. You can feel the conditions better. (although that special helmet smell can be a little bit of luxury :LOL: )
  12. The P plate on the car serves a similar purpose as the L plate on your bike. It's a warning sign to other drivers saying "The person operating this vehical is inexperienced and will more than likely make mistakes and errors of judgement." When you see the plate, expect the driver to do things that appear stupid because they don't have the experience and wisdom to know any better. Don't worry, they'll get there with practice. :)
  13. i found that P platers are the ones easily agroed by bike. watch out, just leave them dust :grin:
  14. +10
  15. I've learnt the far left lane is the worst. Too much happening there.
    Much better out in the middle.
  16. I'm a p plate qld driver (so i dont have to wear them :D), i recently went to tasmania for a few days where i had to wear a plate, and not travel faster then 80km/h (even on 110km/h freeways). I respect the laws, but i felt the plate to be degrading, and it gave other drivers an excuse to overtake me even when i was doing the signed speed limit. Just because a driver is inexperienced compared to another, doesnt mean you should treat them more cautiously then the opens driver. Both drivers make mistakes, and i know here at least people don't only treat p plate drivers as mistake prone, but all drivers.

    As far as the p plater nearly causing an accident, its part of being a motorcyclist, ride like you are invisible not invincible.
  17. Yeah...this is fairly normal, and likely to happen to you quite often...it's just part of riding, and your sense of vulnerability will adjust to it, as does your skill for scanning the traffic intuitively.

    Don't get flustered or aggro, since that only makes the situation worse (for you)...and just chalk it up to another avoidance test that you ultimately 'passed' :)
  18. Cheers and thanks!
  19. + 1. Report, get back on.

    So you had to pull over?

    +1. And keep practising that counter-steering. You'll need it. You did well to survive it. You've proven to yourself that you can manouver your bike out of trouble - an extremely valuable skill. Well done!
  20. Gotta semi-disagree there, but can see where you're coming from. I give L and P platers a lot more space when in the cage, and even more when on the bike (pot/kettle, :LOL:). What I don't understand is the idea that some drivers have that they must speed past P/L drivers or riders as fast as possible just because of the plate, only to pull back to the same speed just after. In that respect I think L and P plates can be dangerous :?