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Bloody Optus !! . .who else is affected !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,25642,24112082-5014109,00.html


    OPTUS appears to be suffering another network outage, as customers in Melbourne and Sydney report problems accessing the carrier's 3G mobile phone network. 
    Customers in Melbourne said the 3G network had been down for several hours, while the GSM network appeared to be intact. 
    There have been similar reports in Sydney. 
    Optus has about 1.5 million 3G users in Australia. 
    One customer said he was told by an Optus representative this morning that the 3G network in Melbourne would be fully functioning by midday. 
    "I've been unable to make or receive calls on my mobile all morning," he said on the Whirlpool broadband website. 
    "After a 50 minute wait listening to the Optus telephone on-hold rubbish, I was told by someone... that service will be (affecting) quite a lot of Melbournians at least till (sic) midday." 
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    NEWS.com.au, Another said: "I am in Sydney CBD and have not been able to do anything pretty much since this morning... (the network) keeps coming on and off and when I have tried to SMS or Call it goes straight to 'No Service'." 
    Optus spokeswoman Elizabeth Greene confirmed that there were issues with the network in Sydney and Melbourne, but did not know what the cause of the issues was. 
    She said it was believed the Victorian network was the first to "experience issues". 
    In May Optus announced a $315 million 3G rollout that would introduce 750 new base stations across the country, leading to 98 per cent network coverage by the end of 2009.
  2. Not me, Telstra rocks! :grin:
  3. Its not just their 3G network, I've been having problems getting a line out on their GSM network all afternoon.
    And its not my phone, mates with their own phones are having the same problem.
  4. Says the bloke who works there! I bet on the rates YOU pay, it does!
  5. Im in Brisbane and I have the opersit cant get the gsm 2g network. Only the 3g witch is weak where I am so drops on and off network.

    But then again could be my phone playing up abit. It had a little play in the water the other week. :(
  6. I'm with Optus, and not noticed a thing wrong... cant remember using my phone this morning tho... :?
  7. I spent 2 hours - yes TWO HOURS on the phone to Optus on Tuesday night to find out where my modem has been for the last two weeks, leaving me with no internet. My husband called the optus store on Wednesday to find out they had the modem ready to collect, nothing wrong with it, just hadn't bothered to call us yet. While at the store to collect the modem I tell the trainee that I want to cancel my contrct, only to be told I have to phone optus to sort it out.

    By the time I drive the 40 minutes home my husband has called optus, cancelled the contract, been waived the cancellation fee, the 18 months remaining on the contract, and been apologised to for being stuffed around for the last 6 months.

    I now have 3 wireless broadband, after 10 minutes at my local shopping centre, and have not had a problem and the rates are cheaper - 3 rocks!!
  8. roflblack. Yeah the words "telstra" and "rocks" don't really fit well in the same sentence.

    Granted they have the infrastructure to provide great coverage in more places than the competition, but at the prices they charge it pretty much excludes the average joe from bein' able to afford anything more than a basic service. dunno.
  9. It's your choice.

    You can use an operator who provides a cheaper service but when it goes wrong doesn't have enough back up capacity (look at the recent optic fibre cut in Queensland).

    Or you can go with an operator who is more expensive but has a network which is more robust and can survive an almost identical fibre cut a few days later without too much of a hiccup. The same operator provides better coverage over more of the land mass as a bonus.

    Phone networks being computer based tend to play up occasionally it's just a fact of life these days, the true test is how quickly they can recover from it.

    I'm at Winton for the V8's as I type this and the mobile EFTPOS machines are playing up because the banks system is playing up, it's the wonders of computer networks.
  10. Telsta deserves to have rocks thrown at them.... ? ;) :LOL:
  11. It's OK we are good at ducking!

    Loz yeah I don't pay for my NextG, ADSL2+ or wireless internet but I do pay for my kid's NextG phones and my wife's NextG data card. So I do understand that Telstra can appear dearer than Optus etc but I want my kids to be contactable and will pay the difference.

    Telstra like any business will charge market rates.