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bloody nsw drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. i was up in nsw over the weekend, drove from syd up to wauchope. why is it that nsw drivers can only manage to push 80kph on single lanes or no overtaking areas but hit 120-150kph as soon as the road is double laned?

  2. Just lucky I guess.
    Seriously, it is a blight on our roads, but this is happening all the time
    I drove to Nowra on the weekend and it was exactly the same.
    I noted that many of the drivers were, shall we say, older, and it seems that many of our more "experienced" drivers come out to play on the weekend.
    Don't know what the solution is.
  3. Victorians are just as bad, I've come across numerous drivers that sit on 90 in the 100 zones but then pull 70-80 through the 60 kph town areas.
  4. very true, shits me as well.
  5. It happens every where , you cant isolate it to one state .
  6. i travel a fair bit, speeding in overtaking areas and slowing down in other areas is a particular problem for nsw. in my opinion anyway. i should note that this is highway driving, generally worst on the pacific hwy sth of ballina and nth of probably newcastle
  7. I have noticed in my travels around this great country, that people cannot seem to travel at the open road limit (whatever it maybe) yet will quite happily speed in the restricted zones. And quite happily abuse you for doing the right thing.
    This has happened more than once to me. Though they seem to go quiet when you pull up next to them at a set of lights and ask them if they have a problem with you.

  8. Have to agree with roundabout, it may be evident everywhere, but it seems to be the default setting here in NSW. And the idiotic thing is that when you finally DO get past them, you sit on the limit and NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN!
    These drones ALSO take the first opportunity to overtake when there's a double lane section, and then take up most of the rest of the available road overtaking one car, and muck it up for you!
  9. It is this phenomenom that now makes the Great Western Hwy, through the Blue mountains a very dangerous road.

    A few years ago there were a few accidents in quick succession up there and in a knee jerk reaction the RTA/Government moved the the 60km/hr zones further out of the towns.

    The result is that the 60k zones are now within the overtaking lanes.

    So the result is it is now impossible to overtake without speeding. Something which is strictly enforced on this road.

    So you can be stuck behind someone. pissing around, for 2 hrs, between Emu Plains and Lithgow.

    It forces people to do dangerous manouvers to get passed bad drivers who slow right down for bends in the road, and speed up in double lane sections.
  10. I'll vouch that South Aussies are chronic for this problem as well.

    It shits me everymorning when people do that on the 30k stretch of highway on the way to my work in country SA.

    Sit on 90 in the 110 zone, up to 120 in the overtaking zone.

    I think its a subliminal perception thing for people. The widening of the road in overtaking zones makes it seem that the car is going slower, so subconciously people speed up so that it that the outside view is passing as quickly.

    That, or people are just twats and don't like to be overtaken, even though they don't like doing the speed limit either.
  11. I remember those Adelaidians who used to love driving side by side up a two-lane stretch. Not overtaking, just cruising along at the same speed.

    I think they get lonely or something ...
  12. Dont know about the western states , but having lived in all 3 eastern states (not tassie, but i'll find out about them soon), i can say its not just confined to NSW .