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Bloody Multinational Chains

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. I was in Hungry Jack's last night (I know, I know, but it was the only spot open without a mile long queue) and spotted something that really really pissed me off to a completely irrational extent.

    The corporate interior decor du jour appears to be '50s Americana. Maybe it always has been for all I know. You know the sort of thing, posters for early Elvis gigs, pictures of finned tanko yankos and hot rods, fake Route 66 signs and shit like that.

    The bit that pissed me off were all the photos and paintings of '50s/early '60s diners and burger joints with names like Rosie's Diner and stuff. You know, the sort of independent places that the big chains like Burger King killed off :evil: .

    It just wound me up something chronic. Is this the burger chain equivalent of hunting trophies or what?

    And before you ask, yes, the burger was crap :evil: .
  2. Hungry Jack's decor is as tacky as its service, and easily as bad as its burgers.
  3. i once plastered the windscreen of a bus with the contents of my stomach after eating hungry jaques.the driver refused to open the door whilst the bus was moving.i told him it was an emergency! :roll:
  4. I dunno Pat, I think there's a bit of mythology going on here.

    Those 50/60 burger joints never really existed here and they still do exist to some extent in the states.

    It took Maccas ages to get momentum here, so it wasn't like the big burger chains waltzed in and sent people broke.

    Having said that, I hate what McDonalds means to the Australian fast food industry. It's worse than the states. They don't have as big a market share over there.

    So I would like to see Hungry Jacks pull their finger out and wake up to themselves. Get their food right and get their service right.

    Better still, have an some big Australian money take them on with a semi-healthy alternative.
  5. About the only piece of 50/60s iconic habit we got to see here were the local 'Drive-in'
    ... was glad to see a few of em open up again after quite a long break.
    Although Dromana never closed did it?
  6. Just as well you didn't go to Macca's Pat. The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks.
  7. Mythology? To some extent? Sure, if "to some extent" means "largely wiped out". In the US...there definitely were a lot of independent burger places there that got wiped out by the larger chains. Whilst the market may not be dominated by Maccas + Burger King to the extent that we are here, they are just two of many large chains that have taken over. Chain stores are the king in the US just as they are here - there's just more chain stores to choose from.

    One of my favourite places to eat when I lived in Boulder, Colorado, was a relic from the 50's called the L.A. Diner. (Last American Diner). It had remained exactly as it was in the 50's and was still being manned by waitresses on rollerskates - something right out of Happy Days :LOL: It was pretty cool and the food was actually pretty good.

    I went back again some years later looking for it to discover it had gone. It just couldn't compete and finally succumbed to all the larger chains in town that all the college kids frequented. Apparently there was quite an effort from the community to prevent it being bulldozed - it was an icon. However, now where it stood is a carpark instead for all the chain stores nearby. Progress.
  8. Anyone in Melbourne (SE) who really wants to see "tacky" eg: 60's "happy days" tacky, should try Captain Americas Hanmburger Heaven in Ferntree Gully!
    Then see me about tacky.... :p

    I might add the bugers are fantastic!

    Bluesuade I remember the Soda Sisters in Prahran (Melb) same deal. Rollerskates and stripy pink uniforms. They did Burgers and Sodas.

    And yes I agree the multinationals have wiped out a lot of Ma and Pa run places.

    (Checks....did PP start this thread??????)
  9. My eldest boy worked at HJ and they paid him $6 an hour with no loadings etc. So why is the service crap? This was legal and I hunted around untill I found him a better part time job.

    Yes the burgers are yummy [mmm grease] but I now don't go there unless I really need to.
  10. Even after HJ opened, and McDonalds opened two more stores, the Ballarat Hamburger cart still lives on - and I know that was operating in the 60s, possibly even earlier.
    So at least not all past icons have been killed off by the large franchises.
  11. I miss Big Al's in Newcastle, NSW (my home town). I remain to this day convinced that they closed down because my friends and I left Newcastle. :p :LOL:

    Cheap food - $6 for a Godfather (think: huge burger with the lot), a large fries and a large milkshake.

    Farkin' great food, too. REAL burgers prepared and cooked in front of you (about a 3-5 minute wait), not those flaccid, damp, shrivelled excuses the fast food places put out; half the size for twice the price.

    The only place that's come close is Fast Eddy's in Perth, leading me to believe that the best burger places in Australia are named after American gangsters. :)
  12. There was a Gangster named Kermond?
  13. Big John's in Tighes Hill had awesome burgers. Great for the Sunday morning stumble hang over cure
  14. We still have Alfred's Kitchen in Perth. Well, in Guildford actually. Very popular with bikers and tourists. Features a huge pit out the front with a wood fire and dirty big logs for seats. Forty hamburgers on the menu, plus their famous pea and ham soup -- sorta reminds me of the campfire scene from "Blazing Saddles". Haven't had a burger there in years ... but they used to be goooood! :p

  15. I was thinking more in terms of the independent diners in the US, as depicted in the prints on the walls, rather than here. Australia's history is, as noted by others, a bit different.

    Allegedly, Alfreds Kitchen in Guildford does good burgers. Unfortunately, I know someone who used to work there, so I'll never be able to find out :sick: .

    I could put up with the fast food joints if they were actually, you know, fast, and if the food was, at least, to spec. Low though nutritional standards are, I suspect that Maccas, HJ, KFC etc. do intend that the chips be cooked, the burgers hot and the drinks cold.

    Yes, I know $6 an hour sucks.