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bloody mazda advert

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyan, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. who else gets annoyed when they watch that mazda advertisement for the 4wd that 'zooms' past that motorbike rider making it look like the bike rider just can't keep up?

  2. Yes I hate this ad, I always remark to whoever is watching

    "Yeah I can totally imagine a rider being totally mesmerized by a MAZDA 4WD fcuking japanese POS soccer mum pusher in his rearview mirror"

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  3. Zoom-Zoom... :wink:
  4. Who's pushing soccer mums and why wasn't I invited?
  5. Relax guys, its just marketing/art/crap.

    No I don't get annoyed!
  6. Is that cause you're used to being overtaken on twisties by soccer mums in mazda's?

    The ad annoys me too.
  7. Does this mean if a fast car passes you on the road you get annoyed too?
  8. Nope, not if it's a fast car and the driver has some skills... But if a Mazda wannabe 4x4 overtook me on twisties like in the ad, i'd be pretty annoyed.
  9. Fair point!
  10. A wannabe 4x4 with a paltry power/weight ratio of 133hp/tonne! 0-100kph in about 7.7-8 seconds... so, on par with the Honda Integra Type R, Mazda MX5, straight-line-ish-ly...

    Moderately quick for that kind of car, but no threat in a straight line to a sporty bike with >250cc.
  11. I'd give myself a good chance of rounding some sportsbikes up in a beat up old Hilux. And I'm a shit driver. :LOL:

    Get over it. :wink:
  12. Meh, if he or she can get past - let 'em go.
    If you're not holding them up, it'll never happen. If you are, you've got nothing to complain about.
    Plenty of crap riders around (I might be one :wink: ).
  13. I've been passed plenty of times by much crappier cars than that, even when sitting on the speed limit. Some people seem to have something to prove by passing bikes. I'd rather those kind of monkeys in cages stay well away from me so if they want to go, let 'em. I know that if I really wanted to stay in front of them they have no chance, just don't feel the need to risk myself to prove it to them.
  14. Yeah not really the point.....

    The ad is trying to suggest that the 4x4 will eat bikes... The very conservative looking naked bike looks as though it's at a stand still as the chunk zoom-zooms past it on some nice coastal twisties...

    I know it's just marketing, but anyone with half a nut could leave that hunnk of shit behind.

    And as for rounding bikes up in cars/beaten up Hilux's... Yeah wouldnt be too hard... but my generalisation was about the drivers that purchase these wannabe 4x4's... not drivers with some skill.
  15. I can admit to be totally mesmerized by a car while riding only once..

    Just after where the M4 starts at Burwood.. some guy driving an Aston Martin of some sort, but it wasn't a standard model. Had some special trimmings and wheels and sounded heavenly. I caught up to him and was checking the car out. He was checking my bike out. I gave it a squirt, then he gave it a squirt. It was beautiful.
  16. I only get annoyed when the phrase "handling of a sportscar" gets used when describing a soft-roader - unless of course they're referring to a 1930s sportscar.
  17. And I don't believe for a second that the bloke with the X-trail has a pet crocodile named Boris. Who calls a croc Boris?? Obviously lies.
  18. :rofl: :rofl:
  19. There, does this make you feel better? :LOL: