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Bloody Malware &$$&;-!?!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. So I've got a new lappy, i7 based Asus with windows 7. All was going good. Created the recovery DVD's, Got all the windows updates done, got rid of the bundled anti virus bloatware, turned on MSE, ran a scan, all clean... Then decided it was time to install Firefox - seems I went to a Firefox clone site (it looked legit!) and clicked on download Firefox... All these odd extra EULA's start showing up... I unfortunately clicked accept on a couple of them that said they were removable later... Then I totally baulked and cancelled out midway when regedit started a scan. WTF?!

    Now I have conduit and pcbackup and some game thing and regeditpro in the programs list. Regedit uninstalled via control panel but the others won't. Goddammit. And I didn't create a restore point before downloading FF. Double f'wit. So annoyed.

    Too tired to search up the malware removal options tonight... Sigh. Headaches deferred to Tomorrow.

    In the meantime, I'm running an MSE full scan in disconnected from the web to see what else I've let in.

    Anyone with some hot tips, I'd be grateful.

  2. Sorry, Rob, but the best solution is to use the recovery discs you made and take it back to factory.....

  3. Don't run with scissors
    Be kind to your mother
    Never back odds-on
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  5. I have no head space to learn a new operating system.

    After sleeping on it, I thought back to what I did when I scored a virus a few years back on the old lappy (Vista OS) and remembered a set of tools I downloaded that got me out of trouble: Malware bytes, Superantispyware and rootkit killer. One/Some of them had to be run from a safe mode start up IIRC - can't recall which.

    So I might persevere a little longer before going the "recovery" option and starting from a clean slate.

    Anyway, I downloaded malware bytes this morning and did a full scan - it found 132 threats - which it deleted. The lappy is restarting... we'll see what I find when it comes back to life...
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    The "my pc backup" program malware wasn't removed, but at least it uninstalled this time via the control panel.

    Running another Malwarebytes scan.
  7. I agree with recovery and start from scratch in this case..

    these things can take ages to get rid of with sometimes multiple steps and removal tools.
    You've just set the system up with not much on it so start from scratch.

    I would have taken an image with Easus ToDo Backup before I installed anything because I prefer it. Great backup software to consider in the future - breeze to use, affordable, quick and can access inside the images. Plus can create a sandbox.
    Keep an initial image and 2 or 3 recent ones and you are set. Plus I mirror docs, music etc to my own cloud drive and use Skydrive built into Windows 8.1 for some docs.
  8. You could always pick up a retail copy of Windows and get shot of any bloatware that the manufacturers image comes with ...
  9. Or upgrade to 8.1 for a lesser cost and do a clean install of it.
    Possible messing around with driver issues on a clean but I'd check what is needed first.
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  10. After having just set up my mum's new laptop with windows 8, I think I'd be marching to Linux too if I had no options on my own machine. Windows 8 feels like a computer thinking it's a half pregnant tablet.

    @NSSherlock is the back up proggy you mentioned easier than the standard windows back up utility?

    I'm keeping the "load up the recovery discs and start again" option very close at hand. Will see tonight.
  11. Yes. Plus you can open the images and recover anything you want. Tends to be faster and you can do incremental backups with it to save time and resources.
    Comes with ability to create a boot disc that'll run a mini Linux OS where you can recover from or you can install that as a boot option. Can backup to network too (might be version dependent). A few other features.
    Windows backup is ok.
    I'm biased since I've always used 3rd party backup software. Used to have base test systems I'd develop and test software on and start new in like 10 mins.

    You don't need to even look at all that tablet like stuff with 8.1. Just boot to desktop and mostly forget it - except for searches and Control Panel differences etc.
    Having said that, I do have a few of their apps installed.
    One pops up a nice little message when rain is close. Comes in handy.
    Plus I have Halo Spartan Assault installed.
  12. Only thing to add is that if you have used Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and rootkit killer in the past it was likely because the guys at http://www.majorgeeks.com/ suggested it. They have a heap of great guidance and will also look at your logs and make suggestions, free, if the infection is especially hard to shift.

    I'm polyplatformally perverse - Mac at work, Windows at home, played pretty extensively with Linux and used it when I was coding in FORTRAN for a physics course. Each does something well, and I've found Windows useful enough to stick with - realising that if someone in the house (most often not me) has poor infohygeine skills and one of the machines gets infected an evening with a couple of beers will usually sort it.
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  13. Rob, do your Malwarebytes scan in safe mode.
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    "I have an ignition problem with my Suzuki, can any friendly netider help?"

    "Buy an XYZ"

    Wow, that's a big help

    Seriously, if you Linux loons want to bang on about Linux, start a thread about it. Otherwise, shut up about it in threads where it's completely irrelevant, (as it is in the real world too).
  15. Unbelieveable
    The guy asks for heklp with windows and removing some malware and people offer up Linux, that is NOT helpful, DON'T do it same for use a mac etc.
    Rob here is also msconfig in the run menu and in there look at startup items and disable those you suspect are malware. I had to do this daily with our idiot year 7's who installed a heap of shite on their laptops.

    I'm gonna remove all linux references.
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  16. I'd hope that if someone asked about the ignition problem with their Hyosung, we'd offer help with that problem.
  17. Do a clean reinstall young Roberto, then uninstall all the crap you don't want, set a restore point and get on with life. Farkin Windows, I only have one computer left with Windows thank God.
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  18. For the record, I had no problem with the meandering topic. It's an interesting insight into the IT mind and a world I don't like to dive too deeply into.

    My "infohygeine" is pretty good usually. I don't even run a PC based email client because I figure the name brand web based clients have bigger reputational motivations to have their anti virus and anti spam tools finely tuned and updated. I even resisted rebooting the laptop in any way prior to some removal process just incase rebooting entrenches the tentacles even further.

    In all the years of own pc's/lap tops, I've had two virus's, an iframe infection and two malware infestations. That's a good record I think.

    In this case particular case I went hunting for firefox, saw a firefox url with a page spouting all the benefits of firefox and the possible addons - it looked totally legit, same colouring and all, so I clicked the down load button... sigh, nobhead, Firefox is downloaded from a farking mozilla url.

    G'day mate, can you give more details why this is important? The proggy runs in normal space usually.
  19. I will reinstate the linux talk in another thread
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  20. Because the malware code won't be active and thus can be removed easier. Often it will respawn and morph if it's running when you try and clean it.
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