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Bloody Low Life Theives/Vandals

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scrambler, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. New Triumph Street Triple. 2 months old. 98% of the time it's locked in my garage or parked where I can see it at work.
    The other 2% of the time was enough for some a-hole to have a go at the ignition with a screwdriver or key.
    Pissed of that my new bike has been soiled, lucky wasn't taken and the ignition still works OK.
    Oh well, off to get it fixed.
    Angers me that you work so hard for something and some F&@#'n Sh$%#head can just vandalise it as they walk passed it in the street.

    Feeling better I've had a vent now,
  2. yep, the bastards are everywhere.
    could have been worse ;)
  3. At least you still have her, scrambler, thank god for that. I wish there was a way we can have a zapping device that we can turn on and off that automatically electrocute thieves when they put their hands where they shouldn't. :evil:
  4. that suxes mate, hope it doesn't cost to much to her all fixed up
  5. +1
    You are lucky you still have it
  6. Still makes me wonder why they can't make ignition locks/barrels out of something harder and stronger than the metal used in the average screwdriver.
    And yeah, lucky they didn't take the bike.
  7. i hope you're not having to wait forever for Triumph to fix that for you!
  8. RFID-transponder key time!

    Actually, I saw a bike alarm system that worked off of an RFID transponder rather than a "duck-duck!" clicky remote keyfob.

    Approach the bike, bike disarms itself, insert key, ride off.

    Dismount, remove key, walk away, bike arms itself.

    Doesn't prevent people from having a go with the ol' screwdriver... But does mean it'll make a LOT of noise when they turn the ignition barrel... And the engine won't start either.
  9. Time to install the retina scan ignition system!!

    Not sure it has been invented yet tho?

    Sorry to hear about the vandals, happy it's not a "My bike Stolen" thread!

  10. Be nice if they just found somewhere to hide the ignition where you wouldn't expect it, nothing you need a degree to find just something above the intelligence level of your average thief, u know like primary school level.

    I wouldn't mind bending down and putting the key in behind a faring if i knew it would stump a would be thief.

    Or better yet, leave a dummy one in the regular place made from plastic, they will have them thinking! :grin: Probably long enough for you to get off work or up out of bed to find them still thinking how the hell you get a key in it.

    (then you can apply the baseball bat questioning method)
  11. I like the idea of a fake ignition. Even better, have a secondary battery attached to the fake ignition so when the tools try to tamper with it, they'll get a shock :twisted:

    Failing that, go for the classic James Bond "Do Not Break Glass" alarm, he he
  12. Dont you have a chain or disc lock

    Why the fcuk would they try the ingnition first, where would they go???

    were they planning on just revving it for fun in nutral?
  13. They've beaten you to it.

    From what I can tell, the optional "Robotic Offensive Security" module will electrocute anyone who can't verify their identity using the fingerprint scanner. :p
  14. While I'm at it, how about a robot sentry from Aliens :LOL: I've seen paint ball equivalents around, just needs a mini fridge to put a chill on the paint balls, :twisted:
  15. just plain and simple bastards. need one of those seat probe / ignition shock thingys that got banned a few years back as theives got busted asses and complained that it wasnt right. i used to have an electric garage door and may do it again. poor mans electric fence. mind you the secondary shock was 3 phase. no.. i dont like people.
  16. What about a completely remote ignition? There'd be nothing to put a screwdriver into.

    My dads XL185S got taken for a joyride with a screwdriver a few weeks ago. They found it at a park 10 mins away and its costing a few hundred in repairs.
  17. Just hook the ignition barrel up to a super-strong magnet.
    Least then you'd get a nice collection of screwdrivers.
  18. Eventually the new credit card key systems being fitted to VWs and Merc's will filter to bikes. That will be enough to deter the idiot theives.
  19. From Pulp Fiction

    Says it all really.
  20. gold.

    blowtorch and a pair of pliers should be under all bike seats.