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SA Bloody Insurance!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Owen, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, as some of you know, i had my second off a couple weeks back on my new suzuki gs500 :cry:

    A guy cut me off on my way to work and i had to bail from the bike just before it slid under his car. The guy was a doctor and had full comprehensive insurance (i only have 3rd party). The bike slid on its left and the car hit the exhaust on the right side.

    And now...insurance has aggreed to repair most stufff on the left hand side but nothing not the muffler as its on the right side...WTF? So as it is my muffler is hanging off by its top bolt (crash snapped the whole pipe) and i have no means to fix it (supposedly it cant be welded as its split alone the pipe). Thankyou RAA, thankyou very much.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. Thats bullshit.

    Simply tell them that damage was a result of the accident and they gotta fix it.

    When my bike got knocked over the guys insurance sent out an ascessor who tryed to weasel his way out of stuff. Didnt have a bar of it, and told them it would all be repaired back to the way it was.

    Out of interest who is the insurance through?
  3. Its through RAA, and the repairer is Show and Go. The muffler has a smalll scratch on it so the assessor said it had been snapped previously from a crash? Even though i wouldnt have beeen able to ride it if it was.

    Please people i dont know how much power i have as a third party. The quote for repairs was $2674 and they are only approving about $1400, through redcutions here and there, like not replacing the scratched centre stand etc. I dont know what to do. I wrote a dispute letter to RAA and all it did was make them offer to weld it. Other things like the left hand switch block have been buffed white from the crash and they onlly gave $20 to paint it, not $195 to replace it.

    Please help.
  4. Id maybe write a stat dec declaring the condition of the bike before the accident and the condition now.

    I had to do stuff like get the place where they wanted to have my wheel resprayed to write a letter saying they couldnt do it to the factory standard and the like. Eventually they came to the party right down to the mildest detail when i pressured them enough.

    If the blatantly refuse though im not sure exactly how you have to go about it.

    Sorry, hope someone here can be of more help...
  5. From the RAA web site


  6. They are the devil.

    At least in this case is the other party's insurance company trying to get you but in my case is my own insurance company.

    Sucks to have an accident and it doesn't matter if you are not at fault.

  7. You have to fight tooth and nail to get the pricks to pay up. Remember they aren't in business to look after you, despite what the adds say. They are in business to make money for their shareholders. Replacing everything and not saving money on repairs is bad business for them.

    Still waiting for more confirmation/details but the MCC of NSW was told of a case where a rider with pillion had the tyre valve on the rear wheel let go at 100kph(in a 100). The rear instantly deflated and they crashed. The pillion was badly injured as a result and should have been covered under the CTP insurance. The insurance company refused to pay for the hospital coverage for the pillion stating that the valve failed as a result of poor maintenance which was horseshit. Leaving the pillion and rider broke and busted.

    As far as dictating the tenants of being assholes to people, these pricks are like Moses with the Ten Commandments.
  8. when i wrote off me car 5 yrs ago but not atr fault some old granpa ran the red, my insurance company tried 2 weasel out of paying my claim coz of my driving record even thought they already told us how much they were giving me, when they turned around and said they werent paying we contacted consumer affairs they sorted it out had check 3 days later..
    give them a try see if they can sort anything out for u, try point out u wouldnt ride a bike thats a defect notice waiting 2 happen
  9. hi owen glad you are ok that is the main thing. :grin:
    The other half has just been through this .

    Well we found out that you can refuse what they are offering for the repair. And take it higher than the insurance company. The insurance company will hagle with you.

    Not sure if in S.A. it is the same but did you have to get quotes?

    I would do a stat dec and get it signed by a jp. I think this is what helped us.
    All the best with it.
  10. Yeah i had to get quotes. Im also wondering, if they say for example give $25 to paint over something that is scratched and yet after its been painted it still doesnt look as good as it was, who do i complain to? The RAA or the repairer? And if so, will they redo it?

    What is the use in insurance if all they do is screw people over. I hate corporations.
  11. Sounds like a really nasty situation. This is a time to be tough and do everything in your power to not them rip you off.
  12. what you need to do first is call them and state that the bike was in mint condition before the crash (got photos) the damage caused by the accident needs to be repaired no ifs or buts. Talk to the claims operator and see what they say and then ask to speak to their supervisor.
    If they still say no ask for their insurance ombudsman. A majority of the time they will rethink their decission.

    Put them in your position and say if you were driving your car and it got hit and the insurance company would only pay for minor repairs would they be happy.

    Man if this was me i would want everything that was damaged to be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately i work in the insurance industry and ive seen some rippers but they were straight forward ones.

    If you were fully insured the insurance company wouldnt be in this situation but because u only have 3rd party they are trying to getting out of paying too much.
  13. was the bike purchased second hand or brand new?
    if second hand, was it assessed by at least one dealer for it's market value & any damage/mods at the time of purchase? were these recorded on your insurance policy?

    Fight it.
    If it costs $2600 to repair your bike, do not accept $1400.

    I'd also call legal aid & ask for some free legal advice.
  14. hey,how are you.sorry to hear you got an off, i hope you recover quick.just thought i might drop a line cause i work for an insurance company. well,it kinda sucks that you've got only third party which means everyone covered but you,unless the guy who was in the car doesn't have any insurance.in this case most of the decent companies offer uninsured motorist extension or something to that extent,they just might call different.what that means is that if you're able to provide them with the details of the other person involved they usually cover certain amounts of repairs to your bike.again,the amount depends on the company you're with.
    now in the good case scenario,if the driver was at fault then the calim should go through his insurance company. in this case your bike should be repaired to it's original condition(just the way it was before the accident) and there should be no dramas about it whatsoever.anyways,i hope that will make some sense to you and if you've got any questions just give me a buzz and we'll talk it over.mu number is 0413906603

  15. I would fight it tooth and nail mate, these insurance companies will suck ya for all your worth and unless you stick up for yourself they will not hav e a problem doing it. So far everyone has offered sound advice as to the avenues you can persue... If it doesnt look how it did before you crashed it, you are entitled to refuse the repairs and get things replaced etc. They will always try and dodge you with used over new parts.
  16. Nicely put! :)

    Unfortunately, people have a tendency to believe that their insurance company will treat them reasonably. This is, in general, simply not the case.