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Bloody indicator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by OzzyDevil, May 23, 2012.

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    My ninja 250 has a indicator problem left side the front stays on and the. Ack doesn't blink I have to tap the back one to make it work.. I checked connecters and did what I could do but still the same.. Or u have to rev it alittle to make it work.. Will get it checked out tomorrow..

  2. New bike isn't it? Get the guys who sold it to you to sort it out, if it's going to cost you any $ otherwise.
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    Well there is a shop up near me so I'm taking it there I don't want to ride to brighten east it's to far.. I'm not paying for it it's still under warranty :)
  4. take it to the dealers under warranty, if they look after without grumbling now you know they should look after you later when do have to pay
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    It just bothers me coz if I turn left and a cage doesn't see that I don't want to be eating the road so I just want it fix..
  6. You can use hand signals they are still legal. :)

    More seriously though, do both front and rear lights come on when you indicate left. If one globe is blown often they will not flash.
  7. Both excellent pieces of advice - was just about to suggest hand signals until it's fixed...
  8. The front left stays on the back left doesn't come on and on the dash it doesn't blink it just stays green... I'll take it down the bike shop tomorrow afternoon... Get them to look at..
  9. The back left globe is blown.
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  10. ok but in saying that i can hit the back one and it works still then they both flash then...
  11. Sounds like a dodgy connection then.
    Get your seat off and trace the wire back to the connector; make sure it's plugged in firmly and locked, if it's that kind of connector. (I'm not familiar with Kawa electrics...)
    If that's OK, pop the lens off the indicator and take a look at the joins to the socket - one wire is soldered to the spring inside, and the other to the outside of the socket.
    There should also be no exposed wiring that may cause a short...
    I fyou can't spot an obvious problem I'd definitely take it back to the dealer, and be careful to explain that a gentle tap makes it work...
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  12. The back left globe is blown. Just because a little tap gets it working again does not mean it's fine. The filament in the globe is very close to being broken/semi-broken. Change the back left globe and you should be fine.

    Hitting it will temporarily realign the nearly broken filament, but probably only for a short time, then the problem will reappear.
  13. Well it's all fixed now (i hope) they put a new globe in so it works fine for the moment :)