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Bloody Hyosung!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jlgumby, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. No, this isn't a Hyosung bashin thread, thought I'd just pass on to those who have been considering the GT250R for a first ride some user experience on the the big Korean.

    I'm a couple of months now away from the unrestricted and I've been offered something on the Hyosung, was a little hesitant as this will leave me unable to ride for 2 months but with the new LAMS coming in mid year, I'm thinking 250 sales are falling sharply so if I can get a tidy deal, I'd better jump on it. And to be honest, I'm sorry to see it leave.

    There have been questions on the Hyosung's credibility and reliability and as I've never owned anything else, I'm in no place to compare. But here are my experiences.

    In the year that I've owned her, she's performed almost faultlessly for the 5000kms covered. I know it's not much but I didn't baby her and the only thing she needed was a replacement (under warranty) of the CDI which was causing a small miss at 4K.

    Apart from that, she's been great, sure the brakes are not super strong and the front end's a little soft, but as a beginner bike, I think they're a great unit.

    They get you ready for a large size bike which they are, the V-Twin has great torque and doesn't need to be wrung like a wet towel, and the thing comes with a 3 year (think it may be two now) warranty from the factory. So considering only a small percentage of owners actually keep the 250 they started with, I would highly recommend the 250R. You know what you're getting, you're covered so there are no hidden additional costs down the track and it's a great looking bike for what it is. And again the weight. When I rode a friends 600, I found it so easy to ride as it actually felt lighter to manouver than my 250.

    I'm not suggesting I'd keep it for my riding career, some may, but for what it's designed to do, it's a great product. How they perform after 5 years and 40K I can't say, but mine has been great and as I said, bit sad to let it go.

    But a quick ride on the new 750 should help me get over it.

    I've attached a pic of each, the Gix isn't mine, should be here tomorrow but got this photo from the net to show the colour..........lurve the colour...........almost sold my wife to get the colour. Actually, colour had little to do with that.

  2. I owned my hyosung for 3 months and put 4000kms on it, and it never once faulted on me. Not once!
  3. 4000k's is nothing. Mine only broke down 8 times and only needed 2 x engine rebuilds! Only two!
  4. The reason the 600 seemed so light is because it is, the GT250R is over 15Kgs heavier than a CBR600RR.

    I think mine managed 5000kms between rebuilds.
  5. Ahhh.................

    Now startin to feel glad I didn't ride it too much..... surely these are isolated incidents. Anyone else with some K's on a Sungy.?

    Maybe I should restate my first post, from my experience they're good up to about 5K. :? Beyond that, no comment. A VTR might work too.
  6. im upto7000kms on mine with no issues (3500kms in the last 4 months)
  7. :eek: That gixxer is bike p0rn.
  8. imo the major issues on the hyo 250's was the gearbox.

    Clutch on the one I rode was constantly out of adjustment, instantly making neutral impossible to find. And a couple of false neutrals when quick-shifting. Very irritating.

    Engine wasn't bad at all. The one I rode had 20,000km. Started well, fair bit of bottom end. Shook when revved and didn't make much power, but good enough for a learner.
  9. I started on a Hyo GT250, mainly because i didn't know any better. Bought it second hand at 14,000 kms. I put 10,000 kms on her in a year. Only problems were a snapped clutch cable and a seized rear brake :shock:. It seized while i was riding and the disk was glowing red by the time i figured out what the deal was. Fixed up the rear brake (~$200) just to sell it on to the next unsuspecting learner.

    The engine didn't miss a beat for me. Ohh, but the choke only ever managed to flood the engine. I never used it in the year i owned her.
  10. 28,000kms no dramas
  11. Just hit 17,000 goin for a service tomm...

    28,000 k's!!! daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn thats alot.
    Im thinkin i'll prob have that much when i upgrade. Wont be worth sh!t.
  12. Glad you didnt have any problems with ure Hyo and Great choice of bike to upgrade to and colour choice :p Photos dont really do it justice they are way better looking in person :)
  13. Yeah thanks BlackJ. You don't know how much trouble I went through just to get that colour.

    I like that it's not coming out in that colour again and you can't get it from Suzuki anymore. I'd be surprised if any Aust dealers have any either, I know, I've called them all during my search.

    It was a toss up between the 848, 750 and 675. Was doin ma head in I tell ya.....
  14. I had a 06 GT650R. I only put 5000kms on her and the only problem i had that wasnt due to my neglect was a snapped clutch cable.. I think Hyo is getting an unfair bad wrap. Yes some have failed but so have other manufacturers. It's more likely that people will vent bad experiences rather than the good ones and with th GT250R being the highest selling bike in australia (behind th CT110) i would expect to hear a few complaints.

    One other point that may explain some of the faults associated with hyosung is i and others have found some mechanics are clueless and contribute to the bike failing. Take your bike to a good mechanic and she'll run beautifully regardless of make.. Dougz & Stigger i know you guys will disagree with me. If i had th same experience as u guys i would too lol
  15. Just a couple of things the GT250 isn't the top selling bike in Australia it's not even in the top 10, it's only the 4th best selling >250 behind honda and Kawasaki's efforts. It had a spike when it was only up against the GPX, but the new Kawasaki sold twice as many so far this year...

    The mechanic thing is just a cop out to cover for bad manufacture, it's a v twin with 10 year old components any numpty can maintain that... What a good mechanic can't solve is bad manufacturing and design internally...
  16. Im pretty sure i saw an article stating the GT250R was the top selling bike under 250cc but that was last year i think.

    As for the mechanic issue. My bike was repaired by a "competent" mechanic who got it running only to have it stuff up o n the ride home. they had it for almost a month and called me every week to tell me it was running only to have it stuff up again. I ended up taking it to Aitkens in Liverpool, NSW who had it fixed and running beautifully in no time at all...

    Im not saying that ur issue is mechanic related. i prefer not to speculate but in my case and others i have heard a simple change of mechanic has changed owners perspectives on their bike and hyosung reliabilty.
  17. First Quarter http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewsArchives/2008/Sales_Quarter/top_under_250.htm

    First Half http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewsArchives/2008/Sales_Half/top_under_250.htm

    Third Quarter http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewsArchives/2008/Sales_3rd_Quarter/top_under_250.htm
  18. the problem with hyo bashers is you come across as fundamentalists, and who listens to fundamentalists.

    i have a hyo, haven't had a problem yet. i've only had her for 2000ks, but she had 13,500 when i got her.
  19. lol ok ok i stand corrected.. either way its not too bad for the little korean.. maybe it was the sales figures for 2006 that i had seen, but im probably wrong.. meh... the point of the comment was, alot have been sold and i'd expect a few would have bad experiences..

    Like i said earlier if i was i your position i'd be pissed too..
  20. I agree with shady. but some people like stigger & Dougz have a right to be pissed. theyve owned a hyo and have had issues.

    theres a lot of people saying "ive heard bad things" but they're probably reading it off forums from people like Dougz and Stigger and then echoing it to other riders.. Im not saying Hyosung is without fault but i dont think its as bad as what sum have made it out to be.[/quote]