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bloody hell - coolant leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by sebatron, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. i adjusted my valves. it was a bloody finicky job to do, would be 923482 times easier if the engine weren't attached to the bike..

    anyway, to get the cam cover off i had to loosen up a pipe where coolant enters the engine. i'm damn sure i got it in the way it was... anyway. i finished up, plugged everything together.. started the bike up

    suddenly coolant starts leaking out of the top of the cylinder head. so i yell "WTF!?" and get a few odd looks from the neighbours out their windows. i pull the tank off, and sure enough, where the coolant pipe attaches to a pipe which goes into the cylinder head, there's some coolant pooling and running down the side.

    i managed to shove it in deeper, and it stopped pissing coolant onto my driveway, but after i turned it off, it started pooling there again a little.

    i'm gonna pull the tank off and see just how well i can shove it in deeper and hopefully stop it leaking.

    if it still beads up a little, i was thinking of using some kind of sealant.

    i remember silicon isnt good for engines and doesn't like heat too well, so i was wondering, what else can i use?

    also... anyone else who's done anything like this, have i completely fcuked the bike up?
    nothing broke, but i'm scared. the coolant was a little low in the bike when i bought it (i thought it had overheating problems, but it was just a little low on coolant)

    what are my options?

  2. Are you sure you haven't misplaced a hose clamp somewhere?
    Seeems like it isn't being clamped in place where the hose fits into the cylinder head and coolant is bubbling through.
    If it feels loose and the hose hasn't split go the hoseclamp to tighten it.
  3. Get air cooled bike :LOL: OK serious now. Get some general purpose grease and coat the tube where it slides on the engine (inner side ofcourse) one grease dires up it will make nice sealing area. I use that on my 4WD, never EVER leaked a drop.
  4. First answer... not all silicon is bad for your engine... you can get high temp stuff... I use it on exhaust systems rather than that crapy cement... so perhaps there might be some thing for the cooling system...

    Second answer.. I cant remember how your bike is set up but sometimes you can brake off the bit where the hose attaches to the engine :( but most of the time the rubber hose gives up and you might have a small hole where the clamp is...

    My advice... take of the rubber hose.. and take a good look at it.. see if you can preasure test it... if that does not shed any light (or coolant) on it take a good look at the area where it ataches to... check it for cracks...
  5. well, it's odd

    a bit more elaboration.

    there's a piece of tube, pretty sure it's metal, and it goes into the cylinder head, but it's not attached to it.
    it's sorta clamped into place by the cam cover.
    onto that tube there's the coolant tube, with hose clamp. and yeah, that's amply tight.

    the metal tube bit is what i'm talking about. i can't shove it down any further i don't think (i'll be giving it a shot in the morning, though), and where it enters the cylinder head, coolant leaks.

    i've got some parts of the service manual (incomplete unfortunately) and i found this.

    otherwise yeah, i'm hoping i can get some cooling system sealant. i've gotta pick up a hydraulic jack for my girlfriend's wheels tomorrow anyway, so i'll see if there's something suitable.
  6. that was the second time i forgot to attach the damn picture
    here it is

  7. oh... LOL i think there is an O ring there somewere... (the pic does not show it..) I'm puting my money on.... at the bottom of part 5 (water pipe (cilinder head)) and something at the back of my head tells me that pipe hasto go far far to the botom.. (I haven't played with these engines for fiew years now)...
  8. farkin hell.

    that's it i'm gonna pack my shit up, sell off my bike, computer, get that 5 grand off my parents and get my mazda familia back. so much easier. :-/

    yeah i'll try to fix it tomorrow.
    i'll keep you all posted.
  9. bought some insta-gasket (meant for water pump type applications) and it worked a treat.
    looked like feces however
  10. Welcome back to insanity thought you were gonna go all normal on us for a second there & from your later post seems you've come up with a winning idea! I'd be interested to know how long it works for!
  11. i give it a year tops.

    i hope to not have the bike anymore at that point, and to have graduated to a 600.

    mind you, i've had my Ls for over a year, they expire in july, and i havent gotten around to saving up for bike Ps. i'll be on my full car license in november though.

    but yeah. it works, and it was a cheap fix. dare i say it was a supercheap fix. they sold the stuff for 5$ a tube on sale from 13$ :D
  12. good to hear!!! no O ring any where??? hmm than I must have been thinking of another bike...