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Bloody Google Images ;)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. UK prison guards unwittingly allowed a convicted drug dealer to grow marijuana in his cell - and even decorate a four-foot plant as a Christmas tree.

    Gold-toothed Mohamed Jalloh, 28, convinced jail staff for at least five months that his super-powerful crop was only tomato plants.

    He got so cocky he put festive decorations on one to brighten up his cell at Verne Prison in Portland, Dorset in southern England. Eventually he was turned in by a jealous inmate, and guards then identified the plants using Google image search.

    "You could see the plants from the grounds as his cell looks on to the education department and communal outside area,” a source told The Sun.

    “They were on show for the world to see."

    Jalloh is serving eight years for supplying Class A drugs.
  2. It's nice to know criminals too dangerous to be allowed in society are kept in check by such intelligent and experienced guards.

    We can all feel so very very safe.
  3. You should probably replace "guards unwittingly" with "guards got busted allowing"
  4. +1 they probably took a quota each as bribes. I wonder what "punishment" the babbler received.
  5. I heard they were made sit in a corner and smoke the lot as punishment never to do it again.