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Bloody f***** driver!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by d3s1b0y, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Sorry for the angry post peeps but have to vent my frustration!! :evil:

    Standing at a set of traffic lights yesterday and pull up in front of traffic (usually i pull up front center of the lane but this time i was ever so slightly to the left).

    Got the bike in gear as always ready to take off.. have a single bloody MOMENT of "oh.. light's green.. okay take off" and the next thing i know... this car (with a woman driver and passenger) just bloody roars past.. her side-view mirror hitting my elbow and I missed a serious injury by bee's d**k width! arrghhh...

    Then to top it all off.. as I pull up alongside her shaking my head.. she's absolutely MOUTHING off at me, swearing her head off. Man, if she wasn't a woman.. I'd have freakin decked her at the next set of lights.

    I just cannot believe how much anger there is against bikeriders and yesterday's incident just proved to me that no matter what, no matter how rude it seems, next time i'm going to park my bloody bike SMACK BANG front and center of the lane so they can't go around me.
  2. I think it's a good idea to always make it clear to the drivers which lane you're taking. Get right out in front, leave no doubt and get the hammer down when the light goes green.

    It's part of the "I'm not going to get in your way, so I won't let you get in mine" unspoken lane-splitting pact.
  3. I understand where your coming from man.

    While I have never had an incident like yours, I have had angry car drivers giving me the eye.

    What they need to realise is that you are not hurting anyone. 99% of times you are going to take of faster than them and not slow them down at all. You are probably actually increasing the speed of the flow of traffic.

    These drivers that get angry about this sort of thing need to realise that they don't own the road. We riders do (Only joking)
  4. Too right Loz. I just couldn't believe the fact that after hitting me, rather than being apologetic, she's still got the bloody balls to be swearing at me. Gawd i was fuming!
  5. Yeah, I split to the front of the queue this morning, pulled in front of a P-plater in a Falcon, who then tooted his horn and waved his hand around in a real hard-done-by display. He didn't see me for dust when the lights went green, but it left me thinking there's a whole generation of new drivers who are angry at the world when they get into a car. Makes you wonder how safe the roads'll be in a few more years.
  6. If you have some steel cap boots on just give their door a couple of hefty kicks at the next set of traffic lights....... Before my licence expired i had the same trouble. I would be in the left part of the lane at traffic lights (avoiding oil in the middle of the lane) and moronic drivers would pull up right next to me and try to get infront of me after the lights turned green.
  7. yes i have chased a couple.... calmly, under law, if she hits you and moves off and does not stop it is a 'hit and run' see if she can swear out of that one.
    call the cops... use them for more than traffic offences.

    also gunning at the lights works as long as the other traffic is not running a red... that is a horrible sensation...squealing tyres and you cant see that car...

    If bikers got angier then maybe they would stay out of our way... I love mean smelly old harley riders for giving bike riders a bad name but also some twisted sort of protection LOL. I have pointed menacingly at drivers cause they thought I was a bloke... i have also had twittering females doing the same thing (er yuck.) i wondered what that high pitched noise was? HA
  8. Dude, that sucks. I've had similar experiences. I am amazed at how much difference a shiny (iridium or dark tint) visor makes, a good stare from one of them seems to put people in their place surprisingly quickly.
  9. Heh heh very good point.
  10. Good call Tam about other drivers running red lights. Thats the reason I sold my bike and failed to go for my R-Date licence. Bastard ran a red light and nearly cleaned me up. I'd only just got a new rear tyre so luckilly I wasn't gunning it at the lights or...........

    That was three years ago but i got the itch again so I get my L's in two weeks! :D
  11. Eey, when I was a wee lad....

    I was doing an apprenticeshop and as we were working around heavy machine shops, I wore steel capped work boots. Coming home, someone decided to pull out in front of me at a roundabout, then froze, right in my lane. Had to do a quick swerve and (being young at the time :LOL: ) stuck my left leg out, nice and wide and kicked their offside front wing. I didn't hang around to see the damage I did, but steel boots, 50kmh, angry young man....

  12. Well that's the thing of it! I've been riding every single day into the city for the last 18 months and there's a definite pattern of the occassional car drifting in their lane to deliberately avoid letting you pass them.

    Or the slowing down and preparing to stop at a amber light, only to realise the car behind just sped up and came THIS close to wiping you clean off the road.

    Okay enough said. I'll stop my whingeing (for now!) cuz no matter what, I love riding my bike too bloody much to consider any other mode of transport! :D
  13. And that is your obligation it you are going to lane split. Its your fault. you deserved the blast if you lanesplit and then held her up .
    Take responsibility dude..

    And nobody owns the road. its for trucks, cars, m/cycles, pushies, vans, 4'b'4s.If you wanna use it use it responsibly or suffer the consequences.
  14. LOL .. thanks Tam for giving me a laugh! That helped.

    Jbot, bass_player and Cliff.. I'm writing all this stuff down man for any future incidents! :LOL:

    Steel capped boots - check, angry young rider - check!

    hmmm... I wouldn't have a single complaint if a "blast" was all I got. I agree I'd have deserved it (and just FYI, when i say a moment, i actually DO mean a moment.. no other traffic had even started to move yet except her). It's the fact that she hit me and then continued to swear at me I have a problem with.
  15. Ohh and in the past, i was actually hit by a woman driver (she knocked my mirror off while driving on the wrong side of the road to try 'n make a green arrow which she missed by a good few seconds).

    Anyway, ended up chasing after her down High St, flashing, tooting for a good 2-3Kms only to have her finally pull over and say "Oh i didn't realise you wanted MEEEE to stop!" :roll:

    The details she gave turned out to be false, took her details to police who simply told me "There's not much we can do unless you have witnesses".. So i won't hold my breath hoping for the cops to come to my rescue.
  16. yes i noticed that :D , i always use a mirrored visor be it day or night rainy or fine..im too scared to change it too much i changed a gold and blue iridium and broke it, it was only 1 week old :(
  17. shouldve taken off ya helmet & draw back all the shit from ya lungs
    & plant a green one b/w her bloody eyes :LOL:
  18. Grrr... I'd demand for her to be charged, it's illegal to refuse to give details after an accident, and if I had to go to the bloody police commish I'd make sure she was charged.

    Best way to avoid false details is to ask to see their licence. Shouldn't have to though.

  19. Dude that's messed up. He deserved a blast for holding her up, yes, but she lost the right to give him that when she HIT HIM WITH HER CAR. Come on, I'd be going absolutely f@$king psycho at her, not apologising.

  20. Youre an d***head Tome.

    Whether he lane split or not is not an issue. He pulled up in front of the
    car. Nothing gives the driver the right to do what she did, whether he
    held up traffic or not.

    As for owning the road.. are you fer real?? The fella said he was just
    joking. :roll: :roll: