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bloody ebay, not allowed to sell GTA san andrea

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by roundabout, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. would anyone like to lend me some money for the loan of this game*

    *please not this game is not for sale only for indefinite loan
  2. I had the game but it was loaned or nicked about 2 months ago along with the PS2 from HQ :(
    Now we just have a heap of games but nothing to play them on but NO you can't have it on indefinite loan but if anyone has a PS2 that they may have borrowed from HQ, can you let me know asap.
  3. I know we like to push the envelope on lane-splitting and stuff on this forum, but I hardly think it should become a clearing house for pirated software!
  4. apparently since this game lost its classification it is now illegal to sell anywhere in australia (has been removed from all stores). hence ebay won't let me sell it, so i would like to loan it to someone for a very long time
  5. ive been playing it (pc version).. i got the fighteer jet.. its awesome :D


    im gonna go jack cards and shoot some stuff up now.

    atleast it doesnt promote the use of drugs ( yet anyway) :D
  6. are you inferring that i'm selling pirated software????
  7. dont mind hornet, he is not as computer literate as us younguns :D

    i dont think anyone would try to sell pirated software on ebay. let alone try to sell it, just burn it anyway.. not that i pirate software or agree with its ethics. :D
  8. yeah he just wants an 'evaluation copy' :LOL:

    I never quite understood why they equated pirates to people who make copies of something. If you duplicate money, do you get called a pirate? Did the pirates of the old days steal the booty, then make a copy of it?

    ARR! shiver me timbers
    hand over all ye computer games

  9. hehehe dan giggles

    it is pretty bad people pirate software, but can you imagine that money you would have spent purchasing all these programs/games at full RRP when you finish the games in less than a week or get bored of them in less than a day ? ( or cant figure out how to do anything but "new" and "close" in some programs )


  10. Its mad isn't it. The console versions are banned, but the PC version is ok even though its the same game. Have to wonder at the minds that make these decisions.
  11. Sorry roundabout, I wasn't aware it wasn't available here, hence my first ??? response. My response re piracy was probably out of line in that case.
  12. cool, just wouldn't want to be thought of as dodgy of thieving
  13. this game is the best ever,

    completed 100% on PC already i gots a jump jet at sweets house and a tank under the bridge by CJ's in Ganton

    anyway if anyone has 4Gb FTP access i'll upload the ISO for em
  14. thats not what your nick suggests, arr! its a pirate roundabout!

  15. ! have gta:sa for comp for anyone who needs it plus the crack to unlock the infamous mini-game.
    Only catch is i'm still trying to get the speech files to work during cinematics, but other then that it's perfect and it can fit onto a normal cd. \:D/
  16. For those that have played it on both xbox and PC which do you prefer? both game/graphics wise and control wise?

    I have it on PC but am waiting to upgrade b4 playing it so am wondering if I should just aquire it for Xbox instead....


    Not much else to say really.... Graphics shit all over it. Mouse camera control for car is really really handy when u get used to it too, and mouse aiming.... mmmmm headshots.... (although if you are really really crap you can switch on console style auto-faggy-aim).

    Also there are bugs and they can ruin your save game on the PS version (i presume X-box will have said issue too), it happened to me on the PC version but as its on PC there is already a crack which will fix your save file for you so you dont need to start again when your at 92% coz u invoked some crappy bug.

    But yer if your not afraid of the keyboard PC version as usual kicks the crap out the rest

  18. That's BS. There are several songs/albums that I can't find. :p