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Bloody Dumpster nearly killed me this Morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by YAMRAJ, May 17, 2006.

  1. Great morning, lovely Sun. Got into my gear and slowly pulled out from the Drive. Reached the T Section, Dumpster parked on the Left, No cars comin from the Right, No cars comin from the Left.
    Good to go,

    Start pulling out to take a left, Bloody Dumpster :shock: Starts to reverse into me. :eek:

    Brake ?? Shoot ?? Holy Sh!t, I twisted it and the b@$tard Just missed me. I cross the Road stop my bike and look at him. ^$$holes is Busy picking up the Bins... I shake my head in utter astonishment. Man :shock: :shock: I nearly escaped a horrible accident last month and came out with minor bruises and concussions.

    The speed at which he came on me I would had no chance to survive If I was hit. Thank my stars and my God, Cursed the b@$tard, Took a breath and moved on.

    Any near Escapes from an appointment with Mr. Death?

  2. I thought you were talking about a skip-bin for a second... I didn't think they were manned!

    Well, lucky you missed him, but they are a "frequently stopping vehicle." I know they should say "frequently erratic vehicle," but I guess they couldn't spell it at the time.
  3. These things should be fitted with Long Rang Rear Sensors. This guy was just few feets from me when he started reversing. I guess he was having a bad day and didn't bother to look. If I would have been in a Cage he would have surely Ran into me and smashed the shit out of my Drive. :evil:
  4. All the garbage trucks i've seen here in NSW have rear cameras on them. I thought it was a WorkCover thing to have rear cameras on service equipment such as these.
  5. Ouch, man, bet that gave you the willies.

    I had one last night... riding into Newtown (where the Princess Hwy becomes King St) there's an intersection with two lanes of right filter. One long one, and a short extra one near the lights. Huge queue of cars had filled the long one. Some idiot in a dark grey metallic Crummydore decided to pull out of that queue, into the lane I was doing 60km/h in, without indicating. I had just enough room to zip around the outside of him. Thankfully I was fully aware of the person who'd been hanging in my blind spot in the left lane for the previous minute or so.

    Pulled up at the lights and just started shaking. It really threw me for the whole rest of the trip.
  6. Yesterday some stupid cyclist riding on the footpath decided to go straight ahead across a 'T' intersection, ignoring the left turn arrow.

    Managed to miss him, but dodging him nearly had a head on with a cage coming out of the street I was trying to turn into. :evil:
  7. What a bl@@dy Coincidence. I lost my car 2 years ago exactly for the same reason. Could not get away from the idiot that pulled out, and it was a girl on P. Guess its our lucky days man .. and then the morons blame us. :evil: