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Bloody derro thieves!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 6ixxer, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. The bastards took my muffler end cap!


    How desperate do you need to be?

  2. such a valuable item! :shock:

    next thing you know they will be stealing the little caps off your tyre valves :p
  3. What a low act.
    Any cameras in the carpark?

    Regardless of value it should be reported.
  4. wasn't stolen in the garage.
    was stolen while parked somewhere.
    didn't notice until quite a while after.
  5. They could have stolen the bike and left the end caps :p

    Honestly ya just gotta nail everything down these days.
  6. heheh :grin: maybe thats why some one left me a few tacks around my rear wheel in my carport
  7. Bastards!

    Reminded me when someone stole the indicator lens off my Gemini a few years back while it was parked outside my house.

    Was good luck actually because a BMW rolled into the same light and had the whole front replaced with insurance.
  8. Sure it did not fall off while riding?
  9. Not my bike - but someone nicked the metal plates that get my car into the driveway.

  10. Some people will steal your virginity, if you let them.
  11. Capping, big pastime of the kids today.
  12. No, i'd looked at those bolts on Sunday as one has the head broken off. the other two were tight enough.

    Someone undid them.
  13. An interesting exercise might be to go to the dealership and see if you can get said exhaust tip or if you have to buy the whole "assembly" (i.e. the muffler).
  14. I bet Kenny's looking in the mirror.
  15. Someone undid a bolt with the head broken off?

    And saying "No" to his question means your unsure if it fell off or not.
  16. There was one broken bolt at the time i bought it.

    I was showing my mate on Sunday.

    The other bolts were holding in fine.

    Some prick undid the other two bolts and stole it for sure!

    It takes longer than a day of running errands to get two bolts to turn themselves out. The bike doesn't vibrate that much.

    I don't think there is any uncertainty here about the fate of my end cap.
  17. Except who's got it.