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bloody clutch cable

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pragnasty, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. anyone had that bad feeling of revving the shit out of your bike and creeping along at 2kms an hour? :evil: . time for a new clutch cable.. stretched to buggery and wound out till theres about 1mm left of thread holding onto the lever. can anyone recommend some clutch cables ? also looking at upgrading my brake lines to braided. hmm sucks to be me. :( :roll:


  2. If it's already wound out to the max it sounds rather more expensive....like a new clutch?? :cry: :cry:

    wouldnt i just need to change the cable?? if its been stretched??
    :eek: :cry:
  4. as fair as i know clutch cables don't stretch that far. It sounds like you have worn the clutch out. As the the clutch plate wears down the cable get more 'give' in it obviously cause there is now further to move for the clutch to engage and disengage. So if you've gradually been adjusting the cable more and more it sound like it's the clutch not cable. If that made any sense at all.

    Think of the Brake pads on a push bike. As they wear out you have to squeeze the brake lever further and further because of the greater distance between pad and rim.

  5. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaark.

    i knew i should have checked that out. the hornet has the same engine as a cbr so the clutch should be pretty easier to acquire ? yes??? (pleeease say yes!!) i just know already that the labours gunna be expensive, trying to get that burnt waffle outta there. anyone had experince with cbr clutches??
  6. clutch cables aren't that expensive think it was about $35 when mine snapped a couple of years ago, just get the standard one put back in if thats what the problem is.
  7. pragnasty don't go of what i said as the actual problem. It very well could be just the clutch cable but from my point of view it sounds like the clutch. I say this because if the cable was stretched then the clutch would not disengage when you pulled it in.... so when you pulled the lever in the clutch would still be engaged and you would be able to still ride at normal speed just not able change gears or stop very well, lol.

    However, my mechanical knowledge of things is purely from a playing around basis (no formal experience). Maybe someone on here has experience this with there CB250 and can give you some better advice.

    Either way i think it's time to have it checked out by a mechanic. lol

  8. Pragnasty - sounds like the clutch is stuffed and what N1GH7-R1D3R is saying about the clutch cable is spot on. If the cable had stretched then the problem would be more so that it would not disengage whereas the problem you are mentioning is the opposite. I would however ask have you done anything recently to the bike like change the oil for instance???

    If it is the clutch then sometimes you dont have to completely change it. The clutch basket comprises many bits and not all of them have to be changed so can save some $$$$. Best to have someone who knows what they are doing have a look see as they may be able to save some $$ by not changing parts un-necessarily.

    I asked the oil question (if changed or even topped up) as the clutch in your bike is a wet clutch and biek clutches can be funny about what oil goes in them.

  9. Bummer, I recently had my Hornet serviced at Sumoto (I bought it from there), Andrew the mechanic there knows the Hornet fairly well and they can get you the parts if you wanna have a go at it yourself. Good luck
  10. could be clutch springs, not too expensive to fix either
  11. $100 to fix (plates and springs) mates rates.... :)

    i think ill get a inspection before i buy my next bike though :oops:
  12. Thought as much!! Good to hear it wasn't anything more serious, Plate and springs is no biggy, would've been good to know they were on the way though, could have lowered the initial purchase price by a few $$$

  13. Check the steel plates for discoloration, while it's apart....
    If doing it on a weekend, buy a clutch-cover-gasket too, not worth hanging around till Monday as most will go bust during dis-assembly.
    Tube of gasket-goo also helps...and bandaids, never forget bandaids for some weekend-grease-monkeying :D :D
  14. Now aint that the absolute truth!!

    my "weekend grease monkeying" tool box always has a stash. :wink: