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Bloody Cager!! :soapbox:

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Not4Resale, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. I was pulling up to the lights the other day where the princes highway meets king georges and I notice the left lane is free (there was a fair way till i had come to a stop) and I look over my shoulder to change and this bloke in a white commodore zooms up the lane, and gives me the evil eye and when he pulled up to the lights he pulled a bit closer to the car adjacent to him so i couldnt split there.
    So slightly annoyed I split to my right. Right so you'd think there wasn't a problem anymore, but as I pulled off from the lights the guy quickly changed into my lane without indicating and caused me to nearly shit myself, not to mention brake hard!

    Couldn't the ass see the big learner plate on the back of my bike!

    Is there a reason that some people hold such contempt for riders?
  2. aah school holidays :grin:
  3. Yes. They're a$$holes!
  4. You missed have missed the rule in the road rule book that states
    the L plate signifies that a Lemming is at the controls and every effort must be made to stamp authority over this road user. :LOL:
    Take care out there it's a jungle you know :wink:
  5. Going to the city every morning you get a good mix. I love the drivers that when seeing you, move over just a little bit. I hate the drivers that go to all lengths to cut you off because they have a chip on their shoulder - maybe their inner ear is stuffed and have been told they'll never ride a bike - who knows. This one lady over the City-West link (which gets quite wide as it passes the UTS rowing club) was driving in the MIDDLE of the road over the white lines so I couldn't get past. When traffic stopped I ended up going on the other side of her lane (in the centre) as she was that far out of her own lane.

    Whether they're doing it because they respect you as a rider, or just because they're afraid you will hit their pride and joy I always give a driver who moves out of the way a wave or thumbs up.
  6. +1
  7. Damn! whats wrong with people :evil:

    Hope you find out who did it next time!
  8. +2
  9. +3, and a wave.

    N4R you'll eventually learn to read car body language if you pay enough attention.

    If i read right, you split to the other side and to the front yeh? Well, don't ever get cut off by a car at the lights again. Even a barely breathing CB250 or virago will beat most things off the lights. No excuses! Be well in front, or get well behind. NEVER beside.


  10. Yeah.. I had an twisted cager give me my first experience of what a some drivers must hold as contempt for Learners on bikes. two days ago turning left off the Western Ring Road onto Ballarat rd on my way home from work the traffic was at its usual congested self. Nothing I hadnt been used to over the last three months. I pulled up and the lights to turn Left onto the Ballarat Rd behind about four cagers. If I wanted to I could have split up the side to the front but decided not to as Im never in a rush to get home ( Only got cooking, washing, cleaning to confront me!!! :roll: ). Anyway as i turned onto the Ballarat rd the Blue commodore that was behind me moved onto the inside lane to get onto the service rd further up. Well those of you that know the Ballarat Rd at that time around 5pm is pretty busy and I was lucky enough to be in the outside lane that was still moving freely about 60k's. I kept my distance about one car lengh behind the cager in front while watching the inside lane and behind me religiously. anyway, out of no where this total tosser comes roaring up my rear beeping his horn and waving at me as to say 'get off the road' or 'get outa the way'. I checked my indicators to see if i left it on as I had just made a turn but it wasnt the case. The traffic was moving still at 60k's or so and this nutcase following me continued to raise his hands and wave them all around whilst beeping his horn at me. He came close on three occassions by at which stage my eyes never left him through my mirrors only for quick checks to see what else was going on around me. I thought 'well this idiot obviously thinks I dont deserve to be on the same road as him' so I had eyeballed my escape route if he came too close for comfort again. There was no way that he was going to get any further faster if he was in front of me coz the rd was so congested. In the end he saw an opening on the inside lane and without indicating swang his car left just missing me and yes it was deliberate ... i looked at him as to say 'whats your problem' but he was too busy with expressing profanities out the window at me.!! It did him no good to change the lanes as he only managed to progress one car in front of me. I decided not to let this experience bother me in a negative way, just to be very aware that it only takes some tool to have a bad day and to decide they dont like you and you could be history
  11. Good stuff greenrider don't let em get to ya.

    I haven't had the pleasure of a tosser like this while riding as yet but
    get em nearly all day everyday in the truck, ignore them pisses them off more :LOL:
  12. I think there are two lessons to take away from these experiences, one is that displaying L or P plates is dangerous, and the other is that Commodore drivers think the world owes them something......maybe they've realised their logic that they bought a Commodore just like the one that won at Bathurst is flawed?

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. You did good, Greenrider...don't let them put you off your riding, or take your head out of the game. If you start giving it back to them, your concentration is taken away from your own riding.
    And anyway, In a push/shove incident, cars will always win!..

    Instead...just keep an eye on them, pick an escape route, and be ready to get out of the way...you'll pass them at the next traffic light anyway as you filter through to the front. (which royally pisses them off)..ahahaha.

    I'm sorry to say it to...but these same idiots seem not to bother the bigger bikes. Maybe they accept the riders credentials, or maybe they have some kind of warped respect, but other than from sheer stupidity or an honest mistake, I don't really get too many hassles from cagers.

    I get a sense that a lot of this kind of behaviour from cagers can be stemmed somewhat from our own sense of "presence" on the bike.
    If we appear a little timid or hesitant or maybe just ride like we are new, we seem to be 'shark-bait' for the predators in cars. Yet if you appear to ride with some "attitude", you can be left alone...
    Newer riders seem to have to get through this 'right of passage' before cagers respect them..(somewhat), since they are still learning etc.

    (just speaking generally....not necessarily to you, greenrider)

    Anyways...you did the right thing, and probably enjoyed the rest of the ride home all the more, rather than letting the idiot put you off your ride. :grin: so you WON! :LOL:

  14. There is truth in this. Having said that it isn't a consistent truth - my L plate has recently fallen off and for the last 2 weeks I haven't been fugged putting it back on. My riding style has improved and my confidence with splitting changed also. I know that if I fcuk up now, I will get a lot less patience than I would if I had my L plate on... however at the same time I've found it so much easier dealing with people at the lights than when I've had my plate on. No more people *trying* to beat me at the lights or generally doing weird stuff around me that is prompted by the fact I have an L plate on.

    There are definitely Pros and Cons to displaying your rider status.
  15. Whatta you expect?

    Some cagers cant stand bikers splitting.

    Now doing it with those yellow plates on is enough to tip em over the edge.

    Ride with ya plates off to experience what I'm talking about.
  16. That's a great point about not reacting to the neaderthals in tintops when they do stupid things. One of my pet hates is the car that rushes to the stop sign when I'm tootling down the road and they edge out is if they're going to go. The other fools who have a tantrum about splitting lanes are hard not to react to - like the guy who literally got on my case for a good 5 km having a good old sook at me. My crime? I left the lights first and got in front. Guess who got knocked back for a morning glory that day!!

    Having just traded an XR400 for a C50 Suzy that is being run in, I'm not splitting lanes or doing anything other than jojn the queue as I'm getting used to a whole new unit.

    I suppose you have to put the knucklehead drivers who hate us for being on bikes out of your head and enjoy the ride. At least they'll still be upset hours later - I suppose they probably react to lots of situations with hostility hey?
  17. I just didnt relise how agro and insane some drivers can be towards bikes. Ive been on a full licence for 25 years and would never treat anyone, car or bike like the way I and other bikers have been treated. What personal satasfaction could be gained by putting someone elses life at risk is beyond me :? This experience has just enlightened me a little more. It's bad enough that we have to watch out for unintentional acts of stupidity but also intentional ones too. At least one thing that seems to be unanamous here is that the display of 'L' plates doesn't seem to help the situation any. Thankfully on the 31st (this Saturday) I'll be doing my licence test and all going well will be taking them off so that might give me some credability on the road :p However I'll still be on the CB250 for another 12 months but I cant have everything in one weekend ...
  18. Heading in the right direction matey. :grin:
  19. +1, well put, on all your points, Raven. The bigger bike comment i think it is more a case of cowards picking what they think is the easier/safer mark. they are just bullies.