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bloody cage drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydneybiker, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. I cant believe the attitude of some cage drivers....

    riding to work this morning and a car nearly takes me out by changing into my lane without even looking....i pull up and glare at him and he says "what?" to me............then proceeds to pull into my lane and tailgate me for 1 km............ I stop well short of the traffic lights and change lanes and ask him what his problem is......he tells me to f off.........unbelieveable!!

    it got me thinking i should start carrying some eggs or waterbombs to throw at idiot drivers who do this........surely i couldn't get into trouble for this.............?
  2. Yep, I reckon you would get in trouble, lots o trouble.

    I don't reckon this bloke was picking on you as a bike rider, he's just an ignorant tool who would most likely do the same to anything on the road smaller than whatever he's driving.
    I get those tossers daily, wether on bike or in cage.

    Your best bet is to keep a good lookout for them, stay out of the way and maybe give the death stare when possible, don't push it tho.
    We all lose our tempers at times (done it myself with a beemer steerer), just hope you don't lose it against this sort of nob, they're likely to shunt you off the road.

  3. meh i'm past the point of damaging their cars.

    pull up beside him, visualise 'right tun clyde', then perform said action.

    if you dont get that go watch every which way but loose and any which way you can :)
  4. This happens (too often). You need to ensure they are aware that you had to take evasive action to avoid them. This will involve more than just a glare, use your words effectively if you have the chance. Some people get the message if you give them a spray whereas some people respond better to a quiet, non emotional chat (as hard as it may be to deliver when you are seething). If you can effectively get the message through then that person may remember to headcheck next time. If you piss them off then they will have an even worse attitude towards bikes. Delivered the right way, both parties go away happy, delivered the wrong way and road rage is the result.
  5. This is my story of road rage against a cage. It happened about 8 years ago and let me just say im not proud of it, im just sharing my encounter.

    I was on my across riding up a short hill as I noticed the cage in front of me making a really big deal out of having to adjust his rear vision mirror. I wasnt really close to him nor was my high beam on. He kept making a big deal of it until he pulled over and let me go by then accelerated as fast as he could right up my ass and put on his high beam. I turned into a side street with no other cars and he just kept tailgating me with the highbeam.

    I slowed down to about 10km an hour and he refused to pass me so I moved out into the middle of the road, got up next to his window and gave him the obligatory "what the phuck is your problem?". He started really screaming abuse at me and told me my light was blinding him and I should fix it blah blah plus an assortment of obscene insults. His window was down so I let go of a massive golly which got him clean in the face.

    I tried to ride off as fast as I could but being only on a 250 he easily got up next to me again and amazingly aimed a perfect golly right in my face (my helmet had no visor at the time). This time he took off so I followed him for about 200 metres until he came to a spot where he could only turn left and he just stopped his car and didnt go anywhere.

    I got up behind him and kicked in the left tail lights of his Lexus while still sitting on my bike. He lept out of his door and came running around the car from the right hand side so I took off up the left of his car and caned it up the street. By the time he got back in his car I would have been long gone and he obviously didnt get my number plate because I never heard anything from the cops.
  6. My brother used to carry large ball bearings in his jacket pocket. One of those through a window made them consider their actions... Still, that was in the late 60's, early 70's and he used to share a flat with a Hells Angel - in Canberra who NEVER seemed to have the same visibility problem that anyone else had. :wink:

    A young woman we knew in the same block of flats had a problem with a clown in an Aston Martin who lived nearby. She was riding a scooter and he deliberately targeted her a few times. She mentioned it to my brother who mentioned it to his flatmate.

    This clown ended up with a dozen evil looking characters in colours surrounding his Aston Martin at the traffic lights. :LOL: All they did was pass him a note which stressed (quite politely) the importance of being polite to other road users - particularly motorcycles and scooters.

    It certainly seemed to change his driving habits :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I did an advanced riding course that the ACT police used to put on around that time. It was held over a couple of days by their chief m/c instructor and based on the premise that since you're going to ride fast you might as well learn to do it right :)

    When a question was asked about "accidentally" making a boot/tailight connection in these circumstances, the response was "Don't let the cops in the cars catch you. They mightn't understand!" :LOL: :LOL:

  7. im sick of these drivers on the road,it should be law for drivers to ride a bike for 6 months on the road to understand wat v go through
  8. Ball bearings leave evidence.

    A packet of Cool Mints kept in the freezer, & put a handfull in your jacket pocket.

    Not only do tailgaiter's back off, the Cool Mint disintegrates on impact, leaving no traceable evidence.

    A trick often used by truckies in days of old, when harassed by a tail-gaiter, was to tip a carton of milk out the window.
    The milk spins in a vortex fashion along the edge of the truck (without touching it or the trailer), then is sucked back in behind the trailer - to splatter across the offending Tail-Gaiter's windscreen.

    A handy trick for when you get "harassed" by a cage on the road (more efficient if you ride a Cruiser)... Carry a pair of side cutters, & snip the valve stems when you next stop beside each other at the traffic lights.

  9. What does this do? 'scuse ignorance, I don't know what a valve stem is :)
  10. Valve stems - the stem thingies that you connect the air hose to, to put air into your tyres. :wink:
  11. Had a nice near miss on the way to work this morning...at a red light waiting to go green...tool in old fiat is in the far left lane which merges about 150 meters ahead...so he guns his rusty bucket of shit past a 4wd but couldn't quite beat the Commodore in front of the 4wd so with no indicator, no head check no nothing he decides to cut across between them and into my lane...luckily I saw him out of my peripheral vision and had started to slow to allow him room...so he carves me up and gets a blast of the horn and a gesture along the lines of use your fcuking eyes you dickhead for his trouble...he waves me a half assed sorry and then carves up 2 more people in cages in the next 300 metres...so if your out Croydon way and see a rusty old shitfighter Fiat with a P plate on it...give it a VERY wide berth

    I dunno what it is...but guys with red P plates either want to race you, carve you up, tailgate or just be general dickheads...i had P's too but I really didn't think I carried on like that! :?
  12. thats why they have P plates, lots of crazy driving / crashing
  13. Worst I've encountered was sitting at the lights in the right hand lane, couple of cars to my left, nothing behind me and a white ute in the right turn lane. Lights turn green and I ride off, halfway through I hear an engine at high revs, check the mirrors expecting something to be coming up fast behind me but nothing. Its then I notice the white ute starting to pass me, I look at him, he looks at me and then procedes to simply "merge" into my lane forcing me to brake hard and pull in behind him - lucky there was nothing behind me. Guy then procedes to drive off at speed, was obviously more willing to try and cause an accident than sit behind a bike with L-plates. Some drivers must just consider all other vehicles as merely annoying obstacles to try and get past.
  14. I can't believe all this talk of idiot car drivers! Man, there are idiot motorcyclists, truck drivers and pedestrians as well as car drivers, we all know there are some dip-sticks out there, if you put yourself in a vulnerable position to them, you're just proving that you are one of the idiot motorcyclists on the roads; are you any better than the driver that you just had an altercation with?

    And talk of retribution?! What a stupid thing to say to influence learner riders! There are laws in place to stop people taking the law into their own hands, you may be angry with the other driver that didn't see you, or thought that their move wasn't dangerous BUT you as a rider know the dangers so STAY AWAY!

    I have been riding for dam near every day for 30 years and NEVER had an altercation with a car, it seemes that some people just happened to be involved in either a freak occurence or they have a tendancy to attract trouble maybe?
  15. Johnny O,

    Amen to that! I nearly got cleaned up by, wait for it, a learner on a bike on a 'burb street the other day. He cut me off in a single lane, and when we got to the end of the street apologised stating "I lost my head for a sec and wanted to overtake another bike!". You gotta laugh, 'cause if not you'll cry!

  16. For once somebody here talks sense :D
  17. Agreed. If you take an arsehole and put them in a car, they will be an arsehole in a car. Put them on a bike and you have an arsehole on a bike. The vehicle doesn't make the person an arsehole, it merely provides them a alternative means to behave like one.
  18. The problem I think you will find is a degree of damage issue .

    if a motorcyclist is an idiot and clips your car etc , it is minimal and not likley to kill you (as a car driver in city traffic).
    If a car clips a bike well the consiqenses are slightly differant and at a minimum bodily injury and a high chance of death.

    when you are un provacicly attacked in road rage you can understand being upset and angry.
    I have retailated on a few occassions and some i havent.

    The best bet is to take the rego and ride to the nearest police station and press charges, if they say they cant you say "YOU WILL"

    in saying that its not worth risking your life in playing games with someone who is over 3/4 of a ton bigger than you as you will ultimatley lose and being dead is not worth any cause.

    we all lose the plot every once and a while when your life flashes past your eyes , i have been cut of and the driver has appoligised or made a gesture to say sorry it disfuses the situation , but if he just ignores you or does it again well its understandable .

    As i said early I have retaliated and had there has been police involvment due to panel beating the side of a car (front & rear quater panel and 2 doors) and only got off on a hitch , it is not the way to go .
    I have done other things that I will not put up on the site (feel free to ask me at coffee night if you wish) , but for newer riders I personally think that retaliation is NOT the way to go .
    Ride to the police station and if the idiots stupid enough to follow you , it saves the coppers a trip .
    That way you are not hurt and the idiot can be dealt with , without injury to you or your bike.

    On a 250 unless the traffic is thick and you are compitant at lane splitting at high knots dont expect to out run them in a hurry .

    In regards to advertising to New riders on the site , that is a bit off a furrfy, as the old saying goes if i told you to stick your head in the oven would you ?
    you cant make the site a safety , mummys site that makes it look like we all live in a warm fuzzy wonderworld.
    This is the sad facts about riding , so making people aware of it isnt a bad thing, but encouraging a more wiser plan of action is the appropriate way to go .

    road rage (unfortuntaly) is a part of riding and not being seen , how you deal with it is your perogative .
    If you choose to rip of a mirror and place it on there bonnet or ignore it that is up too you .
    Each rider has to be responsable for himself and his or her own actions .
  19. The biggest problem is that modern cars are doing a very good job at completely isolating drivers from the outside world. As a result a lot of drivers don't seem to really care if there are other vehicles around and if they do make a mistake will often try and pretend like it didn't happen (or worse yet aren't even aware that they did something wrong). Since a motorcycle doesn't have the luxury of crumple zones and airbags the only defence is to assume that behind the wheel of every vehicle is a complete idiot with no perception of what's going on around them - at least that way you won't be surprised when they do something stupid.
  20. Some people attract trouble........ some people cause trouble :wink: :D