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Bloody Bus Jockeys

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nobby, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Can anybody enlighten me to what the rules are concerning buses, are they allowed to just whack on an indicator and pull into traffic, or is it just a case of "I'm bigger so I can"

    Almost got cleaned up on Glenburn road this morning when an INVICTA BUS just flashed the indicator once and came on out... so bloody pissed off I got in front and dropped the speed to around 15kph .. then I figure, "this is stupid the prick will probably roll right over me". I know we are told to be aware of things happening around you while your riding a bike, but shit, if I did that in a car Plod would have my arse for breakfast.

    While I'm on it, how bloody stupid is it to put a bus stop in the left hand lane of a three lane highway, not a pull in, just a fuken bus stop sign and everybody in the left lane comes to a tit wrenching halt behind em.

    Don't know what I dislike most, yellow cabs, INVICTA BUS LINES or Toyota Camry's (the new Volvo)

    So endeth the rant
  2. Nobby,

    my understanding is that they changed the rules about 6-7 years ago. Used to be "polite" to let them pull away from the kerb. They changed it to "must give-way" to a bus.
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  3. In a built up area, a bus may drive from a parked position on the side of a road to enter nearest traffic lane

    The bus is not required to give way to other vehicles in the nearest lane provided that

    The bus driver signals properly.

    The bus driver takes care to allow other vehicles to give way.
  4. Yes, its called advantage of the bigger vehicle!

  5. Given buses can't accelerate well from sometimes awkwardly placed stops, people would generally have to slow down down to let them in. Any other vehicle would have to wait for traffic to clear. I think it may have something to do with wanting to keep buses running on time and maintaining the viability of public transport. Courtesy and common sense usually works, but I sympathise with Nobby as many buses take it as license to pull out without even looking, to hell with the traffic behind them (even though they could wait for a dozen cars to pass and get a clear run).

  6. If it's anything to do with buses and trucks , this is the man .