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Bloody boyracers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mini_chew90, May 19, 2008.

  1. Aaaah man. Can't believe it only been riding for 2 weeks and had my first off. It was about 7:00 at night and was raining and was going down to the shops. Going along at about 60-55 and i see a car about to pull out. So i move to the of the line ready to swerve or stop. Im about 10-15 metres close to him and he pulls out in front of me. I tried to stop but cause it was wet i went straight into the back of him. I was allright but then I went to talk to the bloke and he was one of those riceboy sitting so low in his nissan he can't see the road. I said to him "what the hell was that" then he floored at and drove off. All this happened in matter of seconds. Man can't believe it. I'm fine and my bike only got a broken indicator and brake lever. But man what an idiot. Sorry for rambaling no point to this story apart from I hate boyracers.

  2. just drove off? what a tool!

    be more careful though, especially in the wet...a lot of these incidents im sure are avoidable.

    ride safe!
  3. Did you by chance manage to break some expensive sh1t on his car? Would be fair karma.
  4. Have only been cut of the once by some young chick(green P's) its amazing what a kevlar fist can do to a window!
  5. What a loser!!! Did he pull out of a driveway or a road? Hopefully he is a local and you will see him again sooner or later, then you have 2 options:

    a) get his details, or
    b) kick his a**
  6. Sorry to hear about your off mate. Glad you are ok and only slight damage to the bike.
    Keep a lookout during the day for the driver who sounds like he should have some Western suburbs inbreeding features with Aprilia stickers on the window to match his gino hair style.
  7. you did not.
  8. Ah but i did and i woulddnt hesitate to do it again.Im sure she wont!!!!!!
  9. no you didnt, but we are happy to entertain your fantasy.
  10. Yeah your right i followed her home and got her adress and sent her roses the next day.The card read thanx for the experience and making me a more aware rider............
  11. Nah whore-driver, he'd be the type of low rent, new money, social-climber who's too self important to consider the wellbeing of others and too tight to buy a bike trailer with all that new money........hmmmmm, so where were you about 7pm the other night? :grin:

    BTW, gino hair styles are more Brunswick area, we do mullets in the West, you stupid hairy-back freak.

    I never get bored with whore-driver :twisted:
  12. yeh man i just felt like kicking his car but yeh still can't believe how quick it happened. hey anyone know were i can buy a spare indicator??
    cheers for the replies.
  13. Pretty much any bike shop will have after market indicators that should work. Wreckers will be cheapest.

    Karma already caught up with ricerboy.
  14. Tell me you got his rego. If you didn't, you deserve what happened.
    If you did, go to the police and tell them you're injured and he did it. Fake any kind of soft tissue injury. The d*ck is now guilty of leaving the scene and faces jail time!
    (of course it could be all too late now).
  15. Hey! Whatsa wrong with Bruns-a-wick you?

    We got taste, we got style, we gots Franco Cozzo! :p :p

    We got lots men with guns too.... :LOL:
  16. FOR F*CK'S SAKE!

    If somebody causes you to have an accident, GET THEIR GOD DAMN DETAILS or at least their numberplate.
  17. FFS he's been riding for 2 weeks... Im sure you wouldnt have had the presence of mind to get details at that stage of your riding!?!

    No need to say hes deserved it.
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    I think all bikes should be fitted with a Pencamera lense :) this way you can take video of your cool adventures and also capture any accidents on video

    Like this one that happened infront of me on they way from healsville
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    Holy crap, that must have hurt! :shock: