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Bloody 08 Dakar is canned !!! . . . .

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. http://www.dakar.com/indexus.html

    Only if they can share the terrorist intel the Frenchies are concern about !!

    Looks like the organisers have given in to terrorist threats.
    I hope its not a precedence to other 2008 international events.
  2. http://www.thebikergene.com/uncategorized/2008-dakar-rally-cancelled-due-to-terrorist-threats/

    Yeah, what a tragedy for the poor bastards who were in Lisbon this morning waiting for the starter's gun tomorrow. So much for *that* lifelong dream.

    Still, if you look into it a touch it seems the Dakar has attracted a lot of negative attention over recent years; locals have been skittled and killed by the cars and trucks, livestock too, and the general perception seems to be that the local merchants make bugger-all from the 3,000 strong entourage that follow the competitors around.

    Some people see it as an insulting and vulgar display of excess, the white man flaunting his dough at the starving Africans as they scream through their hometowns... And inequalities like this tend to rile the odd terrorist group here and there.

    Still, amazing that they cancelled the event even after the Mauritanian government offered to escort the Dakar caravan around with a 3,000 strong security force.

    They're going to move it to sub-saharan africa... Will it still be the same?
  3. So let me get this straight; dozens of competitors and participants have died/been injured/incapacitated in this crazy event, while not one has ever been kidnapped/molested/terrorised, but the race is stopped because of terrorism threats? What a pile of political malarky!

    Solution? Run it in Australia; how about the "Bondi to Broken Hill" race? Run it in summer; the terroritsts won't go out in the heat :LOL:.
  4. Actually early this decade desert bandits shot at competitors and hijacked a couple of Pajeros, fortunately no one was killed.

    Bring back the Wynns Safari I reckon like how it was in 1986 where international teams came to compete.
  5. hijacked a couple of Pajeros,

    so they had no taste, either :LOL:.
  6. As if they didn't have some sort of inkling it was going to be cancelled :mad:

    Plenty of money spent by competitors and support teams, just to get there, that could have been saved for next year's race.

    There was an Australian Safari last year - pretty tough race http://new.australiansafari.com.au/News/Wrap.html and a couple of Advriders involved

    Yeah, but why not a Broken Hiil to Broome event :cool:

    Impressive event - but would kill me after half a day :shock:
  7. heard it while watching todays highlights *tear*
  8. Does indeed suck, this like the tourdefrance are epic things to watch on the TV. L
  9. Never has such a travesity of injustice, been perpetuated upon the rally watching public. I have watched the Dakar for years,and it is probably my single most enjoyable part of the festive season, including Santa :grin:
  10. Well Movin, you are probably adopted.