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Bloodin' the Cactus ride (GOR, Today)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Loz, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Just got back from a quick fang up the Ocean Road with Vic, Deano and Roughcactus.

    Keith's restrictions expired overnight and he registered his shiny CBR1100XX budgie this morning after having it sit in the shed leering at him for months on end.

    Naturally he was keen to blow the cobwebs out of it so we pootled off towards the Ocean Road via Dean's Marsh. After an hour of boring straight shit during which we were largely unfettered by traffic, we ran up the arse of an un-overtakeable articulated truck at the first of the 40k rec twisties, and couldn't get past the bastard until it opened out again.

    I was so furious with the truck that once we did boot it past him I very nearly bollocksed the next 35k rec righty and ran off the road. A timely reminder to calm the fcuk down!

    The sun was shining, the roads were dry and it was even quite warm as we broke out into Lorne and hit the good stuff. My last 2 trips up this way were in the rain, I was bloody rapt to get a nice dry crack at it! The bike was feeling beaut after a new chain and sprockies went on last night and I managed to leave piles of hero knob gratings through quite a few nice loopy turns.

    Bugger-all traffic to annoy us, I think I blasted past all of about 4 cars to Apollo Bay, including one I passed twice full of waving sheilas. The second time involved a slightly dodgy second gear wheelie of greeting, in the oncoming lane and coming up to a 40k rec corner. Whoo, hope they appreicated it, it was possibly one of the more foolish decisions I've made.

    Lunch was in Apollo Bay, a good chance for a bit of bullshittin' and a couple battered savs. Keith's seat, wayward at the beginning of the trip, had stayed attached and he was grinning ear to ear with his newfound power. Deano's knee sliders had received a bit of a pounding and Vic didn't seem to be regretting the decision to piss off the work he was supposed to be doing this afternoon one little bit.

    We then turned around and headed for Torquay at a slightly more relaxed pace - the proximity of cliff face on the left always makes me take it a little easier on the way home... That and the memory of the thud as I shouldered an oncoming bus coming through Mt. Defiance a couple years back. Ow.

    This is a truly f*cking sensational road, even if you can't nudge it too far past 80 without risking a slap on the wrist. Those looooo....oooooooo...ooooooong wide looping 30-40k rec corners are sensational fun even within sniffing distance of the limit, and I lost a good deal more peg feeler metal on the way back.

    Keithy got a bit of a dog up him on the way back too, staying more or less in touch with the rest of us as his confidence on the budgie developed. We dropped off a very happy man in Torquay where his folks are and the rest of us headed back for home.

    The traffic lights in Geelong really inspire a bit of lunacy after a long straight commute from the GOR. Last time it was a parade of 6 wheelying maniacs launching from light to light, this time it was some pretty hairy lanesplitting action. Good fun.

    Hope you had a good time lads, I had a corker of a day. The GOR during the week = WOOHOO! :LOL:
  2. Loz, you spin a great yarn :grin:
  3. The happenin's the best bit, the tellin' pales in comparison! Pure motorcycling joy.
  4. Sounds like fun :D

    Gimmi a few years, I'll join you through the above beginner twists :D
  5. I'll take you out through some twisties in a month or so if you stay upright and get your head together dude!
  6. What a wicked day it was today on the GOR.
    Heres the budgir in vic roads with a happy owner


    Here's a couple of happy squirters
    And heres some of the lunacy :LOL: :LOL:


    Thanx guy's was a wicked wicked day :biker:
  7. Congrats to Roughcactus for coming off restrictions :grin:

    Nice report on the day :) I spent the day looking for a present for my mum (her birthday Sunday) in the city and then having a few beers with kinkybinky while jadey was saying we were mad for not being out on bikes on a day like today as she was working at the pub we were at. I can't wait til I am healthy/fit enough to ride on days like this again :grin: *JEALOUS!* hehe
  8. And yes that is VIC on the yellow storm :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    He really does exist and ride a bike :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Thanks for coming on the ride today guys!

    Highlights were:

    *Loz popping a mono under the GOR sign to the dlight of a bunch of senior citz who were taking a break from their tour bus
    * The fish and chips shop in Apollo Bay ROCKS...the best calamari i have had for ages!
    *Watching pnut drag his knee around a few corners
    Sitting behind Vic and hearing his bike over my own...damn those Yoshis are LOUD
    *As Loz said those 40kmh corners that go for ages one leading to another...Fantastic
    *Rolling on the throttle to pass a car and going from legal to throw away the key and impound the bike speed in a matter of seconds...

    JESUS I havn't really pushed the bike yet and the power warps your mind...there is a huge gulf between a 250 and something bigger. Although the bird is very easy to ride...very smooth, stable in corners, and I'm sure it will be comfortable once I get used to it...my wrists are pretty sore at the moment as are my legs but we did nearly 450'ks today and being the first ride it was kind of expected to be a bit sore...although the boys must have thought I was 83 the way i was groaning when getting off the bike.

    Anyway had a ball looking forward to getting out there and doing it all again soon


  10. whadda ya mean 83 Keith?

    Oh I see, it's a typo, you ment to say 783 :LOL:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome day. Yes I do exists, unlike Martin Taylor :p

    Thanks a bunch guys, I had a brilliant time, it was good to get back on the GOR after almost 4 years of not doing the stretch from Lorne to Apollo Bay.

    Nice summary of the day too Loz.

    Till next time the weather gods are smiling at us.
    Waking up at 2.50am to go to work sucks but at 11am the GOR is only 1 hour away :)
  11. How clean is that bike Keith?! Have you been polishing every day since you got it? At least it stopped you polishing something else I s'pose.

    Congrats on the restrictions. You now have the power!
  12. Damn good write up Loz, almsot as good as the mono, I did the GOR for the first time (on a bike) on Sunday and Keith I know what you mean about a sore wrist. The bird looks damn nice, and as for power, well it is an increase of around 340% on your old hornet.

    reminder to self ...... take sickie do GOR midweek
  13. If the weeather is good, I'll be ready at 12pm :D
  14. Sounds like a fun time for all. Congrats on getting the bird on the road and getting off restrictions Keith.........

    bastard. :grin:
  15. Good stuff!

    Congratulations, Keith. Having the 'Bird in the garage taunting you for the past few months must have been sheer agony!
  16. I told ya it was going to be a crap day today catarse :LOL: :LOL:

    Hope you enjoy your windy ass ride home today :butt:
  17. Congrats on losing the restrictions Keith. Sounds like you guys had a ball.
    Keith, I notice the number plate....EZ, take note till you get use to the bike hey ;)
  18. That was the first thing i said to him when he got it out the plastic wrapper Flip
  19. Congrats. Keith on serving out your time.

    Looks like you guys had a ball down there. Will have to catch up for a ride soon.

    cheers stewy
  20. Hmm, and if you zoom in on one of those photos, you'll capture the general feeling: