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Blood Urgently Needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. The Blood Bank urgently needs more people to donate their blood. Levels are critical and they are almost at the point of suggesting to hospitals that elective surgery be cancelled.

    We did well donating during the Summer Blood Challenge.....how about we follow up and donate again??

    :D :D :D

  2. I gave about a week ago so I need to hold off for another 5-6 weeks or so.

    If you haven't tried it, give it a go. It's practically pain free and if you book it can be pretty quick. Also they give you a choice of refreshments to perk you up after. I recommend the chocolate milkshakes and fruit cake. :)
  3. You may be able to drag me along, depending on the date & time.
  4. Dave and I are booked in for 1535 next Wed 29th June at Southbank. Call 131495 to make an appointment. These are the times the Southbank donation centre is open....

    Whole Blood
    Monday 8.15am - 7.15pm
    Tuesday 8.15am - 7.15pm
    Wednesday 8.15am - 7.15pm
    Thursday 8.15am - 7.15pm
    Friday 8.15am - 3.20pm
    Sunday 9.00am - 11.30am

    ....or go to the website for more details and locations/times that suit you.

    :D :D :D
  5. yeah me too I donated recently.... and depending on when I get my next Tattoo I'll donate again :p
  6. I'm a registered donor but be buggered if I'm riding 120kms to the city to donate or even 40 kms to Bendigo to Donate.

    They are screaming "We want you to donate" at the same time as they are closing country donor centres including the one I used to donate at until recently.

    They made feel good noises about mobile vans visiting country centres after they closed lots of rural centres... well I haven't seen one here yet.

    So as far as I'm concerned until they get thier act back together they can do without me *frowns*
  7. Unfortunately, as in the USA, they may need to turn to a reimbursement system where they basically pay you $20 "for your time" to donate. To ensure sufficent stocks I see very soon they will need to head in this way.....

    That said, country people have been very generous in donating blood, but of course Bracks is too stuuupid to recognise this!
  8. Why are they short ? It's what happens when they close so many country services but hey , i donate every 6 weeks anyway.
  9. What has Bracks got to do with the blood bank?
    The red cross is an independent entity.
    How is Robert Doyle doing?
    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  10. I'm recently tatt'd.
    Maybe next year.
  11. If the blood bank were more worried about donations of blood instead of money then shortages may not be a issue.

    The toy run for the last 2 years the blood bank could have sent out bus's and bleed a large % of the 10-15, 000 riders that were there.
    They wouldnt do it , because of cost and also other factors.
    On enquiry from others in the past they want you to book in at least a year ahead and would only send 1 bus from what I understand.

    if they went out in force with all there bus's and maybe even asked the defense forces to help (as they have done in the past) they could bleed up to 1000 people in one day , especially so close to Xmas when blood is needed due to holiday road toll and accidents.

    The army could set up 3 trolenborg and they could have 10 bleeding stations in each and bleed 30 people at a time.
    They could have medics helping with paperwork , and there own staff bleeding.

    people who are registered donors allready would go through quicker of course.
    The army could help transport equipment and set up and they would only need to supply the nursing staff and maybe one or two more for adminastration.

    they could turn over more donations in one day than any of there bus could in 2 week maybe even months.
    It wouldnt be hard to orginise if the blood bank would stop worrying about there purse strings and more about getting blood.

    donating blood is a great cause and i am not saying its not but maybe they could make the effort to help as well and then you wouldnt have the shortages that they have.
  12. donated about 2 weeks ago
  13. The blood bank does get some state government support - obvisouly the red cross are short on funds and therefore bracksie should coff up and support them so they can collect from country areas!

    Blood is certainly not free for the health system!

    PS. I hear any elective surgery with a 20% > chance of 2 units of blood being needed has been put on hold for O and A types.
  14. Apparently its the same all over Australia. ACT exports about 40% of the donated blood to other states, but it looks like there will be reductions in elective surgery everywhere to keep the supplies available for the emergency requirements.

    We can all help by not crashing!!

    For all those non-vegetarians that spent time (more than three months I think) in the land of the long grey cloud (Pommieland) in the late 80s or early 90s, the Red Cross STILL don't want to know you. Like me, you may be a carrier of CJD (the human form of BSE/mad cow disease) and they have no test for it and no idea how long it may take to get out of your system. To protect those that receive the blood from potential CJD infection, the Red Cross won't accept donations from meat eaters that had an extended Pommie visit in that timeframe.

    I may have Alzheimers, but I'm glad I don't have Alzheimers!

    And mad cow disease.

    No wonder I'm a grumpy OFARC

  15. This is from another Victorian forum .
    It doesnt matter how good the cause is , they still care about $$$ before anything else.

    This and the toyrun , and they scream shortages , the board of the blood bank should be sued for endangering people lives

  16. Don't care about politics I'm booked in for Monday night!
  17. Its not politics sue ,
    its a case of dont cry hard off , when you wont meet people half way.
    Just because its a charity and a good cause these pricks play on that and throw the guilt trip at yoo saying lives will be lost , surgery will be shut down , playing on the public hospital fears of people .

    there arses (not the workers etc ) but the money hungry , board and they should be sued for endanger peoples lives or neglegance
  18. I hadn't heard they were also closing down some mobile blood collection vans.

    As I said we were one of the regional collection centres closed down, but at the time we were being closed down they were all "don't worry, a van will be here every 3 months". Well as I mentioned in an earlier post we haven't seen a mobile yet.

    I guess I won't be holding my breath if they are closing down the mobile vans as well...
  19. That's been the case. In rural Victoria, they've created so called hubs where people can go to donate. Trouble is, for a lot of people it's up to an hour away. An hour there, an hour or so at the bank and an hour back, makes for a 3 hour session. Difficult if, like they do where I live, have them at night. Particularly if you have kids of school age, etc..

    The blood bank issue was covered on Stateline last night. I missed all but the last coupla minutes of it. Suffice it to say, they're claiming that the reduced rural services is not having an effect on blood donations or supplies. Probably correct, insofar as the percentage of rural people v metro people who donate goes. But it didn't address the fact that the blood bank doesn't make it easy to donate and that there is, there has been, a chronic shortage of blood reserves.

    Oh, that story posted by GR was my original post. We could not believe that the blood bank would knock back a potential regular source of donations like they did.

    And it's not about politics, despite some suggesting it might be. It's highlighting an issue that should be able to be resolved. If it can't, then people will be placed at risk, as evidenced by some hospitals cancelling surgery because of it.