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Blood shortage critical - Red Cross

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. We do every 6 weeks , still 2 more weeks before we can donate again.
  2. Signed up via work to donate later this month.

    Heads up for first timers, they are very picky and will reject you for various reason. You might want to get the list of questions first to avoid being stuffed around. I've given before but got knocked back last time because I couldn't give exact times that my GF was in Africa - no I'm not kidding. It annoyed me no end to waste time going in, waiting and then being told "too bad". If they are really unsure of you they will ban you for a year to make sure you don't get sick and die after giving blood.
  3. I donate plasma every 2 weeks but off the list for 2 months due to broken arm :(
  4. Won't take mine - something to do with blood pressure of 190 over 110.

    (Doc: "how the fsck are you standing up?"
    Moi: "Is that the highest you have seen?"
    Doc: "Blood pressure is not a competitive sport, mate!")
  5. But you have to admit that the reasons (in general, not reffering to your gelfrend as I don't know her) for these type of precautions are very worthwhile, although you do just have to hope that if you ever need a transfusion that the donor/s was as honest as what you have been.
  6. Mooooo.

    They don't like mine ... mooOOOooo ... don't know why ... MooOOoOooOO ... but I heard a rumour it has something to do with some sort of ..... MooooooOOO ... disease.
  7. eat more bananas :LOL:

    geez I hope for your sake that you are taking medication.
  8. mooooooo same here mate moooooooooo

    but of course the organ doner register will accept me, so they can have it all
  9. That was after the medication :?
  10. Is it on a steady decline?
    Most medication if used continously works very well, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking "I am fine now" and stop taking the magic pills.
  11. Getting down there, scooter. Combination of not working 14 hour days, eating at least once a day and tablets are doing the trick. :?
  12. Once you change to giving plasma mick you cant go back to giving pure blood . So i was told at the clinic.
  13. Booked in for next tuesday.
  14. No I'm fine with the precautions, but I'm not happy that they wait until you've gone to the trouble of coming in to tell you to go away. It would be much better to make the questionnaire available before hand to save evryone some time and aggrivation.
  15. Quote from the Blood Bank doctor after my one and only attempt to give blood: "Some people's circulatory system isn't well-suited to this sort of thing".

    Then she took my name off their list of donors.

    So I'm afraid I'll have to pass. :(
  16. I wanted to give blood but kidney transplant patients are not allowed too many drugs in the blood they cannot filter out.
  17. donated last week for the third time but don't think I'll be keen to do it again.
  18. I would give them my blood but thye don't want it,
    Used to give blood, got the arv off work, supervisor was too much of a wuss to do it, so he gave anyone who did give blood the rest of the day off.
    They dont want my blood because of the standard clause:
    You will not be able to give blood for a period of 12 months after you:
    • had a tattoo
    Have not had one done since last July, so can give again soon.