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Blood/Organ donor status

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by coxc, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I thought it would be a good idea to see how many of you are regular blood donors, and or have told your next of kins of your intentions for you organs and tissues.

    I myself feel it's my obligation to donate blood products regularly and be a full organ and tissue donor, I'm also on the bone marrow registry.
    bDon't get me wrong, it's an individuals choice, but I feel as a person who has a high likelihood of needing these services at some point in my life that I should help others while I am in a position to do so, plus the milkshakes are great.

    Have you donated blood products before?

    Do you try and donate regularly as your schedule/lifestyle allows?

    What is your organ/tissue donor status, and are your loved ones aware of it?

    Have you taken the next step and signed up for bone marrow or live kidney donation?


    (organ donor registrar) http://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/public/services/aodr/index.jsp

    (bone marrow registrar) www.abmdr.org.au
  2. They don't want blood from us nasty dirty gays, so i just settle for organs and threatening to haunt any family who tried to stop them going to good homes. Seems to have gotten the message across. :D

    Might have to do some homework on the marrow thing though, not heard of that~
  3. I believe that donating organs is a very noble act... but mine are mine and you can't have them, even when I don't need them anymore. They are mine and don't belong in anyone else.
  4. listed afor spare parts, those who need to know do.
    never donated blood though. the though has often struck but i've never done anything about it
  5. If you do decide to, make sure to sign on as a rider, we can't let the cops win.
    It's really not that bad, sit down, read a 2wheels, get all kinds of free health checks, not to mention a free feed, and all the nurses you could want.
  6. I am an organ donor. Have told them to take whatever they need. Discussed with both my children and me family before making the decision. They will honor the above.

    I have been donating blood for some time and have recently switched to donating plasma as well. I give plasma every 2weeks and full blood every 12 at Werribee.

    I have a common blood type but every bit counts.
  7. topic has been done over and over, please use the search next time.
  8. blood donor.

    organ donor


    I call them Karma donations ;-)
  9. I have the organ donor card. I cannot donate blood as they don't take gay blood. I used to when I was in high school. They loved me there as I have these huge veins.
  10. Organ donor here.

    Can't give blood here because of the (almost certainly over-conservative) rules regarding Poms and mad cow disease.
  11. Just started donating blood after a 24 year break due to being apathetic. My son (17) has got me back into it.
  12. I donate whole blood every 3 months. I tried donating plasma once but it made me feel crook. I've discussed my organs with my wife and we've both agreed that we would do it should the worst happen. We've also agreed that we would donate our children's organs.
  13. that reminds me I need to start donating blood and plasma again, stopped due to stack last Nov, so had to wait for medcation to leave the system, now over the festive season, and organ donor card in wallet, I wont need them so why not help someone else.
  14. Bit harsh, don't you think? Can't you ground them or confiscate the XBox or something instead?
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  15. I wonder if there's any statistical backing to banning homosexual individuals from donating blood.
    I wouldn't have thought they were any more likely to harbour blood borne diseases than any other sexually active person.
    Seems a bit like bigotry disguised under a cover of "safety".

    Maybe someone is scared they'll catch "the gay"! ;)
  16. It's the same sort/quality of research that MUARC uses to justify it's latest agenda.

    I'm not fussed about it, it's their loss not mine.
  17. Not any more - they won't take it now (something to do with the chemo I had a few years back). Still down as an organ donor but I doubt they'll be able to use much. :)

    My daughter was a bone marrow donor. She was called in (not for me) a week after I started chemo. Donors get treated like royalty by the staff. Mind you, it's up to a week off work before and up to a week off after depending on your reaction to the drugs they give you to build up your white blood cell count. Harvesting the cells is also a fairly unpleasant experience.

    She considered it was worth it though and is still on the register. They let her know that it appeared to be pretty successful and that the long term prospects were good for the recipient.
  18. Not nearly as bad as catching "Mad Pom Disease" :)
  19. Eh, MSM ~are~ a higher risk group and it's a bit disingenuous to hide from that but the silly part is applying different criteria; they already have common sense filters based on behaviours that they apply to everyone which really should be enough. Still, not worth fighting over until they decide they want more donors :p
  20. Apparently someone taking a brain chemistry altering drug like zoloft can donate just fine, but someone who likes a bit of bumsex can't?

    Someone on zoloft cannot go more than 2 days without a dose by the way as they are VERY likely to commit suicide.
    Or so I hear.

    Suriag - just read your post, not arguing with you, more raging against the stupidity of the red cross policy.