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VIC Blood mustn’t count

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by glennmcc, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Hadn't seen this. What a shocker. They need a police report for TAC purposes...

    It's been said here and elsewhere and I'm not exactly sure how true it is, but if ever you're in a motorcycle prang, make sure you get an ambulance to attend. Police will attend as a matter of course. Happy to be corrected.
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  2. I've said it a hundred times before. Why on earth they consider people that willfully disobey the rules in non dangerous situations are more importan to get off the road than incompetent drivers befuddles me.
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  3. Pathetic
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  4. This is disgraceful. I'll make sure my bike riding son reads this as well.
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    No, they don’t.

    “It is understood that for administrative efficiency reasons, Victoria Police recently decided not to enter information on non-injury crashes in TIS. It is understood that this has had a significant impact on the TAC’s ability to validate claim eligibility. In response the TAC has relaxed its requirement for a police crash report to be furnished with the claim.”
    MUARC submission to Road Safety Committee (Vic) – inquiry into serious injury, April 2013

    This 'not entering info on non-injury crashes' has extended to serious injury crashes.

    TAC is more reliant on hospital & medical reports as a result. Police report is required for insurance purposes, especially when not at fault to get excess back (providing report corroborates this – how many bother to pay the $50 approx for copy of police report to verify its accuracy? Tip: ask your insurance company for copy – free – once they get it)

    Vicpol’s frequently inconsistent (result of poor training etc) and inaccurate in what they’ll tell you. Police stats & record of events not to be relied on.

    No, not to be relied on. One incident comes to mind where cops failed to attend despite ambulance attending and carting rider off to hospital after car hit them, titanium inserts in leg etc. When that rider followed up with police from hospital bed was told to go into station to report incident – despite fact couldn’t walk, had no way of getting there etc.
    And, other incidents that’d probably make your hair curl ... it’s very real, and all too common.
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  6. It has been said before... if you really want to make sure that the police investigate, 'collapse' onto the road and refuse to be moved for other peoples' convenience.
    But you'll need to be very sure of your facts if the plod are dragged out.
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  7. ring trip-0 and tell them you have chest pains.... I mean your heart broken right?
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  8. It was in NSW, but when my wife had her off the Ambo was called but no cops attended. They did visit her in hospital to tell her she was going to be charged with Negligent Driving.

    Oh and don't forget the moto of the Victorian Police is NOT 'Protect and Serve' it's 'Uphold the right'.
  9. Yes I always took that to mean. Uphold the Right "Wing" ;)
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  10. Given they fail to log incidents, fail to write up reports etc even when they do attend and someone IS injured, incapable of moving and needs to be removed by ambulance, I can’t see how this would be of benefit.

    What started as an internal policy decision not to enter information on “non-injury” crashes has since spread to the catchall line (excuse) to the public of “we don’t do reports for every collision”, even when someone is injured (to seriously injured) and police have attended.

    It is mandatory in Vic to report a collision when someone’s injured etc, unless police are in attendance, presumably because the expectation is that any police present will investigate, make a note of relevant facts at the scene & write up the required reports. They don’t, not always. There’s a vast gap between this expectation and reality with police arbitrarily deciding what they’ll do and numerous variations on how they selectively interpret this internal policy by way of an excuse to avoid logging/writing anything up.

    BUT, how can they be expected to write anything up at the scene when the 501 forms were abandoned after the introduction of the in-station on-line reporting system (TIS) in 2005? (ref. link given earlier)
    This being what sits behind their requests to go into the station to report – even when the injured party is incapable of moving - because they’re incapable of bringing the computer system to you. Pen and paper are no longer fashionable. The whole thing is an epic mindless cost-cutting fail – it’s a race to the bottom in more ways than one, affects core competencies etc.

    That said, there most definitely is a cavalier, lackadaisical and prejudicial attitude when it comes to injured riders, both within the police force and certain areas of the medical community. There is also a great reluctance (through to refusal) among many to have any dealings whatsoever with the TAC.
  11. Holding a radar gun & handing out fines for +5km/h - I'll take four hours overtime.
    Actual police work - No, that's not in my job description, you'll need to speak to my union.

    They wonder why we think they are all about revenue raising & compliance than upholding our rights.
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  12. Well I suppose at least we don't have the US police force where they would likely attend the scene then shoot you and plant a weapon on you because your crashed bike had a broken tail light.
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  13. Yes, nothing like that has never happened here.......
  14. just tell the plod you think the other party is drug effected and they have to attend... not unreasonable for you to think that after they've done something stupid ;)
  15. Well VicPol have killed way more citizens than citizens have killed VicPol.
  16. Absolute disgrace...
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  17. Our tax dollars at work.

    Forget about resurfacing the abhorrent Victorian roads.