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blood hell, that was quick!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by simon varley, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. so last Saturday I dragged Yvonne along to the Melbourne show to sit on some bikes and she agreed that the 650 Vstrom would suit us both. Yesterday I put a deposit on one, today the dealer calls to tell me it's in, tomorrow I'll get the cheque raised and Saturday pick it up! Would pick it up tomorrow but the forcast is for storms and I'm wimping out.

    it's almost too quick to get scared about stepping up from a 250 :)

  2. Re: bloody hell, that was quick!

    Nah, the Wee Strom has what could be termed "friendly" power delivery. You'll notice that she's a weighty beast though, depending on what you've stepped up from.

    My wife rates the pillion perch highly. That's mostly because she was "encouraged" to clamber aboard my Z750 on occasion - a very unfriendly place for a pillion given the footpeg:seat-height ratio and absence of grab handles, slope angle, etc.

    Have you discovered the array of crap that you can begin bolting onto it yet? The list is endless.

    A few good sites to peruse if you have not found them already:

    Enjoy the ride and take care.
  3. It IS a normal motorcycle... with a throttle... that you control with your right hand.

    EXACTLY the same as your 250 - you twist the grip to decide how fast you want to go.
    It's not like hitting a NOS button and hoping you can control the thing.
  4. Try reading it again.

    OP wasn't referring to the speed of the bike, but rather the speed at which it became available to collect from the dealer.
  5. congrats on the new bike. make sure you post up some pics when you pick it up.

    take it at your own pace man. better to be safe than legless.
  6. Excellent choice. Power delivery is very smooth; nothing to fear there (unless you start wringing its neck!). With good tyres, it handles surprisingly competently, too, even though it feels "tall and top heavy" to start with.

    Enjoy it!
  7. Try reading the OP & Ktulu's post again. He was referring to the OP being scared about upgrading from a 250 (he said delivery was almost too quick to get scared, ie there is still some apprehension) and wimping out about riding it in the wet.
  8. Try reading The Silmarillion. Just begucking hard work for no benefit.
  9. Don't speakses of this bookses, it's hurtses our brainses!!! (I gave up on it, it was painful)

    OP - I've not ridden one, but the Strom riders I've spoken to have rated them as a good all rounder.
  10. Excellent choice of machine dude. Just chuck a Madstad on it and you'll be good to go. Enjoy! :grin:
  11. To the OP: Good luck with your new bike, and if you think delivery from the dealer was quick, wait till you twist the throttle on a big bike the first time.:shock: :shock:

    I bought a copy of The Silmarillion over 30 years ago. Still haven't been able to get through the first couple of pages. :facepalm:
  12. That's the only book I've given up on 40 pages from the end. I just couldn't cope with the gargantuan effort it demanded. ](*,)

    Nice choice of bike too Simon. You'll have a ball.
  13. Great choice of bike for a step up. I can't imagine you having any problems adjusting to it. Did you go for the ABS option?
  14. can't wait. equal part nerves and excitement at the moment.

    didn't go for the ABS in the end. I had loads of discussions with loads of people and couldn't really get a definitive answer. Most with ABS loved it but admitted they'd never activated it. Most who hated it had never ridden it. I'm sure it will get forced on us in the end but for now I'll just keep practising setup-squeeze-squeezeharder-release-repeat

    and I even gave up on the Silmarillion on audiobook. too many thees and thous for something that's not a bible
  15. Great choice of bike. Mods I have added from stock:

    Madstad screen brackets - an ABSOLUTE must have.
    Centre stand
    Givi hard pannier set (21L sides and 46L top)
    Engine crash bars - Givi - have already paid for themselves
    Speedo healer - to cut the 8% overread on the speedo down to something more reasonable (0-2%)r
    Barkbuster VPS handguards - specific VPS version for the V-Strom
    RAM handlebar mount for a Magellan GPS.
    Heated grips
    Radguard radiator guards (water and oil)
    Front guard extension - on the rear of the guard to help stop rocks getting thrown into the radiators
    Ventura headlight protector.
  16. I love my Wee Strom. I've just ridden it Perth-Brisbane-Perth (with my partner riding his GSX1400) and it was fantastic. Lots of different road conditions and heaps of elemental difficulties (ie. crap weather) and it was still a brilliant trip and the bike held up great. I don't have a mad-stad bracket for the windscreen and it's never been an issue for me. I do however, have the ABS version and HAVE used it (thanks to a Landcruiser Soccer Mum making a dumb-bottom braking decision) and give thanks for it. Have fun and enjoy the new ride!
  17. so, only a week after convincing Yvonne and three days after paying the deposit, I picked up the Vstom on Saturday. Friday's stroms had pretty much blown themselves out so the weather was warm and dry but a but gusty. After a very thorough review of the bike on I hopped to brave the Princes Highway back to Geelong.

    Now, I should probably say that I got my full license years ago back in England, but what with family commitments, emigration etc I've only recently returned to riding. Yvonne my wife decided that as the roads over here were relatively safe (compared to England) that she wanted to get her license. This led to the TTR250 arriving on our doorstep a year ago, and Yvonne got her P's last march.

    As soon as I got back on the 250 I knew I wanted a larger bike again. The Yamaha strives manfully, but I'm 100kg in my thongs so it was pretty hard going, and very frustrating having to change down a gear on every hill! My back's a bit crook and there was no way I was going to be getting onto a sportsbike (something that last week's show reinforced) so that cut the choice down to a manageable number and it didn't take long to settle on the Vstrom.

    There's not much to actually say about the ride back. Many years ago I used to ride a 600 tenere so the v-twin was fantastically smooth in comparison. The traffic and weather was fine so I could simply concentrate on how much nicer it was to be loafing along at 100 with the throttle hardly open, compared to the TTR wide open. Everyone was right - it's not a frightening bike at all. There's plenty of power available, but you have to ask for it. It doesn't feel like it's there waiting to catch you out. It's a lot heavier than the TTR but doesn't really feel it.

    managed to get out for a spin again today (twice in two days!!!) so there's a couple of hundred k's on the clock already - not lonng til the first service.

  18. Hey Simon, nice buy!
    Does the white color indicate you are a Collingwood or Newcastle United supporter? :grin:

    I also picked up my Vstrom yesterday and have also been riding it all weekend. They are so good in so many areas and I am now considering alternate routes home from work tomorrow evening just to get more riding time in.
    I'm also with Gregg about the aftermarket accessory availability for the Vstrom, it seems to be just as huge as the aftermarket goodies for a Ford Windsor V8 - seemingly endless. I now have to start saving again to pick up those items that will make my riding even more fun.
  19. looks sweet as man, enjoy it yer.

    Vic Slick - "Good ol Collingwood Forever" :grin: