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Blood Donation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sbb, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Seeing the blood donation challenge is gone now (or at least i think it is)

    Would anyone be interested in joining (especially if you already give) a motorcyclist team. I am happy to organise it.

    Or is there a team already out there.

    i give plazma every fortnight now. So would be good to have a motorbike 'team' going (or a part of) to be some good pr .. and to encourage more people to give.

    Any comments welcome.

  2. They won't take my blood :(
  3. Moooooooooo.
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  4. Yep, I too might be mad (might?!). That's at least the reason they give me as to why they don't want my blood.
  5. how long do you have to wait after being tattooed?
  6. 6 months as far as I know.
  7. i thought it was still that. Just seeing if it had changed.
    oh and i couldn't be arsed looking it up myself
  8. Well that's what they told me a year ago. And then they told me I can't donate anyway cause I'm mad :D
  9. i hope you got a certificate stating that
  10. do they drug test you?
  11. do you dob yourself in often?

    oh wait you are asking for a friend...............right?!
  12. I'm donating Wednesday PM: what's with the group thing?
  13. Yep, if they find anything the cops come round and get you for previous possession, true story.

    Donated a few times a couple of years ago, wont say no to starting again(y)
  14. I try to donate as often as I can, but jesus are they terrible with reminder calls. Everytime I go in I insist on a call as soon as I'm able to donate again, everytime they insist they can do it without issue as it's a standard service, and everytime without fail it's another six months before I get a form letter in the mail about donating
  15. Last year the cops v other riders challenge was run in NSW but not Vic. LizzyM wrote to them to try to get it reinstated but no go.

    Gurbachen, not my experience. I diarise it anyway so I don't forget but got a text reminder on Sunday to remind me I am scheduled for tomorrow. And given it was Sunday night I assume it was some sort of automated thing.
  16. In answer to the question regarding drugs, unless you've been shooting, they don't care.

    Just don't have a beer beforehand.

    I used to donate plasma or platelets by weekly, but since I've been in canberra, I've only made it twice, the blood centre here is shit busy, with work I can't book a week in advance.

    I'll have to call them up, since I've got a week off.
    Free HIV check, free milkshake, sign me up
  17. Hope not. One of the upsides of receiving a transfusion is the possibility of getting someone else's acid flashbacks :twisted:.
  18. I'm tempted to do it just because i want to know my blood type :LOL:
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    Since becoming a rider I am seriously considering this, usually i loathe needles but riding i would say there is a slightly elevated chance you will need that blood at some point or even a fellow rider.

  20. Well it sounds like im in, i try to keep shooting up to once a year on my birthday.

    I was thinking one thing though, how do you guys go riding afterwards? not too light headed and such afterwards?